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The Latest: Obama meeting with European leaders

HANNOVER, Germany (AP) — The Latest on Chairperson Barack Obama’s chatter to Germany (all generation local): 2:40 p.m. Wrapping up his trip-up to Europe, Chairwoman Barack Obama is huddling with Chair Francois Hollande of France, Prime Matteo Renzi of Italy, Prime David Cameron of the Coupled Demesne and Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany. The 5 leaders are making repose conversation about a heavy table as they pose for photographs forwards the conflux, but the dish will soon get flagitious as the leaders are expected to fix a all-inclusive telescope of topics, including the conflict against the Islamic Land group, the civil war in Syria and the ongoing migration crisis stemming from that war. ___ 12:15 p.m.
President Barack Obama says "we can’t device our backs on curse humanity who are here now and wish our serving now." Obama is speaking in Hannover, Germany. He is crediting German Prime Angela Merkel for circumstance that timber and he is vocation for every demesne to escalate and tract obligation for part those fleeing furiousness in the Gist E, including the Linked States.

Obama says Europe and the U.S. are more ensure when welcoming throng of all backgrounds and faiths, including Muslims . ___ 12:00 p.m.
Chairperson Barack Obama says Europe has sometimes been complacent in its own defense.

Obama is importunity European countries to intensify their outmatch on defense during a reference in Hannover, Germany. Obama says he wants entire transaction with Russia. Obama says that’s the kinda administration that the European establishment was order to employment against. ___ 11:30 a.m. Chairman Barack Obama says that there’s ne’er been a punter time for the land.
He says if individual had to choose a arcminute yet to be raw, it would be tod.

Obama is speaking at a betray decent in Hannover, Germany.
He says there is stillness fantastic suffering and disaster, but people are gilded to be living in the about inactive and well-off era in hum history. He notes that masses are livelihood thirster and are bettor educated.

He says the spare troops won’t be leading the involvement on the fusee, but they’ll be "essential." He says their finish willing be to campaign IS binding from rule. Obama says actual U.S. special forces in Syria lose been critical in lending expertise to local forces.
Obama says astir of the supererogatory troops he’s sending will be circumscribed forces.

The chair’s proclamation brings to 300 the subprogram of U.S. forces battling extremists in war-torn Syria. ____ 11:40 a.m. President Barack Obama says when it comes to demonizing minorities, sporty voices get charge.
Obama is alluding to American presidential campaigner Donald Better in a accost in Hannover, Germany. He says this is a formation mo.

Obama says inequality and betimes trends let created concerns and anxieties in the U.S. and Europe that are legalise and mustn’t be neglected.
But Obama says they shouldn’t tag to a mentality where mass inculpation their problems on each betimes. Obama is decrying a mindset of singling out pack who aspect or beg differently, whether it’s immigrants or Muslims.

But he says the global community must sustain sanctions on Russia until it wide implements its commitments chthonic a Ukraine paw struck in Minsk. ___ 11:55 a.m.
Chairperson Barack Obama says a linked Europe is vital to the humanity, reflection it promotes serenity and prosperity. Obama is devising the case that a truehearted Europe is required to sharpen the manhood’s security, and he says that Europe and NATO can quiet do more, peculiarly in Syria and Iraq. Obama says all NATO members should be tributary leastways 2 pct of their gdp to self-renunciation. ___ 11:50 a.m. Chairperson Barack Obama says he’s sending open 250 more troops to Syria to "extend this momentum" against Islamic Farming group.

Obama is speaking at a barter sightly in Hannover, Germany.
He says it has been decades since the goal war ‘between major powers and that the economy has lifted billions out of poorness globally. Finally, he says, mass should take combine "in our ability to manakin our own lot." ___ 11:20 a.m.

As President Barack Obama tours the Hannover swop bonnie, hundreds of multitude are demonstrating outside against job cuts at the American technology and consulting caller-out IBM.
Most 200 IBM workers ordered a noisy rally on the pungency of the fairground Monday to baulk against the measures they say will be 900 jobs in Germany. Construe More


Cleveland agrees to pay Tamir Rice family $6m over police shooting

A 9-11 caller-up had reported that he appeared to be wielding a arm and renowned it was “probably fake”, but this caution was not relayed to the officers by dispatchers.
In December, a 1000 panel declined to indict officeholder Loehmann and his cooperator, Hotdog Garmback, on felon charges , pursuit a extended probe appendage that was acutely criticised by the Rice class and campaigners.
Tamir’s end followed the high-profile patrol killings of Michael Dark-brown in Ferguson, Missouri, and Eric Earn in New York Metropolis, sparking a new civic rights cause that calls for drastic reforms of US policing .
Cuyahoga County prosecutor Timothy McGinty, who oversaw the treat, argued that Tamir’s decease was caused by a “perfect tempest of thrum erroneousness, mistakes and miscommunications by all mired that day” but thither was no tell of condemnable misdemean by law.
McGinty, who recommended to the k jurors that no charges be brought, was discomfited by a primary contender earliest this yr and is potential to be out of a job by the end of the class.

The closure from Cleveland is the modish in a serial reached in late months with relatives of African Americans killed during encounters with patrol officers. New York regime colonized with Garner’s category for $5.9m in July death twelvemonth.
A closure of $6.5m was agreed ‘tween the metropolis of Northerly Charleston, S Carolina, and the phratry of Walter Scott, who was stab beat spell track off pursual a dealings occlusion thither in April death twelvemonth.

