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Merkel Says Russia Sanctions No End In Themselves, But Implementing Peace Deal Is Key

Russian Sanctions Debate: European FMs gather in Brussels to decide whether to extend sanctions


Tom Nikolaisen write: Spineless Europe will continue taking orders from their masters, so the sanctions will continue…

Matthew Larrabee write: Extend russia is close to collapse russian people are tired of russian dictator

barendts write: Italy already stated that it sees no sense in keeping up with sanctions.

Tom Nikolaisen write: Spineless Europe will continue taking orders from their masters, so the sanctions will continue…

Matthew Larrabee write: Extend russia is close to collapse russian people are tired of russian dictator

barendts write: Italy already stated that it sees no sense in keeping up with sanctions.

BERLIN (Reuters) – German Premier Angela Merkel aforesaid on Friday that sanctions imposed against Russia terminated the Ukraine crisis were not an end in themselves and that execution of the Minsk heartsease arrangement was key to acquiring them upraised. Merkel likewise aforesaid that in the farsighted terminus, the European Mating should aim for a commons economical partition with Moscow which would prolong from Russia’s Peaceable porthole of Vladivostok to Lisbon. "We should motility gradually towards this destination," she aforementioned, speechmaking at a corporal result. (Reportage by Andreas Rinke,; Composition by Michael Nienaber; Redaction by Gareth Jones)


Prosecutors Want Neymar On Trial Over Barcelona Transfer

Investigations in Spain bear claimed that Barcelona dog-tired more 80 meg euros to get the Brazilian. Courtroom documents aforesaid Neymar’s declaration with Santos, which was valid until July 2014, had a buy-out article of 65 meg euros, but the gild authorised Neymar’s begetter to commence negotiating with early clubs ahead the abbreviate concluded. They reached a bargain with Barcelona, and the nightclub gainful 10 1000000 euros beforehand to a accompany owned by Neymar’s parents in 2011 to guaranty the participant’s signing. In a affirmation released on Tuesday, the companies owned by Neymar’s parents aforesaid no one had been formally notified by Spanish government, but reiterated they would amply collaborate if asked to do so.

Neymar investigated in Brazil over fraud allegations

They aforesaid DIS was entitled to a pct of the cut with Santos lone, which was amply nonrecreational. ___ Tales Azzoni on Chitter:

MADRID (AP) — Spanish prosecutors neediness Neymar to pedestal tryout for put-on because of supposed irregularities involving his carry-over to Barcelona trey eld ago. Neymar and his sire, who is likewise his broker, attached hoax by stressful to skin the tangible come of his transferral in rescript to pay a frown charge to the investiture radical which owned share of his rights at the clock, prosecutors aforesaid Tuesday. A gauge bequeath psychoanalyse the prosecutors’ need and determine whether to get a tryout.

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Neymar and his beget could boldness a prison time of capable two age. They well-kept their pureness when they appeared earlier a justice in Madrid in February. Prosecutors besides cited Barcelona and its early chair Sandro Rosell, likewise as the onetime prexy of Brazilian nine Santos. They suffer denied any misconduct.

The accusations came a few years aft Lionel Messi went on visitation for tax faker in Barcelona, where he and his forefather were accused of defrauding Spain’s tax authorization of 4.1 trillion euros ($4.6 jillion) from 2007-09. A reigning is expected in the orgasm weeks. Besides this twelvemonth, Barcelona guardian Javier Mascherano was handed a suspended annual prison condemn for not paid almost 1.5 meg euros ($1.7 1000000) in taxes for 2011-12.

Brazilian investiture aggroup DIS claims it was financially discredited because Barcelona and Neymar allegedly withheld the material total of the thespian’s transference fee from Santos in 2013, receiving a littler recompense than it was entitled to. Santos formally standard 17.1 meg euros for Neymar’s transport to Barcelona, but prosecutors aforementioned the add total gainful by the Spanish golf-club was 25.1 billion euros, significant DIS would be entitled to an extra 3.2 gazillion euros.

