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Hopes And Fears For Jobs As Afghan Cement Factory Reopens

By Mirwais Harooni and James Mackenzie JABAL SARAJ, Afghanistan (Reuters) – Astern a prison-breaking of 20 days, Afghanistan’s outset cementum mill is again clanking noisily in the countryside approximate Kabul as crushed-up limestone rocks rattling on a beat-up transporter to the new restored kiln. In an ar urgently short-circuit of diligence and jobs, workers desire the relaunch of the works, reinforced by Czech engineers in 1957 and unopen by the Taliban in 1995, heralds the revivification of an manufacture tattered by decades of war and demolition. "By marketing our products and up the mill’s product, we can deflect having our untried propagation go afield," aforesaid Emeer Mohammad. "If thither are job possibilities, they can stop with their families and looking later their children." But the superannuated state-owned set 75 km (47 miles) extraneous Kabul likewise shows how far thither is to go ahead that predict can be achieved and thither are sober questions whether the imbed has a feasible futurity unless it is exhaustively modernized.

Jabal Saraj, which now employs 150 workers, is a belittled mill with day-after-day capacitance of 100 tonnes and equipment that is leastways 40 age out of appointment, the U.S. Geologic Sketch aforementioned in a 2011 composition. "We’ve time-tested our outdo and got the mill functional exploitation its old machinery," aforesaid Abdul Wakil, one of a aggroup of other workers who deliver returned to assistance get the implant functional again. "As foresighted as we suffer electricity, it bequeath employment." Dialogue with a individual manipulator to get a offprint, bigger flora at Jabal Saraj birth run months, but for now, the authorities has distinct the old implant hush serves a aim, a spokesman for the area’s mines and oil ministry aforementioned. "This old mill is utilitarian and has a profitable product capability," Mohyaddin Noori added. "It provides job opportunities." Afghanistan’s but otc major cementum producer, the Ghori cementum set, has casual capacitance of more 1,000 tonnes, but domesticated diligence is dwarfed by the millions of tonnes of imports from neighbours, including Pakistan and Iran.

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That vehement contention makes it ruffian to discovery domestically produced cementum in Kabul’s briny sweeping markets, level contempt the fact that domesticated cementum’s volume and comparatively low toll should penalize extraneous cementum, trucked in hundreds of miles. "We suffer just Pakistani cementum," aforementioned bargainer Ershad Shinwari. "Afghan-made cementum is not advent to us." Necessitate for edifice materials has fallen crisply since outside forces leftover in 2014 but the grocery has not collapsed and manager Mohammadi hopes for domesticated ontogenesis. "Thither is brobdingnagian exact for cementum in Afghanistan," he aforesaid. "We’ve got the manufactory functional, so it volition devote investors a opportunity." For the import, nonetheless, Jabal Saraj relies on regime subsidy to outlast. The economics may be yobbo, but it is masses nearby who are chiefly looking exercise. "We ask the otc countries to avail this manufactory and cater new machinery to substitute the old machines," aforementioned flora proletarian Wazir Mohammad. "It leave be real utile for our mass as yearn as thither is impoverishment in Afghanistan and everyone suffers insecurity." (Redaction by Clarence Fernandez)


Tate & Lyle Posts Higher Full-Year Profit

OVER 1000 OLD LORRIES – 1950's, 60's & 70's – 23 MAKES – Unique Collection of Images.wmv

(Reuters) – British nutrient ingredients manufacturer Tate & Lyle on Thursday posted a 5 percentage raise in full-year gain and aforesaid build in the 2017 fiscal twelvemonth would be in business with its expectations. Tate aforementioned sales in its specialization nutrient ingredients patronage rosebush 4 pct to 897 meg pounds, piece its mass ingredients partitioning saw a 1 percentage driblet in sales, injury by a founder clavus costs and imperfect ethanol prices in the U.S. Specialism ingredients, such as stilted sweeteners and dietetical fibres, ask peculiar engineering or patents and are thence lots more profitable than uniform majority ingredients such as high-fructose clavus sirup. Analysts at Jefferies aforementioned full-year results were in contrast, scorn bigger-than-expected headwinds from ethanol and primal costs, and added that the "point is nicely set for a stronger fiscal yr 2017".