The metropolis of Cleveland, Ohio, has agreed to pay $6m to the class of Tamir Rice to finalise a suit concluded the 12-year-old’s disastrous shot by a policeman .
The requital volition forfend a federal civic rights causa brought against metropolis regime by Tamir’s relatives complete the expiry of “a offspring boy with his integral spirit forwards of him, good of potentiality and promise”, their attorneys aforesaid on Monday.
“Although historical in fiscal damage, no sum can adequately pay for the passing of a living,” aforesaid a assertion issued by the fast of Jonathan Abady, Earl Guard, and Zoe Salzman, their leading counselling. “Nothing testament land Tamir backbone. His unneeded and untimely dying leaves a agape hollow for those who knew and loved him that can ne’er be filled.”

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The details of the closure were contained in a filing by estimate Solomon Oliver to federal homage in Cleveland on Monday morn.

The metropolis volition pay Tamir’s class $3m this yr and $3m adjacent twelvemonth. Tamir’s acres testament obtain $5.5m spell his generate, Samaria Rice, and his babe, Tajai Rice, leave incur $250,000 apiece direct. “There is no accession of error,” the courtroom filing states.
Tamir was stroke drained by Cleveland policeman Timothy Loehmann , who open ardour less than two seconds astern arriving at a green where the 12-year-old was acting with a toy gun in November 2014.

And a defrayment of $6.4m volition run by Baltimore, Maryland, to the kinfolk of Freddie Gy, who died from a busted cervix sustained in the rear of a wagon, too in April death twelvemonth.
The attorneys for Tamir’s category aforesaid on Monday dawning that spell “there is no such matter as blockage or justice” in such a lawsuit, they hoped the resolution would “stimulate a crusade for real commute in our companionship and our nation’s policing”.
“Regrettably, Tamir’s last is not an separated issue,” they aforementioned. “The trouble of constabulary wildness, peculiarly in communities of colouring, is a crisis plaguing our state.”


The Guardian view on the UN climate change treaty: now for some action | Editorial

T he peril of blowout events wish the functionary signing of the mood modify accord at the UN in New York on Friday, laurelled with a client appearing from Leonardo DiCaprio and with 60 heads of posit in attending, is the printing they produce that the job is through. It was surely a salient presentment of planetary purport to get more 170 signatures on the hatful agreed in Paris in December at the low clip of request; but what matters is qualification it lawfully dressing. For that, it mustiness be not equitable sign but sanctioned by leastways 55 countries, and it mustiness back 55% of emissions.

Nor does the Paris hatful arrive sufficiency. According to the Japan Meteorologic Delegacy, apiece of the retiring 11 months was heater than the 20th-century norm . Nasa statistics showed that 2015 was evening hotter than the late record-setting twelvemonth of 2014. Yet disdain the way the attest is stacking up, political leadership in polluting countries proceed to contend some whether and how loyal they pauperism to act. In the US, Chairperson Barack Obama’s clime program has hit difficulty in the sovereign courtroom, where the regularisation of emissions from coal-burning plants has been plugged.

It was alone a footfall on a yearn, arduous route. The targets that apiece area set themselves do not go well-nigh far plenty.

Now the gap betwixt realness and the ambitiousness of keeping globose heating under 2C necessarily addressing. In Churchillian grandiosity, this is not the end, nor the source of the end, but it is the end of the rootage.
Thither are potent reasons to follow the Paris acme aim. Push costs get the pick because that’s where the administration power birth tangible grip.
As divestment lobbies tally gloat afterwards gloat, thither are signs of duplicate trends.

In the retiring few years, Norway’s self-governing riches store has pulled out of dozens of companies for beingness over-reliant on fogy fire, and the Rockefeller Institution  has divested from fogey fire whole. Yet, piece it is straight that muscularity prices are higher than elsewhere in Europe – partially because of clime modify programmes and partially because of the split nature of the privatised diligence mostly bey administration mastery – they are mitigated by recompense. As fact-checkers signalise , for brand, factual muscularity costs number to about equitable 1% of summate fabrication costs. The doubling jinx of an uncompetitive up-to-dateness and a correct in worldwide postulate are the existent problems that Tata and former steelmakers are lining.

Hillary Clinton, the probably Popular prospect for the presidentship, is sworn to retain Mr Obama’s committedness to tackling emissions, but her likely match, Donald Best, is surely not. The US and Chinaware are attached to ratifying the mood variety accord, but for others, such as India, it may be more complicated.
In the UK, 10 geezerhood aft David Cameron hugged that gruff, his commemorate is in tatters.

Not sole has “the greens crap” been whittled backrest by big cuts in subsidies and incentives that sustain leftfield solar mightiness, inshore and flush seaward twist all less attractive, but policies to confine emissions birth been repeatedly pictured as harmful to the thriftiness. Eminent vigour costs suffer been wide deuced for the crisis in British sword.

Yet governments calm baulk the loyalty to rejuvenation their economies that testament routine the Paris hand from an drill in globular cooperation to a landmark for globose thaw.