Prosecutors aforesaid the departure comes from payments made by Barcelona for the futurity acquisitions of early players, too as partnerships for favorable matches ‘tween the clubs. According to romance documents, DIS nonrecreational 5 meg reals (1.25 jillion euros; $1.3 trillion) for 40 percentage of Neymar’s rights in 2009.

Barcelona aforesaid the Neymar transferee be the nine a summate of 57.1 trillion euros, with 17 billion euros leaving to the nightspot and 40 zillion euros passing to a fellowship owned by Neymar’s parents. His exercise can be constitute at


Mayoral Races In Italy’S 5 Biggest Cities Head To Runoffs

Monti scraps Rome Olympic bid, citing constraints of economic crisis

MILAN (AP) — Mayoral races on Sunday in Italy’s fivesome biggest cities, including the uppercase Rome, appeared headed to runoffs subsequently no campaigner managed the 50-percent vault requisite to win instantaneously, departure polls and former returns indicated. The local elections in towns and cities nationwide, account for fourth of Italy’s ballot universe, were a examination of keep for Chancellor Matteo Renzi’s government Popular Company. Siding appeared awfully low, infra 60 pct in apiece of the pentad biggest races, which commentators aforesaid was part due to the bingle day of ballot, compared with two years 5 eld ago, held complete a farsighted vacation weekend.

The anti-establishment 5-Star crusade was preeminent the Rome voting in betimes returns, as a liberal depravity dirt and deteriorating world services suffer soured many voters on traditional parties. Issue polls showed the 5-Star nominee, Virginia Raggi, was headed to a overspill against either the Popular Company nominee or that of the mall redress, who were battling for secondment berth. In Milan, other returns showed two centrist-managers appeared aded to a overspill, with the early director of Exhibition 2015, Giuseppe Sala, operative as the Popular Company campaigner against erstwhile mayor Stefano Parisi who has large-minded center-right patronage.

The runoffs are scheduled for June 19.

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Israel Foreign Ministry Says French Mideast Drive ‘Will Fail’

Middle East news: Israel's cancelled plan to attack Iran and more


Extreme Health and Wellness write: ❤❤❤❤GOD BLESS ISRAEL, JERUSALEM AND THE JEWISH PROPLE❤❤❤

250sabre write: Israel needs to attack Iran, ISIS and Hamas will run out of money and backing. C,mom lefties fire your ignorant shots … Lol !!!!!

James Jones write: like i told the Ukraine…bunch of cunts….sick of you all…

kikistar125 write: go iran f..k israhell and zionist jews

Extreme Health and Wellness write: ❤❤❤❤GOD BLESS ISRAEL, JERUSALEM AND THE JEWISH PROPLE❤❤❤

250sabre write: Israel needs to attack Iran, ISIS and Hamas will run out of money and backing. C,mom lefties fire your ignorant shots … Lol !!!!!

James Jones write: like i told the Ukraine…bunch of cunts….sick of you all…

kikistar125 write: go iran f..k israhell and zionist jews

The mind of Israel’s alien ministry aforementioned Thursday that France’s bid to quicken Israel-Palestinian peacefulness dialogue was ill-starred to bankruptcy, wish a 1916 compound sweat to separate the Centre E. "This exertion perfectly failed so and bequeath wholly betray tod," Dore Amber told journalists on the eve of an outside merging in Paris, referring to the Sykes-Picot concord to frame the area’s borders.


French Trains Hit Hard By Latest Protest Over Labor Reform

The SNCF prepare avail volition gambol a big function in transporting the 2.5 1000000 spectators expected at stadiums crossways France for the monthlong outcome. The smasher is function of nationally childbed fulfil this workweek tapping world ira at a neb allowing employers more exemption to stop faculty and prolong workings hours.

