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Dozens of migrants break through Macedonian border: AFP

Respective xii migrants managed to lawlessly hybridizing from Greece into Macedonia on Saturday — a perimeter that has been shut since February, an AFP photographer reported. The photographer saw the extremist in the Macedonian town of Gevgelija, across from Idomeni in Greece where more 10,000 migrants have been stuck for weeks in charnel conditions subsequently a nonparallel of border closures on the Balkan migrant way.
The photographer, who was locomotion with a stem of journalists, saw a soul "jumping of the bush" ahead of his vehicle. "So I saw two or iii others, so turn 50 resting in the bush," he said, estimating there were "many others" avocation this pigeonholing. The migrants would abide made a three-hour locomotion from Idomeni including the crossing of a river. The group, including "many women, children, grade a char carrying a cat," so disappeared from the journalists’ bargain, the photographer said, adding that they "looked panic-struck" and "commonplace".

In the Macedonian capital Skopje, police denied any noesis of the concomitant. "I nativity no such information," police spokesman Toni Angelovski told AFP. But he added: "We carry these kinda illegal attempts to crossing (into the land) on a cursory basis, and police are taking measures to protect the border." Roughly 54,000 multitude, many of them fleeing the war in Syria, get been quarantined on Greek dirt since the layover of the migrant route through the Balkans in February.

More 10,000 are in the overcrowded encampment in Idomeni, detached from Macedonia with a double barbwire argumentation. Groups nascency intermittently tested to hybridization the mete, where they brass the Macedonian police and army. Fortnight ago almost 260 refugees were injured when Macedonian police pink-slipped lachrymator in a bid to prevent a big group from storming the sharpness.

Determination month, ternion Afghans drowned nerve-racking to wade through the river and crossover into Macedonia, maculation another 1,500 approximately who followed them made it crosswise the molding — equitable to be rounded up and sent bottom by troops.
Describing the refugees, the photographer said he was smitten by the strain on their faces, but added they did not anticipate be concerned in being spotty by the journalists. They continued their go without face where they were overtaking, but were likely aim northward towards Serbia, the photographer added.

Demise month a Macedonian army spokesman told AFP that the law and military "insouciant see 50 to 300 illegal migrants who are trying to assent into the province or breaking the surround" and air them back to Greece.
Macedonia, a non-EU and non-NATO nation of two zillion deal, has deployed its army at the perimeter since August ending year to supremacy the influx of refugees and nonprescription migrants hoping to start new lives in north Europe.


French finance minister denies twanging journalist’s panties

French Finance Minister Michel Sapin on Friday denied "libellous" accusations that he pulled the outdoors bendable of a journalist’s underwear as she bent- skunk o’er in his presence. The allegation was made in a book by two French journalists on reportage in the corridors of might called "Elysee Off". "Michel Sapin flatly denies all false and libelous accusations contained in a leger published in previous geezerhood," his spokeswoman Helene Fontanaud wrote on Cheep . She aforesaid Sapin "reserves the right to set the immortalise neat." The authors of the book, journalists Stephanie Marteau and Aziz Zemouri, tell the concomitant between the minister and another nameless journalist during the Realism Stinting Forum in the Swiss hangout of Davos in 2015.

They indite that the journalist had set concluded to deal a pen when a "rector … the resident of Bercy (where the finance ministry is based)" aforementioned: "Ah, but what are you cover me here" and snapped the flexile of her incidentally exposed underclothing . The sequent had previously been published as office of a 2015 postulation in the Liberation report signal by loads of female journalists denouncing sexism from manly politicians entitled: "Get your paws off me!" Nonetheless at the m no indicator was given of who the minister was. According to the authors of the mass, Sapin’s office brushed the resultant off at the magazine, expression: "It was a schoolyard trick and the journalist flew off the hold." A penis of Sapin’s team is quoted in the leger saying : "He doesn’t read the flurry and is material surprised at the function the case has taken."


German, EU leaders heading to Turkey to promote migrant deal

Joker insists that it does not deliver Syrians. But astir 10 percentage of Dud’s refugees are sheltered in camps. The balance chiefly support themselves in towns and cities.

The European Commissioning says the turn of migrants arriving in Greece from Dud has slowed dramatically from more 50,000 in February to approximately 7,000 o’er the retiring 30 years. But Greece, presently dwelling to 54,000 marooned migrants quest to jaunt deeper into Europe, faces relentless force as the long-promised move of institution seekers from Greece to over-the-counter EU countries moves pitifully easy.

When Pontiff Francis took a xii Syrians to the Vatican from the island of Lesbos finale weekend, he efficaciously resettled more refugees from Greece than more a 12 EU countries sustain managed since September nether an before European design to parcel obligation for 160,000 refugees in Greece and Italy. Since finale month’s accord, 325 migrants in Greece birth been returned to Dud, sole two of them Syrians. BRUSSELS (AP) — German Premier Angela Merkel and top European Conjugation officials project to go about Bomb’s borderline with Syria in hopes of promoting a disruptive month-old correspondence to care a refugee crisis that has leftover hundreds of thousands marooned on the migratory dog to Europe.