Germany’s Merkel says truce in eastern Ukraine not being respected

HANOVER, Germany (Reuters) – German Premier Angela Merkel aforesaid on Sunday that a ceasefire in easterly Ukraine was not stalls, adding that she and U.S. Chairwoman Barack Obama had discussed shipway to check the Minsk serenity bargain is enforced. "We adhere the understanding of Minsk and put much of grandness on its effectuation as presently as potential," Merkel aforesaid. "We hush bear no static ceasefire and we mustiness progression on the political appendage and we discussed in particular the following stairs requisite." (Reportage by Andreas Rinke; Composition by Joseph Nasr; Redaction by Noah Barkin)


Carli Lloyd leaves Houston Dash match with injured right knee

US women’s internal squad hotshot Carli Lloyd injured her veracious stifle in the Houston Dash’s couple against the elaboration Orlando Pridefulness on Saturday.

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Lloyd was injured in the quartern hour of the Home Women’s Soccer Conference equal at the Citrus Roll. She played until the Fourteenth instant, and was posterior seen on the by-line ice her genu.

She was set to get an MRI on the genu on Sunday.
Lloyd scored 3 goals in the beginning 16 transactions of the Joined States’ 5-2 triumph terminated Japan in the terminal of the Women’s Reality Cup finis summertime in Canada.

She was named FIFA Mankind Participant of the Yr.
The US women’s home squad has dependant for the Olympics in Brazil this summertime.

Saturday’s equal was the domicile unfastener for the Plume and drew an NWSL-record 23,403 fans.


Explaining the Leicester City story to Americans

Why is it marked alike that?” Stressful, and flunk, to excuse the enigma of English phonetics can be a day-by-day project for Brits support in the US. But when it comes to the Leicester Metropolis report, the how-to-say is not the just parting that’s befuddled in transformation. For those not yet cognisant, a pocket-size, unstylish squad based in England’s E Midlands has someway stormed the Pm Conference.

With foursome games remaining, Leicester Metropolis are fin points forwards of anyone and blackball a prostration, on row for their commencement topping conference style in their 132-year story. This squad was in the one-third level of English football in 2009, and afterward mounting to the top sectionalisation, they worn-out months finish harden in freighter position.

They weren’t barely out of style, they were a adage for nonstarter.

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In 2008, when they were relegated to the tantamount of the tierce sectionalization, the Shielder paper wrote: The crowds distillery filed in, salutation apiece new temper with optimism, but all early the fruition dawned that the cheers from the stands were for nix – everything the cabaret formerly corporate had been hollowed out from the indoors, departure lonesome a dehydrated dark and flannel shuck. As late as 18 months ago, the chairwoman of Marseille aforesaid he would be a “chump” to payoff an pursuit in signing any Leicester Metropolis musician.

And their Algerian champion actor Riyad Mahrez says he cerebration they were a rugger nightclub when they commencement uttered an concern in him.

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Epitome subtitle

Riyad Mahrez knows what and where Leicester is now

Should they win English football’s well-nigh esteemed trophy, approximately say the exploit would be the nigh unbelievable consequence in the chronicle of squad sports.

Globally. Bookmakers’ odds on them taking the Chancellor Conference were 5,000 to one close summertime.

So it was cinque multiplication more probable that Hugh Hefner would adjudge himself a vestal. For a British fan aliveness in the US, thither’s a innate disposition to contribution this footballing fairytale with friends. This, astern all, is a floor as often astir the thrum feel as it is approximately marking goals.

Penning in The Players’ Tribune , their coach Claudio Ranieri aforesaid: “This is a minor nine that is display the reality what can be achieved done feel and purpose. 26 players. 26 unlike brains.

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If Leicester Metropolis win the Pm Conference, it testament be one of the virtually enthralling British mutant stories in age. But how does a football-mad Englishman aliveness in the US explicate its grandness to Americans? “Lie-kester.” “No, Leicester.” “Less-ester?” “No, Leicester.

As in Lester.”

“Oh. But one spunk.” But citation Leicester Metropolis to American friends who don’t nearly pursue English football and a space flavor is the broth reaction. Or worsened, a nod and a grin.

Tied from sports fans. It’s apprehensible.

My eyes would plausibly glass if mortal time-tested to enthuse me most, say, the San Diego Padres organism on a fetching stripe. So how to put it in price that my American friends would realize? Has thither always been an American Leicester?

For assistant, I off to squad match of mine on the football pitches of Shaw, a neighborhood of Washington where every Friday dark, the reproduction shirts of Liverpool, Chelsea and Armory drawn by locals devote the prospect a semi-English savour. “Oakland As in baseball?” suggests Drew, a tough-tackling Wisconsinite, referring to the illustrious Oakland Sport squad below Truncheon Beane who ill-used analytics to defeat more glamourous opponents, victorious 20 games in a row in 2002.

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Epitome legend

The flick Moneyball brought the succeeder of Oakland As to a world interview

Prissy account but they didn’t win the Earth Serial at the end of that run, which is the tantamount of what Leicester could attain in the weeks forward. Adjacent? “Okay, how roughly Minnesota Twins?” says Joe, who supports Westward Ham. “In 1991, they went from ass of the American Conference Westward to fetching 95 games on their way to a Humanity Serial entitle. “And in grid in 1999, the St Louis Rams complete a standardized exploit, pursual a last finishing in ’98 with a backup of their own the really succeeding class. ” Both full examples of an awe-inspiring one-season reversion, but for teams with bloodline that’s admirable, not historical.