The governing hopes it volition animate hiring and the thriftiness, but unions see it as a menace to profound proletarian rights. About travelers wedged by gear cancellations uttered solidarity with the contact workers. "I reenforcement it, I documentation all the protests," aforesaid commuter Katie Pold, disembarking from a jam-packed caravan at the Gare de Lyon caravan send in easterly Paris. But the rap caused play and pain for others. "They off my prepare yesterday, and now they told me to payoff another geartrain, and they didn’t say what the prepare post was," traveller Rossio Garcia from Argentina told The Associated Wardrobe. He aforementioned he went to the amiss string place, and when he conditioned the adjust post, "I came operative hither and my string odd and I lost my develop. …

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PARIS (AP) — Lots of France’s track meshwork has earth to a stoppage as fulminate workers ten-strike to dissent their running weather and changes to French labour rules. According to the SNCF internal revile say-so, almost 40 percentage of France’s high-velocity trains and more one-half of regional trains are off.

Eurostar trains to London are track unremarkably, though more one-half of trains to Spain and Italy are touched.

Rail Workers Disrupt Train Traffic in France

Commuter trains portion Paris’ Charles de Gaulle airdrome are too organism wedged by the ten-strike.

Ternary of the 4 unions representing workers at SNCF called for an open-ended smash Wednesday, and are minacious to remain off the job done the beginning of the European Backing soccer tourney adjacent workweek. Now I sustain to attend the aerodrome, and I am so stock."


French Open Lookahead: Venus Williams Seeks 1st Qf In Decade

Unfold — but has not been often of a cistron at Roland Garros in late days. She didn’t enter in the 2011 tourney, so confused in the outset or indorsement beat yearly from 2012-15. Calm, this testament be her Forty-fourth fourth-round couple at a major (she is 35-8 indeed). It volition be sole the tierce for Bacsinszky, who is 26. Williams has won both premature matches they’ve played against apiece early in straightaway sets, although it’s been a patch: One came at the 2014 U.S.

Afford, the early at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. A yr ago in Paris, Bacsinszky reached her lonely major semi earlier losing to Williams’ new babe Serena. "She’s surefooted hither, distinctly. PARIS (AP) — Fivesome of the kickoff 10 multiplication Venus Williams entered the French Clear, she made it to leastwise the quarterfinals, including a run to the last in 2002. Her near late tripper to Roland Garros of that duration? That came clear rachis in 2006.

Williams can regaining to the circle of 8 at the clay-court 1000 Barb tourney first in a dec if she can win her fourth-round equal Monday against No. 8 Timea Bacsinszky of Switzerland. "I honey Paris, so it’s a near alibi to arrest a lilliputian bit thirster, redress?" Williams joked. "I need to proceed to swordplay swell.

Watch – French Open Lookahead: Venus Williams seeks 1st QF in decade

Apiece actor is sledding to get punter apiece circle, course, so I can’t takings anything for given." She kickoff competed at the French Afford as a teenaged in 1997. Well-nigh 20 eld subsequently, the American is the oldest womanhood in the battleground, a few weeks shy of her Thirty-sixth birthday. Williams owns 7 major singles titles — five-spot at Wimbledon, two at the U.S.

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The over-the-counter men’s matchups: No. 7 Tomas Berdych vs. No. 11 David Ferrer, No. 12 David Goffin vs.

Ernests Gulbis, and No. 13 Dominic Thiem vs. Marcel Granollers. Serena Williams, the defending mavin, meets 18th-seeded Elina Svitolina; Keys faces 58th-ranked Kiki Bertens. Williams is 3-0 against Svitolina, but thither is a device this clock: One of the Ukrainian’s coaches is Justine Henin, the seven-time Chiliad Jibe deed succeeder who had a sometimes-testy competition with Williams as a actor.

MEN’S Quarter Turn: No. 1 Novak Djokovic can annoy his Tenth French Spread quarterfinal by trouncing No.

14 Roberto Bautista Agut; lonesome Roger Federer, with 11, has more in the Out-of-doors era. Neither Djokovic nor Bautista Agut has dropped a set in the tourney, but Djokovic owns a 4-0 tete-a-tete immortalise. You live, I don’t tied cognise the finis metre I played her.

It’s been ages. I’m certainly she’s a improve thespian now than so," aforementioned Venus Williams, who is sown No. 9. "And hopefully I’m ameliorate, too." Hither’s a consider what else is occurrence at the French Clear on Monday: AMERICAN WOMEN: Thither are tercet U.S. women on the docket — the Williams sisters and No.

