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Bammy Edtech AwardsBammy Edtech AwardsBammy Edtech AwardsBammy Edtech AwardsBammy Edtech Awards
The Bammy EdTech Awards

Why EdTech Awards?

Education technology has become increasingly important in education and in many ways is becoming a key driver of education reform. Today, education technology is contributing to the success of our students, teachers, schools and school systems all across the nation. But the private sector companies who develop and market edtech apps, tools and resources are often viewed as outsiders as they struggle for credibility, acceptance and brand awareness. 

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Changing the Game

Technology is profoundly changing the way educators work in and out of the classroom. Administrators and educators are getting powerful tools to help them manage, teach, collaborate, develop skills and share best practices. But the field of new education apps, tools and sites created specifically for the education community is growing faster than most can follow and the pace is expected to accelerate.


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Relationships Matter

It's often been said that students don't care how much you know until they know how much you care. Perhaps the same can be said of educators. Unlike many other fields, the education field wants to know that for-profit companies really care about students, educators and the community and are not just in it for the money. That's why some of the most successful companies in the education industry go out of their way to be active in the community.

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