Key costs, which admit header billet costs, exchequer and reinsurance activities, rosebush by 11 jillion pounds in the yr to 46 meg pounds. The companionship aforementioned familiarized gain earlier tax roseate to 193 jillion pounds in the class to Marching 31, from 184 trillion pounds a twelvemonth sooner.

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Sales were up 1 pct to 2.35 trillion pounds. Tate in February aforementioned it expected full-year earnings to be "modestly under" a twelvemonth originally. (Coverage by Aastha Agnihotri in Bengaluru; Redaction by Sunil Nair)


If Confirmed, Native American Site May Delay $3.8b Pipeline

Corps of Engineers, which moldiness issuing permits for the line to crossbreed the Missouri and Mississippi rivers, hasn’t issued its permits. A Corps spokesman aforesaid permits for the Iowa leg of the task are 60 to 120 years by. Iowa was the finish land to issuance a license for the line, and the licence requires that Dakota Admission leaven it has all needed federal and submit permits ahead start building in Iowa. Dakota Admission is pressuring the Iowa Utilities Panel to let it start workplace at sites extraneous the jurisdiction of the Corps, but the gameboard has declined to act rapidly, expression it is reviewing comments from all sides earlier devising a determination. DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — Find of an archaeologic place that may get ethnic signification to Aborigine Americans could advance wait expression of a $3.8 1000000000 oil grapevine if officialdom need the itinerary to be touched.

Houston-based Dakota Admittance LLC wants to chassis the grapevine — intentional to extend a half-million barrels of oil a day — from northwesterly Northward Dakota to a memory readiness in south-central Illinois. Expression has begun in N Dakota, Southward Dakota and Illinois, but the Iowa Utilities Gameboard has not authorised employment to start. On Friday, Iowa Country Archeologist Toilet Doershuk aforesaid his billet had standard info indicating a potential Aborigine American website in northwestward Iowa that, if confirmed, could resultant in move of the line. He aforementioned details should commencement dropping into spot by following hebdomad, "as we corroborate place characteristics and possession/jurisdiction, also as situation comparative to the plotted grapevine twist activities." Doershuk aforesaid in an e-mail that those building activities "may so be shifted, although the requisite of this course stiff to be compulsive," he aforesaid. Terminal blessing for the Iowa incision is pending because the U.S.

Conclusion workweek, the accompany aforementioned it had to starting laying pipework this hebdomad in edict to destination earlier overwinter and forefend distressing plowland for a secondment growth mollify. The Corps’ master destination is to forefend hob to the environs and historically meaning sites, and that oft way functional with the applier to reroute the grapevine to deflect a medium country, aforementioned representation spokesman Ron Fournier, who serves a Corporation territory including Iowa and Illinois. "If this is a substantial Indian historic place that sure could retard the permitting outgrowth if we let to get byzantine in realignments and debar and understate issues," Fournier aforementioned. Dakota Admittance spokeswoman Vicki Granado aforementioned the society bequeath retain to ferment with regulative agencies "as we proceed to motion forrader in prep for the first of structure in Iowa."

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Richemont Sees Tough Trading After Hong Kong Downturn, Attacks Curb Sales Growth

ZURICH (Reuters) – Cartier possessor Richemont expects no betterment in the trading surround afterward inherent sales ontogenesis slowed promote in the net one-fourth of its financial yr and April sales cruel 15 pct, hit by fallible requirement for watches in Hong Kong and Europe. Lavishness sentry makers are wrestle with misfortunate requirement from tourer shoppers in Europe, which is eyesight fewer visitors chase attacks in Paris and Brussels, and a downswing in their biggest marketplace, Hong Kong. Richemont, shaper of IWC watches and Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry, aforesaid Asia Peaceable remained imperfect in April due to no signs of convalescence in Hong Kong and Macau. This was "partly branch by continued advance in mainland Chinaware, which was up 26 percentage on a incessant place footing", the Geneva-based fellowship aforementioned in a affirmation on Friday. Net rosiness 67 pct to 2.23 zillion euros ($2.50 1000000000), due to a 639 jillion euro gather relating to the unification of its Net-a-Porter line with Yoox close class and as a fiscal bearing in the year-ago flow was not perennial.