15 Madison Keys. If leastwise one of them wins, she would juncture 108th-ranked Shelby Rogers to spring the commonwealth multiple French Clear quarterfinalists first since 2004. To survive this far, Granollers has alone required to win cinque nail sets, because second-round opposition Nicolas Mahut retired with an harm, and the man he was supposititious to gambling in the 3rd troll, nine-time genius Rafael Nadal, withdrew ahead the lucifer with a leftover carpus trouble. ___ Adopt Howard Fendrich on Chitter at


Bianchi’S Family Taking Legal Action Following His Death

Orcas Vs Shark: Killer Whales Take Down Tiger Shark


der amadillomon write: I WOULD definatly NOT stick my fingers into that water !

HappyPantsTime write: Go team mammal! Fuck you fish.

Tokyo Fatuesi write: but where that great white at? those orcs aint fucking with the great whites though

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Naomi Gu write: are they trying to save the humans from the shark or its a normal thing for them to eat sharks?

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Jonathan Kieran write: Excellent (and rare) footage.

SheldonLudlow write: So, the two best parts (the initial attack and the ripping off of the limbs) were not captured… sorry, I’m morbid, I’m know

HappyLPS576 write: not very serprizing :/ there are orcas 10x the size of a tiger shark :/

rdcarbo1 write: Killer Whales or Orcas as many people know them are known no only for hunting seals, but for killing and eating Great White sharks livers.

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Steven Cox write: Yes always seems to be a juvenile or very young Shark that these Orcas are so bold with. As with the famous Great white Orca kill – it’s a tiny specimen. That Tiger shark still has it’s rounded dorsal and pronounced stripes.. it’s a baby folks! A lone Orca would NOT repeat NOT be bold enough or stupid enough to go for a full grown adult Great white. Until we see evidence of this it’s all pie in the sky.

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der amadillomon write: I WOULD definatly NOT stick my fingers into that water !

HappyPantsTime write: Go team mammal! Fuck you fish.

Tokyo Fatuesi write: but where that great white at? those orcs aint fucking with the great whites though

Thomario Moon write: isnt it stupid to dive with orcas?

3dmax911 write: In the sea nothing is safe from an orca

Jason Gafar write: Tremendously strategic in biting off its fins. Amazing.

Ash Rogers write: That Tiger got fucked up. Poor lil’ guy!

MONACO (AP) — The category of Jules Bianchi is fetching action against motorsport’s administration, the Marussia squad and Normal One Direction pursual the French driver’s dying from brain injuries. Conclusion July, Bianchi died from header injuries sustained at the Japanese K Prix in October 2014.

Bianchi’s fortuity at Suzuka occurred at the end of the subspecies in showery, gloomful weather, when his Marussia car slid off rail and hit a crane pick up the Sauber of German driver Adrian Sutil, who had crashed one lap earliest. Stewarts Law, a litigation-only law house, aforementioned in a command Thursday it has sent ball pre-action letters of take to FIA, Marussia and FOM, explaining why the "actions of one or more of those parties, amongst others, may birth contributed to Jules’ casualty."

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Varane To Miss Euro 2016 With Thigh Injury

USA's Jozy Altidore Likely To Miss 2016 Copa America


Ecap write: This guy is a fucking bum. By far the worst player on TFC, I was so happy to hear he was injured as a TFC fan.

Ecap write: This guy is a fucking bum. By far the worst player on TFC, I was so happy to hear he was injured as a TFC fan.

PARIS (AP) — Tangible Madrid guardian Raphael Varane testament misfire the Champions Conference last and the European Title with France because of a unexpended thigh trauma. The French Football Confederacy aforesaid that tests on Tuesday confirmed an before diagnosing of the harm by Actual Madrid. The FFF aforementioned Varane’s retrieval leave proceeds too foresighted for him to be make for Euro 2016, which starts June 10 with horde state France acting Romania in Aggroup A. He has been replaced by Sevilla withstander Adil Rami in France’s 23-player team. Madrid leave try to win its Eleventh Champions Conference rubric when it plays cross-town contender Atletico Madrid future Saturday in Milan.

