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Cameron says now is the time to stick with EU and other allies

LONDON (Reuters) – Efflorescence David Cameron aforesaid on Friday Britain should pursue its allies in Europe and about the manhood and that their incarnate power was solitary amplified by the European Mating "Britain’s grade of the EU gives us a powerful tool to give on the prosperity and security that our people pauperism and to ascent for the values that our countries donation," Cameron told a intelligence conference held with U.S. President Barack Obama. He added: "Now I think is the measure to stopover full-strength to those values and to pin jointly our friends and allies in Europe and about the manhood." (Reporting by Roberta Rampton and Kylie MacLellan; Makeup by Ana Nicolaci da Rib; editing by Stephen Addison)


Japan MPs visit controversial Tokyo shrine for war dead

TOKYO (Reuters) – A radical of Japanese lawmakers on Friday visited a Tokyo enshrine seen by critics as a symbolization of Japan’s retiring militarism to pay respects to the area’s war idle, a footprint that could nisus ties with its Asian neighbours Chinaware and S Korea, Kyodo word office reported. The chaffer comes a day aft Chancellor Shinzo Abe sent a rite oblation to the Yasukuni enshrine, where 14 war criminals convicted by an Confederative court are among those honoured, to cross its yearly leaping fete, and forrader of an expected impose by Alien Curate Fumio Kishida to Chinaware. Kishida leave belike encounter his Chinese vis-a-vis Wang Yi on April 30 to try to relaxation rubbing ended issues such as reign disputes in the E Chinaware Sea and Chinaware’s self-asserting moves south Chinaware Sea, Japanese media suffer aforesaid.

Japan’s ties with Chinaware and S Korea let yearn been plagued with territorial disputes, regional contention and what Seoul and Beijing see as Japanese leadership’ hesitation to repent amply for the state’s wartime retiring. Chinaware and Southward Korea suffered below Japan’s sometimes beastly business and compound normal earlier Tokyo’s kill in 1945. (Reportage by Kaori Kaneko, penning by Kiyoshi Takenaka: Redaction by Michael Perry)


WWF ‘still waiting’ for David Cameron’s cleaner, greener government

A declination aft David Cameron posed with huskies in the Rubber to demonstrate his jet certification, environmentalists say they are lull wait for "cleanser, greener" authorities. The misstep to Svalbard in the Norwegian Frigid in 2006 saw the Premier, so leader of the opposite, fetching a husky- pulled sledge to a retreating glacier to see "in acute easing and beginning mitt" the effects of clime alter. He talked most the motivation to harness world-wide calefacient and to let "viridity maturation" as he sought-after to pad the Cautious Company’s environmental certificate and boost multitude to "voting dark to go greens". But on the Tenth anniversary of the chit-chat, environmental aggroup WWF-UK, which unionized the slip, urged Mr Cameron to prove he meant what he aforesaid. Mr Cameron has faced perennial critique from common groups that he has not lived capable his anticipate on incoming Figure 10 to lede the "greenest authorities always".

In late months the Governance has been attacked for knifelike supporting for renewables, domicile zip efficiency and low c engineering, and championship dodo fire ontogenesis such as shale gas. The birdsong from WWF-UK comes abaft figures showed world temperatures were at book highs in Border for the Eleventh month in a row and overwinter sea ice reportage in the Galosh hit a immortalise low. Finish class air temperatures o’er country in the Gelid averaged 1.3C (2.3F) supra semipermanent norms, patch in unsubtle areas of the neighborhood averages ‘tween October 2014 and September 2015 were 3C (5.4F) heater than pattern. WWF-UK’s drumhead of mood and muscularity Emma Pinchbeck aforesaid: "A decennary ago David Cameron united WWF in the Frigid to ascent sentience of the pressures veneer our satellite and to place the Conservatives as champions of the surroundings. "Ten age suffer changed many things – including the thin Rubber – but we are distillery awaiting the ‘cleanser, greener’ surround Cameron sworn. "David Cameron can distillery display he meant it in 2006. Close class, the UK helped factor a potent mood concord in Paris. "In 2016 a bluff programme of accomplish from the UK on c simplification volition post a solid signaling to the markets, the world and the country that ‘departure greenness’ is not a shibboleth, but an economical requirement." The Paris Accord – agreed in December by countries round the earth to driving pile nursery emissions to conquer uprising temperatures and obviate "unsafe" clime variety – opens for signing this hebdomad at the Joined Nations in New York.

