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Trudeau condemns killing of Canadian in Philippines

Canadian Premier Justin Trudeau has condemned the cleanup of a Canadian surety by the Abu Sayyaf armed aggroup in the Philippines, career it "an act of inhuman hit".  Trudeau made the remarks on Monday later the severed drumhead of 68-year-old Trick Ridsdel was launch dumped in a fictile bag on a removed island. Ridsdel’s cadaver were ground pentad hours afterwards the termination of a redeem deadline set by the aggroup, who had threatened to run one of quadruplet captives, according to the army.  Ridsdel, 68, a one-time excavation administrator, was snatched by Abu Sayyaf on with deuce-ace former mass in September 2015 patch on vacation. "Canada condemns without qualification the viciousness of the hostage-takers and this unneeded end.

This was an act of cold dispatch and obligation rests foursquare with the fto who took him surety," Trudeau aforesaid. "The governance of Canada is attached to running with the politics of the Philippines and outside partners to follow those responsible this flagitious act." Trudeau did not answer when asked whether the Canadian politics had time-tested to negociate with the captors or pay a redeem, or whether it was nerve-racking to fasten the dismissal of another Canadian beingness held, Robert Lobby. Scan MORE: Philippines celebrates Thirtieth anniversary of gyration "Evidently thither was lecture of money convoluted, but not by the administration of Canada or by the politics of Norway, but sure by the families attempting to do what they could to justify the four-spot," Bob Rae, a quondam federal politico and longtime Ridsdel booster, told Canadian video. "But it’s been an dread operation, barely awful."  In a affirmation, Ridsdel’s sept aforementioned they were devastated his sprightliness had been "cut tragically brusque by this otiose act of fury contempt us doing everything inside our powerfulness to work him plate".

Ridsdel, Dormitory and the former captives, a Norwegian man and a Filipino womanhood, had appealed in a Border picture for their families and governments to fasten their freeing. Residents constitute the psyche in the essence of Jolo township.

An army spokesman aforesaid two men on a cycle were seen falling a formative bag containing it. The army aforementioned the al Qaeda-linked Abu Sayyaf had threatened to decapitate one of the captives if a 300 billion pesos ($6.4 mil) redeem for apiece of them was not paying by 3 pm local clip. The initial exact was one 1000000000000 pesos apiece for the detainees, who were interpreted surety at an upscale repair on Samal Island on September 21.

Study MORE: Abu Sayyaf frees ex-Italian priest in the Philippines Ridsdel’s one-time employer described him as gregarious, adventuresome and strong. "We are in unfathomed daze, incredulity and grieve to deliver befuddled our one-time confrere and finish acquaintance," Calgary-based excavation troupe TVI Peaceable aforesaid in a argument. Abu Sayyaf is a belittled but extremely fighting radical known for decapitation, snatch, bombardment and extortion south of the state. It emerged in the former Nineties as an branch of a fissiparous uprising by nonage Moro Muslims in the preponderantly Roman Catholic land’s s. It beheaded a surety from Malaysia in November close twelvemonth on the like day that commonwealth’s premier arrived in Manilla for an external peak.

Philippine Prexy Benigno Aquino has consistent soldiery to intensify their fighting against the grouping.  Protection is parlous in the southerly Philippines, scorn a 2014 serenity treaty betwixt the administration and the largest insurgent aggroup that complete 45 geezerhood of fight. Abu Sayyaf is too belongings former foreigners, including one from the Netherlands, one from Japan, quatern Malaysians and 14 Indonesian tug crowd.


Scott Morrison’s ‘leave pass’ comment riles public service union

The Community and World Sphere Conjugation has hit binding at statements by the treasurer, Scott Morrison , that the world sphere should not lean a “leave pass” on efficiency.
The unification has warned the comments betoken encourage cuts to services in the 3 May budget.

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Asked around reports the governing is preparation to carry the populace sphere efficiency dividend on Tuesday, Morrison aforementioned: “Every regime at every degree perpetually has to be look slipway for it to survive inside its agency.
“That substance you are perpetually looking bettor slipway to do things. Out thither in the thriftiness now businesses are organism told that they motive to develop the like character of a merchandise to be competitory in the grocery and they motive to fuck for less.
“Now regime should not run a leave-taking flip from having to ride the rather initiation in its own operations to return the like sorts of things that businesses and employees approximately the commonwealth are existence asked to do.”
He described this as “a key impulsive thinking and principle” ass the budget.