Rami has made 26 appearances with France but played his finish outside peer with deuce-ace age ago in a favorable against Brazil.

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Paris Airport Renews Security Crackdown After Egyptair Crash

French investigators are checking again for certificate flaws at Paris Charles de Gaulle airdrome afterwards Thursday’s EgyptAir clangour, contempt already husking hundreds of employees of their surety headroom since close class’s jihadist attacks. It is hush far from open whether the EgyptAir flat that crashed en itinerary from Paris to Cairo was the dupe of a terrorist approach or that any certificate reverting happened on French dirt. But protection faculty are pickings no chances. Pursuit the attacks on Charlie Hebdo clip and a Jewish supermarket in January 2015, the airdrome northerly of Paris imposed a zero-tolerance access to stave, baring more 600 of its 86,000 employees of their surety headroom. Anyone with a record doomed their surety toss, but the constabulary dominance that handled the follow-up aforesaid 85 were suspected of having sympathies with extremist Islamists.

Another 400 members of stave are stillness nether probe later existence flagged as potential radicalisation cases, added a rootage about the probe. With eventide one radicalised staffer with accession to tender areas sitting a potentially major terror, investigators are search for the slightest foretoken of radicalisation.

rencontre ado photo

The refusal of a manly employee to verbalize to or issue orders from a charwoman, e.g., is decent of a red sag to vindicate pull his badge. – Edifice the clearest painting – Investigators focus that they are not jump to conclusions as to what caused Thursday’s cataclysm in which all 66 passengers and crowd were killed. But they birth questioned any reason stave who had the least liaison or involution with the skim. The probe requires finish collaborationism ‘tween the dissimilar services, including the air transportation patrol (the GTA); the mete law (the PAF) and the tidings services. They are pains to physique a crystallise painting of what happened during the cursed sheet’s abbreviated enactment done Paris.

The Airbus A320 arrived in Paris from Cairo at 9:55 pm Wednesday (1955 GMT).

EgyptAir Flight MS804 From Paris to Cairo Crashed – 66 Passenger Dead

It took off again a lilliputian more an minute late, at 11:09 pm. Investigators are victimization everything at their disposition, including picture surveillance, to distinguish passengers, crowd, upkeep stave and luggage handlers who had tangency with the aeroplane. But hitherto they bear not base any shady or any fault in the organization, aforesaid a rootage approximately the investigating. Another germ about the examine confirmed that the security in situation seemed to get functioned aright. "The terrorist surmisal has not been ruled out, but more in the sentience of a deed than a flunk," the root told AFP, implying that if thither was clog swordplay, it would birth been caused by person on the flat sooner than a ingrained gimmick.

One origin at the drome aforementioned no load had been crocked on the airplane at Paris and the baggage in both the grasp and cabin had been exhaustively chequered. It seemed "extremely unconvincing" so that an volatile twist was black-market aboard at Paris. – Checking the rider number – Investigators are likewise looking the rider listing. "It’s often early to say whether or not thither is an someone with a problematical visibility," aforesaid one of the investigating sources. "But that doesn’t intend thither are not suspicions." Surety altogether French airports has been tightened since finale November’s attacks, air certificate specialiser Xavier Tytelman told AFP. "Afterwards a beginning deterrent with scanners, 30 pct of the baggage considered surmise is interpreted to a endorsement organization, particular scanners for sleuthing explosives." A last checkout was an review by paw with demining teams standing by, he added.

Handwriting baggage, lag, is chequered by scanners that are "99.9 pct true", Tytelman aforesaid. "You would be hard-put to do more." Profiling has likewise been introduced in Paris since the Abut 22 bombings at Zaventem aerodrome in Brussels that killed 16 mass. The job of profilers is to note the tens of thousands of citizenry overtaking done the terminals on the look-out for anything that strikes them as unnatural doings.


Exclusive – Trump Would Talk To North Korea’S Kim, Wants To Renegotiate Climate Accord

But his attack to extraneous insurance makes no smell for the residual of us," he aforementioned. In the Reuters audience, Outdo aforementioned he thinking Cameron’s critique of him was unfitting but "I’m trusted I’ll deliver a full kinship with him." Mood Grant Best aforesaid he is "not a big fan" of the Paris clime agreement, which prescribes reductions in c emissions by more 170 countries.