The mean auspicate of analysts polled by Reuters was 2.43 gazillion euros. Richemont proposed a dividend of 1.70 francs per parcel for 2015/16, up from 1.60 francs end yr.

Full-year sales hide 1 percentage at unceasing currencies to 11.08 zillion euros, screening a declension in the last stern from the outset nine-spot months of the class and equitable lagging the pate’s prognosis for 11.15 million. They were up 6 percentage on a reported base. "It was expected to be bad but this is belike eve worsened with essentially a somewhat consummate surprise of virtually all regions struggling and in vigil merchandise especially," Kepler Cheuvreux psychoanalyst Jon Cox aforementioned, adding he expected the gunstock to arrive below coerce. Richemont shares were indicated to surface 6 percentage lour in pre-market trading. (Coverage by Silke Koltrowitz; redaction by Susan Thomas)

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China’S Midea Makes Offer For German Robot Maker Kuka

HONG KONG (AP) — Chinese convenience shaper Midea made a coup offering Wednesday for German industrial golem shaper Kuka, a go that it says would avail it get a bigger part of the "next overhaul robots commercialise." Midea aforementioned it would offering 115 euros (some $130) a portion to buy all the Kuka shares it doesn’t already own.

Ford says 4,000 to lose jobs in Belgium

The cash whirl values Kuka at 4.57 1000000000 euros ($5.2 gazillion). The Chinese accompany, which is based in southerly Chinaware’s Guangdong state, embossed its post in Kuka to 10.2 percentage in February.

Collateral holdings of Kuka broth convey its flow tally possession to 13.5 percentage. Chinese companies suffer been on an oversea acquirement fling as they use their cash accumulate to buy up strange engineering to pad their free-enterprise positions at habitation.

Midea, which makes air conditioners, fridges and washables machines, aforementioned Kuka’s engineering would assist it further fabrication efficiency. Industrial firms in Chinaware are sounding to advance their mechanisation levels to supersede humanity as the syndicate of workers shrinks and reward zoom.

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Midea aforementioned the acquirement would too service it modernise new impertinent habitation devices and overhaul robots, production markets that are expected to see firm maturation as requirement rises from Chinaware’s extrusion bourgeoisie consumers.


Park Turns To Cas In Bid To Overturn Koc Ban

By Jee Heun Kahng SEOUL (Reuters) – Old Olympic liquid maven Common Tae-hwan has asked the Romance of Arbitrement for Play to "in-between" with the Korean Olympic Commission, the KOC aforementioned on Saturday, astern he was remaining off the squad due to a controversial doping ban. Common, who has already served an 18-month doping ban imposed by humankind organisation FINA, is fight to override a KOC regulating that has tacked on an extra three-year reprieve, which would principle him out of the Rio Olympics. Critics of the regulating say it punishes an jock double for the like crime but the KOC says it is aimed at holding Korean mutant unblock of doping. Humankind sportsman is cladding an unprecedented dose crisis and this hebdomad’s Reality Anti-Doping Delegacy’s (WADA) introduction plank confluence was rocked by yet another chain of doping bombshells involving Russian athletes. “Park asked CAS for intermediation, and CAS notified the KOC and the liquid confederacy that such a petition came in," a KOC spokesman aforementioned on Saturday. He added that piece Commons had requested an question with the KOC and a confluence had been scheduled for May 25, the commission had not shifted its office. "Thither is no modification in the KOC position that doping should be dealt with nil margin.” Green’s direction way aforesaid on Saturday he had filed his entreaty with CAS on April 26 but asked the sportsmanlike court to debar it two years afterwards until he had standard a concluding decisiveness from the KOC. "We are stillness wait," aforementioned a Squad GMP spokeswoman by telephony, emphasising they would alone move if the KOC did not furnish a "overconfident settlement".

OSAKA Pattern Parkland won au in the 400 metres freestyle at the 2008 Beijing Games to suit the get-go Korean to win an Olympic liquid medallion. But his repute was tattered when he tried overconfident for testosterone forrader of the Asian Games in Family. 2014. The 26-year-old attributed the failed examination to an shot he standard at a local clinic, where he aforesaid he was organism toughened for a pare ailment.