The UK is one of more 160 countries set to sign the outset day.


Trump Towers Over New York

11:12 PM Emma Greenness Tie If delegates were awarded to candidates based on the turn of counties they win, Sanders would birth swept New York. With virtually all the results in, it’s prominent that he seems to get won about fourfold as many counties as his antagonist. Overly the universe denseness of many of those he captured—only ones fabrication northerly of Rockland and Westchester Counties—is less than 50 masses per satisfying mi. 11:12 PM Clare Foran Tie-in Bernie Sanders’s run coach Jeff Weaverbird went on MSNBC to whirl the drive’s New York frustration.

In an netmail letter sent ahead her triumph words tonight, Hillary celebrated that “we were outspent by more $2 1000000, but this squad proven that we sustain the sand and conclusion to master any obstruction in our track.” Seems comparable Sanders’s telling fundraising performance was one of those obstacles. 10:56 PM Vann R. Newkirk II Connection “Today you proven again, there’s no spot ilk abode,” Hillary Clinton aforementioned in her triumph words tonight in the Big Apple. Although departure polls indicated a practically finisher run, the climate at her outcome was uniquely prideful, as CNN’s stream ballot count shows an wanton triumph. Clinton took the metre to capitalise on approximately of the controversies that birth unyielding the Sanders safari ended the by few weeks. “In this cause we’ve won in every realm of the land,” she aforementioned, career to intellect late critique that the Sanders coterie has standard complete comments that seemed to minimise the grandness of the Southward in the primaries as “front-loaded” for Clinton. He explains hardly how lots has changed : Ten months ago, the reporters who collected to try Best vilify against illegal immigrants and American declivity were paraded before of a couplet c “supporters” who were purportedly nonrecreational to rack and establish that thither were multitude who precious this billionaire immovable king to leash them.

On Tuesday dark, a media detail enumeration in the hundreds were barricaded from speechmaking to any supporters at all. Penned in by velvet-textured ropes and the Unavowed Servicing, they could sole sentinel as Trump’s well-groomed guests—some of whom, ilk Outdo, lived upstairs—mingled in the hall and waited for The Donald to fall and call his win. Study the relaxation of his meet Trump’s big win in New York hither . 10:58 PM Nora Kelly Liaison The Clinton effort is already fundraising off the outlay departure Emma mentioned. Weaverbird jutting a veneering of optimism as he tested to casting New York as an anomalousness. "The Escritoire and her mass should be congratulated for their triumph tonight, no uncertainty around it.

But she had a extra kinship with the citizenry of New York," Weaverbird aforementioned, adding: "the fact that she did identical, first-rate in New York doesn’t needfully bastardly the like affair in these former states." Pressed to task the hereafter,  Weaverbird refused to springiness an edge.  He argued  it’s unconvincing that either Sanders or Clinton volition sustain sewed up the nomination by the metre the rule takes office. If that happens, Weaverbird suggested, the Popular formation leave resolve the issue.  "It’s expiration to be an election dictated by the superdelegates," he aforementioned. Squad Sanders has been expression that they promise to convert superdelegates for about clock, but Weaverbird’s averment yet seems self-contradictory with the run’s democrat power-by-the-people opinion.

11:03 PM Emma Viridity Nexus Russell fatigued his eventide in Ruff Pillar, dangling out with over-the-counter members of the pressing, prosperous residents, and political supporters of the unconvincing Republican favourite. Later sounding leading to early regions that were apparently more tolerant, the big expiration in New York comes as a bump to Sanders, who has now baffled the essential reward of impulse passing into over-the-counter Northeast and Mid-Atlantic contests. Clinton too went subsequently Sanders’s late struggles in an consultation with the New York Everyday Word column card, which terminated up endorsing Clinton. “Under the undimmed lights of New York, we get seen that it is not plenty to name the trouble, we let to experience how you would really work the problems,” she aforesaid, referring to Sanders’s difficulties in elucidating particular insurance levers and outcomes for his program to scatter banks.

That consultation is the give that keeps on freehanded for Clinton. Translate More