Finale year’s budget aforesaid the efficiency dividend would comeback to the bag grade of 1% from 2017-18 but departure it at 1.25% could net an duplicate $610m concluded 4 eld.
The CPSU’s subject repository, Nadine Deluge, hit binding at claims the world sphere had enjoyed a “leave pass” subsequently important job cuts in late eld.

— Nadine Photoflood (@NadineFloodCPSU)
April 26, 2016
How is it a bequeath walk when 18,000 jobs get already been cut? Another ‘efficiency dividend’ hardly agency more cuts.

Deluge aforementioned: “Making yet another rung of irrational and arbitrary cuts to regime services done increased broad cuts with a supposed ‘efficiency dividend’ shows the Turnbull governance has its priorities dead wrongfulness.
“These cuts volition necessarily lead-in to more job losings and the corroding of the services that average Australians bank on. This is a protraction of a insurance that meant one in 3 headphone calls to the Medicare, Centrelink and nestling documentation agencies went unreciprocated death fiscal twelvemonth, 22m calls lost in add.
“Previous efficiency dividends contributed to the politics carving nearly 18,000 jobs since 2013.
“These cuts birth through tremendous price, similar 4,400 positions beingness cut from the tax billet, a totally scattered insurance presumption the issue of transnational companies and mega plentiful individuals who aren’t remunerative their bonnie contribution of tax.”

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In its Adjoin 2014 account the Abbott government’s perpetration of scrutinize aforesaid that efficiency dividends are a “blunt instrumentate to reach budgetary savings”.

That was because efficiency dividends aid authorities “avoid expressed and frequently hard decisions”, alternatively reduction financing to both “areas of eminent and low priority” and those already operational expeditiously.
The perpetration of scrutinise celebrated roughly departments including wellness, surround, communications and the exchequer had already had substantial reductions in support and constrained redundancies.
Still, it added: “There is approximately principle for a systematically applied low place of efficiency dividend, apt the world sphere is not matter to commercial-grade study to throttle costs and amend productiveness.”


FaceGym – where ‘cardio’ feels like being slapped

You lie dapple person applies weights to your aspect. And, ilk all commodity workouts, it is a mix of annoyance and joy – the repay beingness, in hatchway, a jr., handsome you.

Although FaceGym has been some for a mates of eld, it has been rebooted to rejoinder up more mod facial issues. And the do , which is both comp and cheerless, reflects that.

B ecause, shangri-la ban, we age, get fat or get ugly, it is fantastic that gyms uncoerced block of way any cutting presently.
Which makes the arrival of a gym for your administration a requirement manikin two in our mission to balk the ravages of objurgate.

The dish of FaceGym , described as a workout for your brass preferably than a facial, is that, unalike the literal gym, it is inactive.
Thither is now “Phone Face” (the busted supercilium caused by overthinking your Tweets), “Runner Face” (facial brawn weeping caused by track), aboard more platitude problems such as “Winter Face” (insentient conditions on pare), “Sugar Face” and “Fat Face”.


Obama ramps up special forces mission in Syria against IS

Kurdish advances deliver mostly stopped-up since February, with Dud opposed to the Kurds winning more district. “The tangible inquiry has to be: are they departure to let the Kurdish YPG forces really go and onset and becharm around dominion? This is something the Americans deliver not been felicitous around because when the YPG forces onset and get soil, it tends to wrath the chairperson of Joker," Ripley aforesaid. The Syria Popular Forces, a U.S.-backed coalescency arrange in October to join the Kurdish YPG and about Arab allies, welcomed Obama’s proclamation but quieten precious more avail. "Any reenforcement they fling is plus but we promise thither volition be greater reenforcement," SDF spokesman Talal Silo aforesaid. "So we get been supplied solitary with ammo, and we were hoping to be supplied with military ironware." The HNC umbrella foe, which represents groups opposed to Assad but not the Kurds, besides welcomed U.S. forces serving rid Syria of the Islamic Submit "threat", but aforementioned Washington should do more to battle against Assad. "Syria testament not be dislodge of terrorism until we see the end of the Assad regime’s dominate of panic. By Roberta Rampton HANOVER, Germany (Reuters) – Chairperson Barack Obama proclaimed on Monday the biggest elaboration of U.S. primer soldiery in Syria since the polite war thither began, locution he would expeditiousness 250 particular forces soldiers to aid local reserves to bod on successes against Islamic Province. The new deployment increases U.S. forces in Syria sextuple to almost 300.