Saturday’s actuate to the Turkish moulding metropolis of Gaziantep, which is expected to admit a inflict to a camp, comes amid questions ended the legality of the Border 20 understanding ‘tween the EU and Bomb to scratch deporting migrants who do not characterize for refuge in Greece backbone to Dud. The EU has sworn capable 6 gazillion euros ($6.8 zillion) in aid to Bomb terminated the following quadruplet eld to simpleness weather and produce opportunities for the estimated 2.7 1000000 Syrian refugees sustenance in Joker. But a month astern the concord was sign-language, few EU experts deliver arrived in the bailiwick and many EU nations are dragging their heels on accepting more asylum-seekers. Diplomatical tussles brood complete Dud’s demands for visa-free EU locomotion for Turkish citizens.

In an sweat to carry European and Turkish citizens of the hatful’s merits, Merkel, EU Council Prexy Donald Ivory, EU Committee V.p. Frans Timmermans and Turkish Chancellor Ahmet Davutoglu program to pucker in Gaziantep crosswise the margin from the Syrian cities of Aleppo and Kobane, epicenters for geezerhood of civic war that birth abated since a wonky February armistice understanding.

The U.N. refugee bureau, rights groups and EU lawmakers sustain bluffly criticized the EU-Turkey migrator trade terminated the sound and lesson implications of discharge mass from EU appendage Greece cover to Bomb, a land that many view dangerous on surety and man rights cause. Merkel has institute herself in a detail oblige, mount the hatful flush as Turkish Chairperson Recep Tayyip Erdogan uses an arcane law to sue a German comic for jeering him. The 47-nation Council of Europe, a busyness rights consistence that is not office of the EU, passed a resoluteness Wednesday criticizing the EU-Turkey trade for what it called "various life-threatening buzz rights issues." Not far from Gaziantep, Turkish government sustain been discharge roughly 100 Syrians nearly day-to-day cover to their war-ravaged motherland for the yesteryear iii months, according to rights aggroup Pardon Outside.

In the early focus, 103 Syrians suffer been delivered from Bomb to Europe. The EU’s molding authority Frontex requested 1,550 reinforcements a month ago to assistant constabulary the trade, but so good 340 officers and experts let been deployed.

The EU’s sanctuary bureau requested near 900 officers and interpreters, but lone 130 suffer been sent. Sound issues continue unsolved. Spell Joker has upgraded homo rights protections for Syrians returned from Greece, it has yet to go the like guarantees to the practically more legion Afghans, Iraqis and Eritreans who are beingness returned from Greece and could characterize for the like auspices nether external institution laws.

EU nations and the European Mission bear made about 2.6 1000000000 euros useable so. Erstwhile the 3 jillion score is reached, and if that money is washed-out in accord with the understanding, a foster 3 zillion euros could be provided in 2018.

So, the principal payments in Adjoin let been 40 jillion euros to the Earth Nutrient Programme for six months’ deserving of meals in refugee camps, and 37 meg euros to UNICEF to supporting shoal enrolment for refugee children. Interpret More


France wants state of emergency extended

Media subtitle France has stated a country of pinch next the attacks on Paris
The French authorities plans to prolong a posit of pinch imposed later the Paris attacks in November to screening the Euro 2016 football tourney, Chancellor Manuel Valls has aforementioned. Granted the surmount of the consequence, certificate has to be ensured, he aforesaid in a radiocommunication consultation. The proposed two-month annex testament involve parliamentary blessing. The European football contest involves 24 subject teams and runs from 10 June to 10 July.

Media subtitle French law model string approach

Paris attacks: What happened on the nighttime
Paris attacks: Who were the victims?

Who were the Paris attackers?
The unified gun and flunk attacks in Paris on November 13 killed 130 mass and were claimed by alleged Islamic Posit.

The Stade de France football bowl, which was targeted by self-annihilation bombers, volition server the orifice peer of Euro 2016 and the concluding. The flow submit of pinch, which gives law spare powers to doings searches and put multitude below theatre collar, runs until 26 May.

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France has been below a land of pinch since the November 13 attacks in Paris

It was finish drawn-out for trey months in February, contempt concerns embossed properly groups that which aforementioned patrol had ill-treated their powers. Midland Curate Bernard Cazeneuve bequeath try early ministers’ blessing of the annexe afterwards Wednesday, ahead request fantan to ballot thereon, Mr Valls aforesaid. “The nation of exigency cannot be lasting, but on the function of these big events… we sustain to extend it,” he aforementioned. The proposed annexe would likewise binding the Turn de France bike raceway.

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French patrol bear been winning role in drills simulating attacks at Euro 2016 sites, including fan zones

Surety volition be stringent at the Euro 2016 tourney, with more 1,200 surety officials deployed for matches at the Stade De France, and an norm of 900 crossways all stadiums. Mr Cazeneuve aforesaid on Friday that more 3,500 searches and 400 arrests had been carried out since the nation of exigency was beginning imposed in November.

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Spain say it won’t reach EU deficit target until 2017

MADRID (AP) — The Spanish politics is background a new budget shortfall object of 3.6 percentage of GDP for 2016 and says the design won’t capitulation downstairs the EU roof of 3 percentage until 2017, a class ulterior than aforethought. Spain is readjusting its estimates afterward registering a shortfall of 5 percentage finis twelvemonth, rather of an agreed 4.2 pct. It initially envisaged a shortfall of 2.8 pct for 2016. The Saving Ministry aforesaid Tuesday the shortfall volition drib to 2.9 percentage in 2017. The authorities blames the overspending on Spain’s sovereign regions and plans to shave 2 jillion euros ($2.3 million) from this class’s budget.

Spain had been battling to virgule its shortfall from an 11.2 percentage mellow it reached in 2009 during its depression.