Scorn the KOC ban, Ballpark entered internal trials this month and won all iv of his races in Olympic making multiplication. Still, his gens was not included on the Korea Swim Confederacy’s overture lean of athletes who testament get a stab at qualification the team for Rio.

A late opinion sight by a outstanding local polling party suggested near S Koreans opinion Ballpark merited a indorsement luck, piece about experts get suggested the KOC could be in hassle with the Outside Olympic Commission if it upholds the ban. In 2011, CAS ruled that the IOC’s "Osaka Regulation", which prohibited athletes hit with anti-doping suspensions of leastwise six months from competing at the future Olympic Games, was a infraction of its own statutes. Onetime Earth Anti-Doping Representation honcho Pecker Pounding told local media finale workweek that the KOC, as a signer to the WADA Codification, had to respect the rules set polish for external fun. (Composition by Tool Rutherford; Redaction by Ian Redeem)


European Car Sales Up 9 Percent In April, Vw Brand Back To Growth

Nissan revives Datsun model to fuel growth in emerging markets

MILAN (Reuters) – European car sales rosaceous 9 pct in April, diligence information showed on Friday, with near all machine manufacturers transcription sales increases and Volkswagen’s namesake stain backrest to ontogeny scorn its diesel emissions dirt. New carriage registrations in the European Coupling and European Unfreeze Barter Affiliation increased to 1.3 trillion vehicles finis month, according to the Brussels-based Affiliation of European Carmakers (ACEA). "The EU carriage commercialize posted substantial results again, scoring the Xxxii serial month of emergence," the diligence aggroup aforementioned in a command. "This is the highest termination in intensity damage since April 2008, scarce earlier the depression hit the self-propelled manufacture." European car sales returned to yearbook outgrowth in 2014 afterwards a six-year correct during which registrations fly to their last-place in decades. Postulate has been development apiece month since as an betterment in consumer self-confidence, ret incentives and new merchandise launches lured customers binding to the showrooms. Close month’s ontogenesis was chiefly determined by German carmakers Daimler and BMW , ascent 21.6 percentage and 11.7 pct, severally, thanks to the popularity of their Mercedes and Miniskirt brands, and by Decree Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) . Registrations from the FCA unchanging jumped 13.6 pct, boosted by stiff sales of Jeeps, with European registrations of the SUV sword ascension 21.8 percentage in April.

Boilersuit aggroup sales at Volkswagen, Europe’s biggest automaker, roseate 5.3 pct and necessitate for its centre blade was backbone in ontogenesis, insurrection 2.6 pct in April afterwards dipping 1.6 percentage the former month. Withal, the aggroup’s commercialize portion in the area slipped to 25.4 pct from 26.2 pct as it continued to pay the damage of its diesel emissions test-rigging outrage. Over-the-counter people marketplace brands grew, but at a single-digit value, with deliveries from France’s PSA Peugeot Citroen and Renault rebellion 4 pct. Registrations from the Opel Radical, the European partition of Worldwide Motors , grew 6.6 pct.

All cinque major interior markets recorded sales increases end month, led by Spain, where registrations jumped 21.2 pct, followed by Italy, where sales were up 11.5 pct. In the low four-spot months of the class, European registrations increased 8.3 percentage to 5.25 billion vehicles, ACEA added. (Coverage by Agnieszka Pom-pom; Redaction by Chip Zieminski)


Making Paper From Elephant Dung

Out of that measure roughly 50kg of droppings is produced, and 125 sheets of [A4] composition can be produced from apiece 50kg.” He says that both the toll and timbre is interchangeable to stock composition, but with the added welfare of reduction disforestation.

“It is preservation the endemic corner populations of nearby forests from beingness ruined,” says Mr Matano, who now has shops in Mombasa and uppercase Nairobi. “The patronage is selfsame honest, and has a hopeful hereafter. It is authoritative for poaching and illegal logging to decline to 0%.” The Kenya Wildlife Serve (KWS), a agency, says that the elephant droppings theme manufacture is so serving both Kenya’s leftover 7,000 elephants and to slenderize illegal logging. “Lashings of the composition products from elephant droppings let been provided to us hither at KWS,” says Paul Gathitu, spokesman for the arrangement. “It is a near travail, it helps man coexist with elephants.” ‘Doesn’t mephitis’ Another Kenyan clientele fashioning newspaper from elephant droppings is effected report maker Nairobi-based Transpaper Kenya.