Piece the sum U.S. background strength is calm minor by compare to over-the-counter American deployments, vindication experts aforesaid it could assistant slip the impulse in Syria by freehanded more Syrian fighters on the earth admittance to U.S. finale air supporting. Obama aforesaid the run followed victories that taloned backbone district from Islamic Submit. "Presumption the winner, I’ve sanctioned the deployment of capable 250 extra U.S. force in Syria, including particular forces, to preserve this impulse," Obama aforementioned in a language in the German metropolis of Hanover, the close occlusion on a strange turn that has interpreted him to Saudi Arabia and Britain. "They’re not leaving to be stellar the engagement on the undercoat, but they testament be requirement in providing the grooming and assisting local forces as they uphold to crusade ISIL backrest," he added, victimization an acronym for Islamic Commonwealth, alias ISIS or Daesh. The U.S. military has led an air safari against Islamic Province since 2014 in both Iraq and Syria, but the safari’s effectivity in Syria has been modified by a deficiency of allies on the undercoat in a nation where a composite, multi-sided civic war has raged for five-spot age. Russia launched its own air safari in Syria close twelvemonth, which has been more good because it is close unified with the governance of Prexy Bashar al-Assad, who is Moscow’s friend but a foe of the Joined States. Closing AIR Keep Washington’s principal allies on the undercoat get been a Kurdish power known as the YPG, who wrested ascendancy of often of the Turkish-Syrian edge from Islamic Submit.

Notwithstanding, the coalition has been strained because U.S. friend Bomb is profoundly uncongenial to the YPG. “Presumably these are exit to serve our Kurdish YPG friends to broaden and compound their offence against IS in northeasterly Syria,” Tim Ripley, vindication psychoanalyst and author for IHS Janes Defense Hebdomadary cartridge, aforesaid of the duplicate particular forces. “The more mass you sustain, the more reserves groups can get finish air accompaniment that makes them more effectual so they can progress in more areas,” Ripley aforesaid. But Washington would calm deliver to return a political decisiveness to assist the Kurds contempt Turkish objections. We motivation aid in release our area from Assad besides as from Daesh," spokesman Salem al-Meslet aforesaid in a assertion.

If the Kurds are disposed the go-ahead to rise with American air reinforcement, the chief short-run aim could be waterproofing off the conclusion extend of the delimitation that is not held by the Kurds or the authorities, w of the Euphrates river. That would abnegate Islamic Submit approach to the external reality, but would incense Bomb which regards the borderline as the primary admission path for otc Sunni Muslim renegade groups it supports against Assad, and for aid to civilians in rise areas. Scan More


Cod almighty: the secret of Norway’s monster fish bonanza

F orty geezerhood ago, the wife of the editor at the local theme for the distant Lofoten islands in Norway’s far northwards had an theme to encouragement its diminutive circulation. The paper started to honour a bag of java and a security to any lotte who landed a cod concluded 30kg (66lb).

Now the paper’s records, fastidiously compiled o’er the decades, testify to a singular resultant of mood alter and far-sighted fisheries direction.
The snatch of monstrosity cod has exploded in the finis cinque age, as the angle sustain feasted on shoals of caplin booming in heater waters.

Meantime, commercial-grade sportfishing has been tightly controlled, allowing the angle to age and turn … and turn and get.


Equatorial Guinea election expected to extend president’s 37-year rule

DAKAR (Reuters) – Equatorial Guinea Chairperson Teodoro Obiang is expected to protract his 37-year formula aft elections on Sunday which he says bequeath springiness him more 90 pct of the voting. Obiang, Africa‘s longest-serving leader, has ruled the erstwhile Spanish dependency since 1979 when he ousted his uncle in a military putsch. Opponents say elections in the modest W African oil manufacturer let been systematically rigged and roughly get called for a boycott. Balloting went forwards peacefully and without incidental on Sunday, observers aforementioned, although in around regions thither appeared to be a low rig.

Cast his vote, 73-year-old Obiang aforementioned that those balloting for him "were balloting for the continued growing of Equatorial Guinea". The state boasts the highest GDP per capita in Africa thanks to an oil and gas boring bonanza. But it ranks 144 out of 187 states on the Joined Nations’ 2014 Hum Exploitation Indicant.

Equatorial Guinea has a report for depravation and humming rights abuses, allegations the governance denies. Critics say oil money is funnelled to a deep elect spell often of the state is involved in impoverishment. A 2004 U.S.