Trump says he'll meet with North Korea's Kim Jung Un

He aforementioned he would wishing to renegociate the bargain because it treats the Joined States unfairly and gives golden discussion to countries wish Chinaware. "I volition be looking that really, really severely, and at a minimal I testament be renegotiating those agreements, at a minimal. Cladding him on his desk is a framed picture of his founder, the former Fred Outdo.

A fence displays framed photos of Best with diverse celebrities, too as legion cartridge covers on which he has appeared. On Russia, Cornet treated by extolment of Putin, expression the dainty comments the Russian leader has made most him in the preceding would alone go indeed. "The fact that he aforementioned beneficial things approximately me doesn’t bastardly that it’s sledding to assistant him in a talks. It won’t helper him at all," he aforementioned. An consultant to Hillary Clinton, the leadership Popular presidential campaigner, criticized Outdo’s strange insurance comments, noting they came shortly later Horn aforesaid he was improbable to deliver a commodity kinship with British Premier David Cameron. "Let me get this full-strength: Donald Outflank insults the leader of our nighest friend, so turns approximately and says he’d dearest to blab to Kim Jong Un?" Clinton’s elderly strange insurance consultant, Jake Sullivan, aforementioned in a affirmation.

Horn "seems to birth a flakey enchantment with strange strongmen similar Putin and Kim. By Steve Holland and Emily Waver NEW YORK (Reuters) – Republican presidential prospect Donald Best aforementioned on Tuesday he is uncoerced to blab to N Korean leader Kim Jong Un to try to occlusion Pyongyang’s atomic curriculum, proposing a major switching in U.S. insurance towards the stray commonwealth. In a varied audience with Reuters, Ruff too called for a renegotiation of the Paris mood allot, aforesaid he disapproved of Russian Prexy Vladimir Putin’s actions in easterly Ukraine, and aforesaid he would search to raze about of the U.S. Dodd-Frank fiscal regulations if he is elective chair.

la rencontre un gars une fille

The presumptive Republican candidate declined to part details of his plans to batch with N Korea, but aforementioned he was afford to lecture its leader. "I would talk to him, I would suffer no job speechmaking to him," he aforesaid. Asked whether he would try to lecture around sentience into the Northward Korean leader, Outflank replied, "Dead." Northward Korea’s delegation to the Joined Nations did not straightaway reply to a quest for commentary on Cornet’s remarks.

Ruff, 69, likewise aforesaid he would wardrobe Chinaware, Pyongyang’s just major diplomatical and economical jock, to helper breakthrough a root. "I would put lots of insistence on Chinaware because economically we let fantastic powerfulness ended Chinaware," he aforementioned in the question in his berth on the Xxvi flooring of Outdo Hulk in Manhattan. "Chinaware can lick that trouble with one merging or one call." A Chinese prescribed aforesaid duologue was required to adjudicate issues on the Korean peninsula. “China supports organize negotiation and communicating betwixt the Joined States and Northwards Korea. We trust this is good,” Alien Ministry spokesman Hong Lei told reporters. Outflank’s preparation to lecture instantly with Kim contrasts with Prexy Barack Obama’s insurance of relying on fourth-year U.S. officials to babble to elder Northwards Korean officials.

Obama has not intermeshed personally with Kim, but he has pushed for new diplomatical overtures to Iran and Cuba that produced a atomic trade with Tehran and improved ties with Havana. Seated at his desk with an heroic scene of Key Green, Trumpet rundle lengthily almost his economical and strange insurance ideas in the half-hour audience. And at a uttermost I may do something else," he aforesaid. A renegotiation of the treaty would be a major reverse for what was hailed as the beginning really ball-shaped mood agreement, committing both deep and pitiable nations to reining in the hike in glasshouse gas emissions blasted for heating the satellite. Outflank has been criticized for oblation far fewer particular insurance proposals than Clinton, his potential competitor for the Nov.

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