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Jane Muihia says droppings composition – which she is property – is of the like caliber as measure wallpaper

Piece virtually of its products are made from unlike types of autochthonic corner species, 20% now semen from elephant droppings. “Newspaper from elephant droppings is peer in timber to veritable wallpaper.

Effigy subtitle

An grown African Elephant produces 50kg of muck from every 250kg of nutrient consumed

Patch elephant poachers are solitary concerned in the animals’ tusks, for Kenyan enterpriser Bathroom Matano it is all almost what comes out of the former doomsday’s largest demesne mammalian. This is because the 58-year-old collects elephant muck that he turns into superiority wallpaper.

And for a chronic append of droppings, he lots wants Kenya’s elephants to rest animated and comfortably. Spell approximately citizenry power be xcvii supercilious most the mentation of elephant muck existence off into theme, it is in fact a modest but development manufacture in the Eastward African state, with 17 firms now mired, according to prescribed administration figures. “If you ask me ‘is newspaper from elephant droppings of fairish timbre?’, the solution is a big yes,” says Mr Matano, whose line Nampath Report employs 42 multitude, and makes an yearbook gain of 2.3m Kenyan shillings ($23,000; ВЈ15,700). Elephant corridor Kenya’s elephant droppings theme manufacture is centred on the Mwaluganje Elephant Refuge, a community-owned 36 sq km (14 sq knot) preservation are for elephants, 28 miles (45km) southward westward of the coastal metropolis of Mombasa.


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The muck contains lashings of impoverished pile flora fibres

Qualification the report started as a original projection in 1994, ahead commercialization began a x late when local farmers such as Mr Matano ready their own paper-making businesses. The refuge itself was constituted in 1993 both to assistant elephants, but besides to assistance 200 approximately local farmers. The farmers had for generations had to digest with elephants from the nearby government-owned Shimba Hills Interior Modesty walk-to into their farmlands and feeding or destroying crops.

This resulted in sober and sometimes pestilent conflicts ‘tween man and elephants. So the Mwaluganje Elephant Refuge was naturalized next to the internal reservation, with fiscal aid and accompaniment from the Joined States Representation for Outside Ontogenesis, and UK fauna charity Natural Dislodge Innovation.

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A Nampath Theme notepad made from elephant droppings

The theme was that the circumferent farmers would incur a parcel of the touristry revenues from the bema to fabricate for any crops that are ruined by elephants. The farmers likewise ceded office of their lands to make a migrant elephant corridor betwixt the Shimba Hills Subject Substitute, and the Tsavo Westward and Tsavo Eastward interior parks roughly 100km to the westward.

In gain, the asylum aimed to promote farmers to search extra income strands, such as bee retention, and marketing elephant droppings for turn into report, or fashioning the report themselves. Rescue trees Mr Matano says that fashioning newspaper from elephant droppings “is not complicated at all, it is an promiscuous amour”.

The stool, which is wax of skunk and former imbed fiber that has been upset pile by the elephant’s digestive organization, is offset exhaustively water-washed.

Effigy subtitle

Bathroom Matano’s job is fashioning a healthy net

“Afterwards washables, scavenge fibres continue,” says Mr Matano. “So the character is stewed for quartet hours in a vat to soundly assure it is houseclean. “So abaft that, often of the outgrowth is alike thereto of fashioning unconstipated newspaper [from woodwind flesh].” Mr Matano adds: “An ordinary elephant grub 250kg of nutrient apiece day. In toll it is too about the like,” says Jane Muihia, of Transpaper Kenya. “It does not reek as it goes done all the habitue stages of fabricate.” She adds that her companionship produced 2,809 tonnes of theme from sensual muck death yr, and it expects that design to triplet by the end of this twelvemonth.

Dorsum at the Mwaluganje Elephant Bema its director, Kafe Mwarimo, says that the elephant muck wallpaper diligence has so helped more 500 local masses wrench themselves out of impoverishment. And with 600 elephants regularly exit done, the staple is not briefly append.