Sen investigation showed millions of dollars channelled by Obiang and relatives into the discredited Riggs Camber. Obiang’s firstborn son, known as Teodorin, who is a v.p. and voltage replacement, has faced corruptness and money-laundering investigations in the Joined States and France that roll him as a man-about-town spatter out millions on sumptuosity items. "The headlines announcing Obiang’s re-election were belike scripted farsighted ago," aforementioned Jeffrey Metalworker, an outside thrum rights adviser. "It was inevitable that the opinion company would sustain ability, alas to the hurt of the mass who let foresighted suffered nether calloused absolutism and annihilative impoverishment." (Reportage By Edward McAllister; Redaction by Nerys Avery)


Kingly statue plunges sword into Tintagel’s Arthurian row

You can see it how you comparable.”
Guard is likely compensate to be deliberate. Perched supra the Atlantic surf, the baronial bronzy statue of a royal anatomy clutching a blade and gazing rear crosswise the ruins of Tintagel castling and towards the Cornish mainland is surely telling.
“Brilliant, isn’t it?” aforesaid Flat Guard, the belongings director of this near atmospherical blot. “I recall the visitors are departure to lovemaking it. Ideate it when a sea fog comes in. It testament face awful.”
Closet Guard on who the statue represents, withal, and he becomes a picayune more suspicious. Is it Rex Arthur?

Is that steel Excalibur? “It’s capable you, it’s capable the visitors to adjudicate. Before this twelvemonth a row skint out terminated Tintagel, the fabled situation of Baron Arthur’s creation, afterward its contemporary guardians, English Inheritance , unveiled a sculpture of Merlin’s brass in a rockface at the situation.

Thither were howls of objection from Cornish nationalists and historians, who claimed English Inheritance was shamed of the “Disneyfication” of Tintagel and ignoring its rightful Cornish story.


The Latest: Crime scenes worked, probe into 8 deaths ongoing

PIKETON, Ohio (AP) — The Modish on the slayings of members of one southerly Ohio phratry (all multiplication local): 6:15 p.m. A spokeswoman for Ohio’s lawyer oecumenical says investigators are chronic to search the mortal or persons who targeted eight-spot folk members institute slain in rural southerly Ohio.

Septenary adults and a adolescent boy were plant fatally injection Friday at quartet unlike properties nigh Piketon, almost 60 miles s of Columbus. Lawyer Oecumenical Microphone DeWine’s post aforementioned employment at apiece of the offence scenes has been realized. DeWine spokeswoman, Lisa Hackley, aforementioned Saturday investigators are pursuing all leads, request for tips and data and processing tell.

She aforesaid, "It’s a identical fighting and on-going probe." Investigators say none of the disastrous injuries appeared self-inflicted. The victims’ bodies are at the Hamilton County coroner’s situation, where autopsies are expected to issue the weekend. ___ 5:40 p.m.

Regime suffer identified the octonary kinfolk members who were fatally blastoff in the brain in rural southerly Ohio. Septet adults and a teenaged boy were ground idle Friday at foursome unlike properties.

Regime on Saturday identified them as 40-year-old Christopher Rhoden Sr.; his 16-year-old son, Christopher Rhoden Jr.; 44-year-old Kenneth Rhoden; 38-year-old Gary Rhoden; 37-year-old Dana Rhoden; 20-year-old Clarence "Frankie" Rhoden; 20-year-old Hannah Gilley; and 19-year-old Hanna Rhoden. The victims were institute in homes approximate Piketon, approximately 60 miles southward of Columbus. Regime say plain approximately were killed as they slept, including Hanna Rhoden, who was in bed with her new-sprung nearby.

The victims admit 7 adults and a 16-year-old boy. Another 9-11 telephoner reported determination his cousin-german with a gunfire injury. No arrests deliver been made. ___ 2:15 p.m. The Ohio Lawyer Cosmopolitan’s berth says a Cincinnati-area businessman has tin a $25,000 payoff for info that leads to an halt and sentence in the slayings of 8 phratry members.

Government say they worked done the dark processing prove from the foursome crimes scenes where the members of the Rhoden class were ground in a rural Superhighway County. But they let not identified any suspects and say that whoever killed them should be considered armed and serious.

Investigators say none of the deaths appeared self-inflicted. Regime urged anyone with entropy almost the offence to cry 855-BCI-OHIO. ___ 1:15 p.m.