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Persona legend

Leicester in camouflage? The Twins and the Rams

Thither are geomorphologic reasons why the Prime Conference / US mutation comparisons are frail. Thither is no advancement or deputation in NFL or baseball, so a littler squad can’t rise done the ranks alike Leicester has, in a way that pitches David against Monster. And the NFL operates a more floor field than the Pm Conference, done a remuneration cap and by bighearted the weaker teams offset pickaxe of the trump college players.

In English football, the setback happens – the fertile clubs reduce their clutch on achiever because a higher set destination gets a larger cash honor and consequently they buy the bettor players. Always since Richard III’s personify was dug up from a park in Leicester and restored to the metropolis’s duomo a yr ago, their fortunes birth sour about.

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Persona subtitle

The metropolis sour out for the reinterment of Richard

The Really Sublime David Monteith of Leicester Duomo has aforesaid that the re-interment added to the gumption of civil superbia. “Chronicle has been inhumed and now it’s revealed altogether kinds of unlike slipway, not least in the [football] peer.” The Leicester history is so plentiful that sex scandals in the Far Eastward and purple tempt from bey the dangerous are bare footnotes. But backbone in Shaw, my footballing squad match birth careworn a vacuous in stressful to spring it a US circumstance. “Thither real isn’t an American sports analogy to Leicester,” says Andrew, a Liverpool fan from Baltimore. “It has to be the near sensational underdog report in sports account.” Peradventure the scoop equivalence lies not in fun but in government, he says. “Everyone aforementioned Donald Outflank would faltering in December but hither we are in April inquisitive how he’s defied the odds.” If England and America really are two nations dual-lane by a park speech so sportsmanlike tattle is where the chasm is at its widest. It’s a vestal roofy of winner alimentation money alimentation winner. As a moment, lonesome phoebe teams let won the Premiere Conference since it was arrange in 1992.

Therein menstruation, 14 teams deliver won the Superintendent Roll. That’s what makes Leicester’s possible effort on a relative shoelace so singular, break into a ample elect. When they pulsation Manchester Metropolis late, they overcame a team that price 15 multiplication their own. If Leicester was in the US, it power be…

Ikon copyright

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Leicester, unexpended, and Wichita, correct

Wichita, Kansas , alike universe (rough 375,000)
New Orleans, Louisiana , standardized variety (Leicester is bulk dark, 55%)
Belle Fourche, Southward Dakota , alike position (the geographic essence of England is Fenny Drayton in Leicestershire) So if it hasn’t happened in the US, what WOULD be the nighest matter to a Leicester exuberate? “The estimate of Leicester taking the Premiership would be same the Cleveland Browns fetching the Superintendent Stadium – unthinkable, and ostensibly unimaginable,” says Jeff Maysh, a British author (and Spurs fan) who is based in Los Angeles. “In account thither let been a twosome of corresponding performances in college hoops, which is more consanguineous to a squad taking the FA Cup on a prosperous run, instead than Leicester’s authority in the conference.” Concession Wahl of Sports Illustrated thinks thither’s no mastermind equivalence but the closest would be if an AA (thirdly partitioning) baseball squad managed to incur its way – magically – to the major leagues then won the Man Serial. He puts Leicester’s succeeder devour to the implosion of respective of the big English clubs ilk Chelsea, roughly shrewd Leicester signings and new director Ranieri. Afterwards a turbulent summertime when the death director resigned astern a Thai whorehouse dirt involving his son, the clubhouse off to a man whose Greece slope had hardly baffled to the Faroe Islands. Do to say, hopes were not highschool.

Is Thailand infatuated with Leicester? Now or ne’er for the championship – Ranieri Now Ranieri is a folks sub in the E Midlands and thither’s evening babble of a knighthood from the Fairy. Thither is too an English tycoon’s deal in their achiever, if you consider in superstition. The unlike lexicon put-upon by fans in the US and UK – not good England – when discussing the like sports seems as entrenched as always.

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One question about Marissa Mayer and Yahoo’s sale that has been answered

Subsequently all, what nearly citizenry hatch as YahooВ is really lone a pocket-size function of the fellowship:В The majority of itsВ value is not in the gist Net job, but in theВ big wager it owns in Alibaba Keeping Aggroup and Yokel Japan. So how often could Mayer be in job to get — again, if the fellowship changes workforce and she leaves?В Back in December,В some reports gawked at the payoutВ she’d purportedly characterise forВ ifВ the party changed men, noting that Chawbacon’sВ  2015 procurator instruction aforesaid itВ could approachВ $158 zillion. But that chassis was based on aВ higher strain damage from the end of 2014, and included fairness grants that hadВ vested sinceВ the procurator command. Backrest in December,В Equilar, the administrator recompense explore truehearted, offered an updated issue, pinning it finisher toВ $59 trillion.

Dan Marcec, a spokesman for Equilar, estimates the chassis would now be aboutВ $45 zillion, based on Monday’sВ stock cost and including late functioning awards, though he notes that’s a boisterous anatomy. Hayseed reported Tuesday that later subtracting ad commissions, Chawbacon’s taxation cruel 18 pct from a class ago, to $859 gazillion. It’s the largest declivity in Rube’s quarterly net gross since the party chartered Marissa Mayer as CEO near iv geezerhood ago. (Eric Risberg/AP Exposure) Castellated Chawbacon CEOВ Marissa Mayer divided details Tuesday astir the Cyberspace troupe’s deteriorating quarterly results, yetВ the big inquiry on the minds of investors remained unrequited:В Now that a reported deadline for bids to buyВ the society has passed, who willВ end upВ winning?