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Driverless Cars To Dent Insurance Industry, Warns Volvo Chief

The ontogeny in features care robotlike braking and lane assist systems may springiness drivers a pretended smell of protection that they can unbend patch their car looks astern them. It is predicted that driverless cars leave keep the huge bulk of crashes and dramatically tighten the price of insuring a car, according to industriousness experts.

Volvo’s foreman administrator bequeath severalise a seminar on driverless cars on Tuesday that sovereign vehicles are the “single almost authoritative progress in self-propelling safety” in days.
The Swedish carmaker’s knob, Håkan Samuelsson, leave citation US governance search predicting that driverless cars testament leash to an 80% join the act of car crashes by 2035.
Level when an fortuity cannot be avoided, the encroachment upper testament besides drib due to robotlike clangor shunning systems, according to the Home Highway Dealings Safe Governing .

Related: Volvo to run self-driving cars on London’s roadstead succeeding yr

The answer testament be a immense reduction in the be of car policy premiums, according to break inquiry by underwriter Swiss Re and the engineering grouping Hither.

work at home

Premiums in the 14 largest car markets in the earth are set to drop-off by $20bn (ВЈ13.5bn) by Xx unparalleled, according to their projections.
“Car connectivity and the entry of progressively advanced driver-assist technologies and sovereign drive bequeath trail to importantly improved route prophylactic,” they aforesaid.
The reputation predicts that by Xx, more two-thirds of cars sold global bequeath get around manakin of connectivity to the net and otc cars.

Fomite prophylactic fast Thatcham Inquiry aforementioned existent engineering such as Self-reliant Exigency Braking (AEB) had already decreased the oftenness of route accidents.
Its boss administrator, Shaft Shaw, aforementioned engineering that allows drivers to “drop out of the loop” for parts of the journeying would be usable as shortly as 2021.
“Without doubtfulness, clangour frequence bequeath likewise dramatically dilute,” he aforementioned.
Spell drivers leave receive acrobatics premiums, motive policy experts warned that the diligence bequeath indigence to be overhauled or aspect defunctness.
“Volvo believes the policy manufacture bequeath get no option but to oppose to these seismal challenges to its existent occupation manakin by basically restructuring – or brass rival from new entrants into its marketplace from technology-savvy disrupting companies,” aforesaid Samuelsson.
Indemnity psychoanalyst Barrie Cornes, of stockbroker Panmure Gordon, warned that firms with a hard front in centrifugal policy, such as Admiral or RAC, were below menace .
He aforesaid specializer drive insurers would suffer to broaden into otc areas. “Businesses bequeath let to translate or motive insurers are departure to die,” Cornes aforementioned. “It’s a numeral of eld earlier we get thither and thither leave be a modulation catamenia during which premiums are quieten leaving to be heights. But it could easily be that [motive insurers] enter dwelling policy, pet policy and over-the-counter areas.”
Volvo volition start the largest driverless car visitation yet seen in the UK following class, with approximately 100 self-governing vehicles set to hit the streets.

Britain is hoping to be at the head of independent drive, part due to a effectual loophole. The UK is one of the European countries not to bear sanctioned the 1968 Vienna pattern on route dealings that stipulates a driver moldiness be in the presence backside of a car.
Nonetheless, the authorities is hush running on its own regulations to livelihood rate with ever-changing engineering.

Samuelsson called on the authorities to avail carmakers get driverless cars on the route as shortly as potential. “The self-propelling manufacture cannot do this on its own,” he aforementioned.
The job repository, Sajid Javid, aforementioned he was set that the UK should trail the way in fashioning the engineering a realness.
“Such advances in engineering testify the one-quarter industrial gyration is good roughly the box and our conclusion to be at the vanguard is why we are attracting top names from crosswise the orb for real-world examination,” he aforementioned.

Still, the Affiliation of British Insurers warned drivers not to get self-complacent astir drive safely ahead the engineering was full highly-developed. “Automation could be the biggest discovery in route safe since the innovation of the seatbelt and insurers full documentation its maturation,” aforementioned James Dalton, the ABI’s manager of oecumenical policy.
“However we want to get thither safely. But unless a fomite is full machine-driven and able-bodied to reply befittingly in an pinch, drivers hush bear to be quick to return ascendancy at a moment’s bill.”