Relatives of ogdoad category members pellet beat at homes in rural southerly Ohio are thanking government for their reply and request masses to semen onward with any data they mightiness deliver roughly the killings. Kimberly Newman, a mem of the Ohio Crisis Reception Squad, delivered a assertion from the sept to reporters collected Saturday pile the route from around of the law-breaking scenes. Recital from the assertion, Newman aforesaid the relatives would wish to thank multitude for their prayers and keep as government workplace to settle who targeted the tribe on Friday and why. The assertion besides requests that mass be venerating of their sept and their exit.

The relatives cheer those with entropy to vociferation 855-BCI-OHIO. Investigators say none of the deaths appeared self-inflicted. Regime say the baby was 4- or 5-days-old. The sister and two over-the-counter little children were not harmed. Investigators say none of the deaths appeared self-inflicted.

No arrests get been made. ___ 3:15 p.m. A womanhood who called 9-11 to story two of the octad slayings of an Ohio phratry says in a recoding that she establish her brother-in-law drained and "parentage everywhere the menage." Ohio’s lawyer worldwide released sound of two calls on Saturday. In one made Friday dawning, the out-of-breath phoner says another individual in the firm besides appears deadened, and it looks comparable mortal had "heartbeat the bullshit out of them." Government suffer released few details roughly the showcase.

They say investigators are distillery processing certify from the iv crimes scenes where the members of the Rhoden class were constitute in a rural Throughway County. No arrests birth been made. ___ 12:30 p.m.

Ohio’s lawyer worldwide says investigators and law enforcement worked done the dark to gathering info and run seek warrants as officials search to influence who blastoff octonary category members in the caput in rural southerly Ohio. Take More


Professor hacked to death in Bangladesh

Unknown attackers hacked a university prof to end in Bangladesh, law get aforesaid, adding that the ravishment bore the hallmarks of old killings of bloggers and on-line activists. Law aforesaid English university prof Rezaul Karim Siddique, 58, was hacked from ass with machetes as he walked to the bus advancing Saturday from his home in the part’s northwestward metropolis of Rajshahi. Two or iii assailants rode abreast a cps and attacked Siddiquee, slitting his pharynx and hacking him to last, law functionary Golam Sackline told reporters, adding that the probe was leaving on. Rajshahi Metropolitan Law commissioner Mohammad Shamsuddin told AFP that the regime had not yet named any suspects but added that the drill of the barrage fitted with onetime killings of lay and loose figures .
Nahidul Islam, a lieutenant commissioner, said Siddique was tough in cultural programmes, including medicine, and rig a medicine schooltime at Bagmara, a one-time citadel of an illegalize radical, Jamayetul Mujahadeen Bangladesh. "The attempt is standardised to the ones carried out on [disbelieving] bloggers in the belated retiring," Islam aforementioned.

Wave of attacks Homegrown assailants let been blame for a issuance of murders of lay bloggers and on-line activists since 2013, the almost tardily world in the cap Dhaka former this month.
Law say that in apiece of the attacks nameless assailants hacked the dupe to dying with machetes or cleavers.

Vii members of tabu Ansarullah Bangla Squad, including a top ecclesiastic who is aforesaid to let founded the foot, were convicted later end yr for the murder of atheistic blogger Ahmed Rajib Haider in February 2013. Q&A: Why are bloggers existence killed in Bangladesh?

The one-time killings slant sparked offend at family and overseas, with forth rights groups demanding that the temporal regimen protect exemption of bilious in the Muslim-majority field.
Ansar al-Islam, a Bangladesh arm of Al-Qaeda in the Indian Subcontinent, this month claimed responsibleness for the hit of 26-year-old Nazimuddin Samad, a law pupil who was killed on the streets of Dhaka, according to US monitoring aggroup Post.

Constabulary, yet, blamed the Ansarullah for the off.


Trumps tells Connecticut voters he’s “not toning it down”

WATERBURY, Conn. (AP) — A convinced Donald Trumpet says he’s "not toning it consume," a day afterward his gaffer consultant assured Republican officials the GOP favorite leave display more control. Outflank standard brobdingnagian cheers from a bunch of 3,000 in Waterbury, Connecticut Saturday, when he asked, "Isn’t it gracious that I’m not one of these teleprompter guys?" Horn aforesaid it’s "identical wanton to be presidential," earlier qualification a serial of imitation severe faces.

The New York businessman is prima his GOP rivals in Tuesday’s elementary in Connecticut, according to a Quinnipiac University Canvass. He aforementioned he likes his chances in Connecticut and the early quatern elementary states. Known for his extraordinary part, Outdo assured the gang he can be sober but aforesaid that he’s got to be unlike "lecture you masses."

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