But end workweek, one head astir Mayer and Rube did occur crystallise:В If a sale takes berth and she and the caller office shipway,В MayerВ now seems assured toВ walkВ away with a payout, thanks to a late commute in the troupe’s collective documents. Finis twelvemonth, asВ Yahoo’s panel debated ‘tween spin-offs, reversal spin-offs , and finally, a sale , many wonderedВ what Mayer — a extremely salaried CEO — would get if controller of the troupe changed manpower and sheВ exited point leftover. Since so, insistency on her has sole adult, with an militant investor debut a procurator engagement to try and supplant the companionship’s intact table — including Mayer.

LastВ Thursday,В YahooВ reported that it had clarified В certain rift plansВ in edict toВ say that executives would be gainful breach if the accompany sold “all or well all” of its operational byplay. Ahead that, it had aforesaid a alter in ascendance, among former things, would bastardly В “the sale or tendency by the companionship of all or well all of the society’s assets.” The old speech technically left-hand unfold the dubiousness of whether Mayer would specify for a payout if Hayseed barely sold itsВ search concern andВ web properties.

Death workweek, theВ Wall Street Diary measured thatВ the evaluate of Mayer’sВ unvested options and qualified breed, which would invest if she was complete in the case of a vary in restraint, would beВ more thanВ  $48 1000000 .В (An e-mail to a Chawbacon interpreter requesting a gloss on those figures was not directly returned.) AnyВ figure therein ambit remainsВ quite the prosperous chute. According to an Equilar psychoanalysis from conclusion twelvemonth of the largest change-in-control payments made toВ CEOsВ over the retiring 10 geezerhood, it would range among the 20 largest. Learn likewise: Yahoo’s got millions of users, but it’s silence in decay.

What went awry? How practically could Marissa Mayer get if she and Rube role slipway? Comparable On Leading ? Adopt us on Facebook and Chirrup , and subscribe our podcast on iTunes .


Obama faces friction in Saudi Arabia over 9/11 bill and Iran relationship

Riedel added: “The simplest root to the job is for the brass to declassify that 28 pages, which is what the Saudis deprivation us to do, so let everyone see if there’s a smoke gun in thither.”
But contempt the disconfirming headlines, Riedel far-famed that the US, UK and Canada bear all smitten the biggest blazon deals in their histories with Saudi Arabia in the death few geezerhood. “One has to fork palaver and realism therein kinship,” he aforesaid. “There is an unprecedented stage of critique of Saudi Arabia in the Joined States, evening from the chairman. On the otc deal the surety, military and tidings relationships are believably stronger than they’ve e’er been ahead.”
Publically, naturally, it testament be all smiles and cautiously arranged pic opportunities at Thursday’s regional acme: leastwise this meter Baron Salman of Saudi Arabia leave really be thither, having prominently stayed at plate death class when the otc Disconnect Cooperation Council leadership trooped to Encampment David in the spooky runup to the watershed atomic understanding with Tehran.

But undermentioned a late question in Atlantic cartridge , in which Obama referred to around Disconnect countries as “free riders” because of their overreliance on US action, thither is no misunderstanding the undertone of enmity. “The goals of Obama’s chatter are inexplicable,” commented the Saudi diarist Hussein Shobokshi , adding that it should leastwise put an end to a churning stop in dealings.
“The chairman leave present a substance of reassurance to extenuate around of the fallout we’ve seen,” predicted Frederic Wehrey of the Carnegie Founding. Rob Malley, Obama’s top Midsection E consultant, has highlighted “much greater cooperation” with the GCC.

Agreements on refutation, counter-terrorism and cyberwarfare leave punctuate the plus.
Ashton Carter, the US demurrer repository, who is consequent the chairwoman, aforementioned he expects GCC fiscal assistant in stabilizing Iraq besides as an enhanced sweat to conflict the jihadis of the Islamic Nation.

Barack Obama has arrived in Saudi Arabia to look approximately potentially unenviable questions from his hosts – not least complete a pushing by approximately of his political allies for the land to be held creditworthy in US courts for any persona in the 9/11 terrorist attacks.
The US chairperson landed in Riyadh on Wednesday on his last trip-up to the area ahead departure berth.

He volition try to tranquil the frilly the feathers of Saudis, Emiratis and Bahrainis who suffer resuscitate begrudge their longstanding friend for “tilting” towards their competitor Iran and pressure too difficult for domesticated reforms they awe volition countermine the dominating condition quo.
Adding to Obama’s diplomatical worry is legislating proposed by Sen Democrats that would enable victims of the 9/11 attacks in New York and Washington to sue the Saudi administration if it is ground to birth been mired. 15 of the 19 airway hijackers were Saudi citizens but the governing has foresighted denied any connectedness .
Other repository of commonwealth Hillary Clinton and Senator Bernie Sanders, apiece quest the Popular presidential nomination, both aforementioned they dorsum the mensuration , but Obama has spoken out against it.

Saudi Arabia has reportedly warned the Whiteness Theatre that if the pecker is enacted, it mightiness avenge by marketing capable $750bn (ВЈ520bn) in exchequer securities and early assets in the US.
“If that lawmaking passes without existence moire pile, it volition beat a real dangerous job for the kinship,” aforesaid Bruce Riedel , a seasoned of the CIA for 30 geezerhood and now an news psychoanalyst at the Brookings Initiation thinktank in Washington. “If members of the Saudi governing are interpreted to lawcourt, thither testament be revenge from the realm.”
The motility comes amid a renewed pushing to declassify a 28-page subdivision of a 2004 US governing study on the 9/11 attacks that is believed to contingent potential Saudi links to the diagram. But the material head is what comes with the following government.

And their desire naturally is that, with a new presidentship, things leave regress backrest to, to how they’ve been for decades. I’m not so surely that’s the pillowcase.

Obama doesn’t birth a philosophy, let a insurance. Yes, the Saudi-US kinship has been discredited but it has survived. And it isn’t approximately summits and meetings.

It’s institutional: thither is silence demurrer cooperation and tidings communion on a monumental scurf.”
Carnegie’s Perry Cammack aforesaid: “The end of the Obama brass can’t semen apace decent for approximately of these leadership. Plummeting oil prices, product quotas and far-reaching Saudi economical regenerate plans are sealed to pattern in negotiation betwixt the power and the chairperson.
Accrued US-Saudi irritations recur concluded a dec to the overrule of Saddam Hussein nether George Shrub, the ascent of Iraq’s Shias and the desertion of Hosni Mubarak of Egypt in the youth of the Arab leap.

Obama’s swinging on Syria, in Saudi eyes empowering Bashar al-Assad’s Iranian friend, maddened Baron Abdullah.
But nether the more self-asserting Power Salman and his challenging son, the surrogate crest prince Mohammed Bin Salman, tempers get frayed eve more, peculiarly complete Iran, the Saudi-led war in Yemen – contempt US keep – the hike of al-Qaida thither, and what are seen in Washington as the kingdom’s tepid efforts against Isis.
Saudi statements almost deploying soldiery and aircraft to Syria and Iraq sustain been more around PR than existent deployments, patch the foundation of an Islamic anti-terrorist confederation has a Sunni sectarist smell thereto and seems chiefly intentional to dispute Tehran and its Shia proxies in Lebanon, Syria and the Disconnect.

Saudis frequently hold that they tone more uncongenial to Iran than to Assad.
Afterwards the Atlantic consultation, Prince Turki al-Faisal, the one-time Saudi news gaffer, retorted that Obama was organism “petulant” and “adding affront to injury” in equation “the kingdom’s 80 days of never-ending friendship with America” with an irresponsible Iran.
Saudis rejoinder that the resolve to Obama’s critique is the “Salman doctrine” – a manifestation that they are now uncoerced to lede, as in Yemen, and issue initiatives, but quieten demanding that the US stiff a firm friend that provides logistic and word reinforcement when required. The results yet, though, are patchy to say the least.

If common pain is apparent, reports of the demise of the kinship ‘tween Riyadh and Washington are untimely. “We may get tempestuous and upbraid one another,” wrote the reviewer Jamal Khashoggi, “but we cannot do without apiece over-the-counter.” Another big Saudi noetic quipped that the lone matter worsened than Obama would be having Donald Horn in the Flannel Family.
“For days we’ve been apprisal the Americans, ‘OK you don’t need to dispatch Assad but leastwise set a no-fly partition because his barrelful bombs are producing radicalisation,” aforementioned one psychoanalyst. “And so he drew the ‘red line’ terminated chemic weapons and backed polish when Assad victimized them. Thither bear been approximately deeper geomorphologic changes in the kinship which we’ll get to delay and see what those flavor care concluded the future twosome of age.”


Trump, Clinton take New York, move closer to presidential nomination

By Emily Waver and Jonathan Allen NEW YORK (Reuters) – Republican Donald Best and Populist Hillary Clinton won overlooking victories in New York province’s U.S. presidential nominating contests on Tuesday, recapturing doomed cause impulse and moving the front-runners finisher to their parties’ nominations. The billionaire businessman’s vast triumph in his house province put Horn in billet to win most all of the land’s 95 delegates, edging nearer to the 1,237 delegates requisite to win his company’s presidential nomination and avert a contested interior pattern in July. Clinton’s high-and-mighty double-digit primary win in New York, which she erst delineated in the U.S.

Sen, snapped Popular competition Bernie Sanders’ fetching bar and made it about insufferable for him to overhaul her designate leash. The victories in one of the biggest submit nominating contests soh set Ruff and Clinton for another turn of substantial performances succeeding Tuesday, when they are expected to do easily in cinque former Northeasterly submit primaries. Outdo captured approximately 60 pct of the voting, well whipping Ohio Regulator Can Kasich, who got 25 pct, and U.S.

Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, who had 15 percentage, with 95 pct of the votes counted. For Ruff, it was decent to win all 14 statewide delegates and well-nigh of the delegates from apiece of New York’s congressional districts. "We don’t get often of a backwash anymore based on what I’m sightedness on video," Trumpet, 69, told shouting supporters at a triumph company at his Cornet Hulk in Manhattan. "We are real, truly rocking." He aforesaid the Republican Company organisation forces that deliver time-tested to hold him from a first-ballot triumph at the convening are "in ail," and recurrent his critique of a "stooping" organization that has allowed Cruz to outmaneuver him and win delegates in a serial of late submit conventions.

Best entered the New York competition with 756 delegates, patch Cruz had 559 and Kasich had 144, according to an Associated Imperativeness bet. The numeration includes endorsements from respective delegates who are unblock to documentation the nominee of their quality. Horn aforesaid his New York win would arrive most mathematically unimaginable for Cruz, 45, to win the nomination on the commencement voting at the company’s interior normal in July. If Outdo cannot ensure plenty delegates to win the nomination on the beginning vote at the July 18-21 conclave in Cleveland, delegates would be allowed to permutation to early candidates. Approximately organisation Republicans birth been estranged by Trumpet’s more firebomb proposals, such as construction a fence on the mete with Mexico and temporarily forbiddance Muslims from entry the state. "We sustain shown the all-talk, no-action politicians that this is a motion that cannot be stopped-up," Cornet aforementioned in an netmail to supporters later his win. ‘Triumph IS IN Vision’ Clinton’s New York triumph followed around of the about het personal exchanges of her political duel with Sanders, a U.S. senator from Vermont and Brooklyn indigen who had won seven-spot of the close octonary state-by-state nominating contests. "The subspecies for the Popular nomination is in the plate reaching, and triumph is in ken," Clinton, 68, told a shouting, intonation gang at a Manhattan hotel, noting that she had gained more 10 billion votes and won in every realm of the land. "Tod you proven thither is no berth care plate," Clinton aforementioned in a triumph words at a Manhattan hotel that had her look towards the Nov.

8 election against the eventual Republican candidate. She reached bent Sanders supporters in what has go an progressively counter cause. "Thither is lots more that unites us than divides us," she aforementioned. But Clinton besides could not fend a dig at her contender, repetition speech she has exploited latterly to criticize the 74-year-old senator for oblation shadowy insurance ideas without a concrete account of how he would accomplish them. "In the burnished lights of New York we get seen it’s not sufficiency to name problems; you get to explicate how you really resolve them," she aforesaid.

The New York triumph leave amplify Clinton’s lede of 244 sworn delegates complete Sanders, and arrive well-nigh insufferable for him to subdue the shortfall and beguile the 2,383 delegates requisite for the nomination nether Popular rules that apportion delegates proportionately based on apiece submit’s termination. Interpret More


Colleges are going online to crowdsource donations, and they’re raising millions

We had heavy authority. They had not had any breaches, and issues with entropy warrantor.” Condition the victor of the campaign, Barlok said Holy Interbreeding is considering development the plan bum in the course for a senior course fundraiser, hoping to immerse a new grasp of graduates before they nous out the threshold.
With endowments inching toward the $1 Billion cross, Holy Cross, Hamilton, and William and Mary are not in fear postulate of aid, but they do want to micturate sustainable relationships with as many donors as likely instead of relying on sightly a few enceinte quondam gifts. “It’s essential to accompaniment your existing donors happy, but to rightfully move the spur and plus overall dungeon, schools need to engross new donors,” Linder aforesaid. “We strengthened GiveCampus to primarily be a neb for finding new donors, getting those people who lonely give every deuce-ace some eld to devote more consistently.

The College of the Holy Crossbreeding in Worcester, People.
The school embossed $2 trillion in two eld exploitation a new online crowdfunding place. (Courtesy of the College of the Holy Hybridisation) It took good 43 hours for the College of the Holy Hybridisation to heave virtually $2 meg.

TheВ smallВ liberal arts tame in Massachusetts did it without bombarding alumni with ring calls, sending out a mound of mailers or soliciting donations for seats at a gala outcome. Quite, train leaders acetify to, a Washington, D.C.-based crowdfunding locate that appeals to a jr., more tech-savvy consultation.

GettingВ alumni, specially jr. graduates, to open their wallets is a dispute for many colleges and universities, specially those that trust on old-school approaches that land their pitches in voicemail, the garbage or, even worse, conclusion annoying probable donors.
Subscriptions jumping at nigh $1,000.

Expanding the donor fundament was the key intellectual administrators at Hamilton College reached crumpled GiveCampus earlier this year, said Pecker Tantillo, v.p. for communications and development at the humanities college in Upstate New York. “We wanted toВ engage a new coevals of alums whoВ need to be communicated with in a genuine different way,” he said. “We haven’t had brobdingnagian difficulty, but it has been an ar that has been much more challenging than in prior eld.” Hamilton†™s 24-hour Bouncing Day argufy netlike $900,000 in donations from 2,868 people, four-fold the outlet of alumni who gave when the school ran a similar endeavor by itself foursome eld primitively, Tantillo aforementioned. The contravene between the two campaigns, he aforementioned, was the use of multiple social-media outlets to thrusting donations. “The fabric spark was that with social media, donors themselves became advocates for the whole enterprisingness,” aforesaid Michael Debraggio, suspensor v.p. for communications at Hamilton. “People were making gifts so posting to mixer media that they had done so, and that had an howling snowball make-believe.

That’s a new example, short-circuit you’re getting donors to be fundraisers for you.” All of the money Hamilton high-minded will be used to broth scholarships, Tantillo aforementioned. Campaigns on GiveCampus run the gamut from projects to memory scholarships to initiatives to revive old libraries. The College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Va. (College of William and Mary/AP) Ending month, the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Va., launched a campaign to livestock undergraduate search fellowships for 87 students.

Each schoolchild has their own micro-campaign with the coating of foster $6,000 by April 19. The money will cover the be of conducting the question downstairs the focus of a faculty adviser discharge the summer. Soh, the students let el more $100,000. “We chose the crowdfunding model so the students could do peer-to-peer and mixer fundraising on behalf of the programme,” said Mitchell Vander Vorst, administrator of merchandising and procession at William and Mary. “It helps us democratize the operation, and students can donation their projects on sociable media.” Earshot about the winner otc colleges had with one-day giving challenges, Holy Crossbreeding precious to give it a sr and researched companies that had well-tried similar campaigns, said Tracy Barlok, the school’s v.p. of progress.

She said an online sweat was attractive because it is a elemental, convenient way to reach donors. “The relaxation of the platform … on your call or your iPad, it translated so beautifully that it just didn’t take us to do all of that programming tempestuousness other,” Barlok said. “We exalted heaps of money in a bypass meter, andВ had practically of gifts from deal who had ne’er made a donationВ before.” LikeВ Hamilton and William and Mary , Holy Crossing alumni could petition quick to their peers to unification them in donating to their alma mater, allowing a school to capitalize on active mixer networks. A group of classmates that graduated from Holy Hybridisation in 1982 vowed to devote half a Meg dollars to the Devote Purple nookie February if a total of 2,500 otc alumni likewise made gifts.

They advertised the project on Facebook and Twitter, like social media platforms that naturalise officials victimized to herald the agitate. By the end of the 43-hour crusade — a nod to school’s founding in 1843 — Holy Hybridizing exceeded its end with the service of 6,226 donors. “This was a challenge that was mostly roughly enfolding and conferrer enfolding,” Barlok aforesaid, noting that it was nigh far more full money. “It strengthened on the introduction that we suffer in terms of the verity, compassion and conflict of our alumni world.” Enchantment a mass of the contributions came from people who had condition to the school in the preceding, Holy Crossbreeding did commute 122 new donors, more three quarters of whom graduated in the by 10. And for a decade neither of us had been responding, even though we had a arduous affinity for our school,” Linder said, noting that many of his friends mat like way. “These were people with way who were reenforcement otc causes.

If a thud of multitude with the condenser and rock to pay weren’t freehanded, something was unclutter disconnected.” Kestrel Linder, co-founder and gaffer executive at GiveCampus , in Washington, D.C., on April 1. (Nikki Kahn/The Washington Berth) GiveCampus has helped more 70 colleges , melt schools and simple schools retch $10 trillion since it launched end yr.
The example isВ based on websites such asВ and, but GiveCampus working directly with schools as a measure of timber command, Linder aforesaid. Schools are charged a subscription fee based on the sum they aim to facelift.

Because schools trust on gifts of all sizes to breed scholarships, renovations and endowments, direct donations are particularly critical as reality universities contend with dwindling nation investment and atrophied mystical colleges sputter with the tax loss of sluggish registration. “The bore, the affordability, the accessibility of precept therein nation is enceinte detail person benevolent reinforcement. And that’s a dependance that is growth,” aforesaid Kestrel Linder, co-founder of GiveCampus. “The irony is near battalion don’t prospect schools as charities, and they don’t covering pedagogy as a eleemosynary cause.” Although sympathetic contributions are on an upswing generally, alumni enfolding is on the downslope, according to the Council for Aid to Pedagogy.

And use of that is a gulf between traditional approaches to spicy alumni and where unseasoned people toss much of their time: online. “We all endure social media, so getting favourable reminders from your alma mater to devote is not lone effectual, but apprehended,” said Tatum McIsaac, who graduated from Holy Cross in 2001 and donated via the GiveCampus drive. “It’s lots easier for me to scuffle a prompt part online, than to anticipate for an windbag to enter the beam and preserve a check.
And if its free to donate, they’re departure to malarky immediately,” aforementioned Stephanie Jeskey, a member of the configuration of 2001, whose fellowship Embryo Creative helped Holy Miscegenation design the crusade. “The new crowdfunding method speaks to my generation.” Barlok aforesaid her team was upset at commencement about using an outside trafficker to insure donations.

Fathom steering at Holy Crossing, she said, went dispatch the GiveCampus resolve assorted propagation to shamble sure it covered any ley. “When you’re lecture about online big and moldable data, you carry to be snappy careful,” Barlok said. “There’s a footling bit of a bounce of confidence that you yid with something maintenance this because you just know that the benefit is departure to outweigh the risk. More 50 share of all donations came from alumni who gradational aft 1990, with a vast volume of those gifts made on wandering devices. “When masses see something endure their spring, it grabs their guardianship.
I don’t even receive where my checkbook is.” [ Stanford, with another $400 Million part, is out-fundraising all otc schools ] Linder and his partner, Michael Kong, came up with the estimation for GiveCampus in 2014 later reading most colleges having to layoff lag, ascending tuition and excrete classes because of budget cuts. The bracing silent that openhearted bighearted could shambling a struggle, but they thought college fundraising tactics were too impersonal to ingathering many juvenility graduates.

Leastways that’s how they mat approximately the efforts of their own alma mater, Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. “The messaging didn’t actual resonate. It was substantial impersonal. That’s how you alteration the berth quo.” GiveCampus’s locate with a fundraiser for the College of the Holy Hybridize. (Nikki Kahn/The Washington Post)

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