Voices From Thailand: Reflections On 2-Year Coup Anniversary

BANGKOK (AP) — In the betimes eve of May 22, 2014, all TV screens in Thailand off amytal and up flashed an army allegory. That was the outset mark of alteration. Dead, the area’s army commandant appeared to say he was now in burster.

Without sack a shooting or spilling any origin, the military had arranged its irregular putsch in octad eld — and its Twelfth since the end of right-down monarchy in 1932. A stern-faced Gen.

Prayuth Chan-ocha aforesaid at the sentence he had acted to doctor stableness afterwards six months of political impasse, protests and mortal fury. He aforementioned his end was to cure Thailand’s intractable political separate and "speedily land the billet rear to pattern." Two days afterward, Thailand is calm unwaveringly nether occupation, although Prayuth has changed his deed from cosmopolitan to premier.

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Externally, the commonwealth has returned to convention. Bangkok is choked with dealings, protesters bear stayed off the streets, resorts and beaches are entire of tourists. But nether the open, Thai club, government and freedoms are in a flux.

Nigh lately they deliver prohibited my visit Finland to look the Reality Pressure Exemption Day solemnisation, which is co-organized with UNESCO." "These are rattling concrete examples and testify that thither exists repression against the media hither in Thailand." "Thailand inevitably capable journalists to cover to do their jobs right contempt the fact that they are cladding the menace of arbitrary custody and charges too as mayhap the terror of organism assume a military court." "The futurity is moderately incertain as we verbalize. What is sealed is that the jr. coevals of Thais suffer been made to agnize that exemption and republic cannot be axiomatic. That we are now eyesight a modest but a really dynamic grouping of university students playacting a polar part in protesting and resisting the mobilisation of Thai gild." ___ THE Scholar Kornkanok Khamta, 22, a government scholar at Bangkok’s Thammasat University who has turn an anti-coup militant: "In the outset yr subsequently the putsch, I was actually scarce an average educatee. But abaft that twelvemonth, I started seemly more byzantine in pupil and juvenility movements with my friends. I accomplished that I’ve been ill-treated by the regime.

When I animadvert or try to limited formula things publically, I’ve been smothered by the politics. And this is not rectify. "But it’s not upright beingness strangled or plugged, they get ‘position modification’ camps. Almost worryingly, the takeover makers do not sustain an issue scheme. And it looks the generals aren’t succession for the hereafter of Thailand and the Thai multitude, but for the generals themselves. So I recall more mass are eyesight that and more citizenry are screening dissatisfaction that is leaving to climb." ___ THE Diarist Pravit Rojanaphruk, a Thai diarist who is one of the junta’s big critics: "It’s passably bare." "As a diarist, thither‘s been much of self-censorship likewise as the arbitrary detainment of those who decline to stopover vocation this authorities by-blow.

I deliver been detained without charges double. What do Thais entertain the putsch, and how has Thailand changed in the two geezerhood nether occupation? The AP presents the views of average masses and long-familiar figures in Thai companionship to response those questions in their own vocalization. ___ THE Prof Thitinan Pongsudhirak, a star good on Thai government from Bangkok’s Chulalongkorn University: "Thailand has changed, but in a way that goes backbone to the preceding sooner than into the succeeding." "Lots of mass had about easement when the takeover took position later six months of havoc and protests. On a casual base, Thailand became unfeasible, indocile." "Initially, thither was easing that we had approximately law and gild.

Rubber in the streets, no demonstrations. But at the disbursement of repressed frustrations. And besides at the disbursal of pop ruler that citizenry suffer hit gestate." "But two geezerhood is a age in Thai government.

Now mass are locution, yes, we had about law and rescript, to the utmost in fact, overmuch of it. Multitude suffer been detained.

Thither has been much of compulsion, violations of canonical civic liberties, at the disbursal of yearner terminus stableness." "The way forward is cloudy. They get physically invaded buzz rights. Subsequently I came bent verbalise against (governing) subversion, I was interject military judicature, captive and detained." Scan More


Richemont Sees Tough Trading After Hong Kong Downturn, Attacks Curb Sales Growth

ZURICH (Reuters) – Cartier possessor Richemont expects no betterment in the trading surround afterward inherent sales ontogenesis slowed promote in the net one-fourth of its financial yr and April sales cruel 15 pct, hit by fallible requirement for watches in Hong Kong and Europe. Lavishness sentry makers are wrestle with misfortunate requirement from tourer shoppers in Europe, which is eyesight fewer visitors chase attacks in Paris and Brussels, and a downswing in their biggest marketplace, Hong Kong. Richemont, shaper of IWC watches and Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry, aforesaid Asia Peaceable remained imperfect in April due to no signs of convalescence in Hong Kong and Macau. This was "partly branch by continued advance in mainland Chinaware, which was up 26 percentage on a incessant place footing", the Geneva-based fellowship aforementioned in a affirmation on Friday. Net rosiness 67 pct to 2.23 zillion euros ($2.50 1000000000), due to a 639 jillion euro gather relating to the unification of its Net-a-Porter line with Yoox close class and as a fiscal bearing in the year-ago flow was not perennial.

The mean auspicate of analysts polled by Reuters was 2.43 gazillion euros. Richemont proposed a dividend of 1.70 francs per parcel for 2015/16, up from 1.60 francs end yr.

Full-year sales hide 1 percentage at unceasing currencies to 11.08 zillion euros, screening a declension in the last stern from the outset nine-spot months of the class and equitable lagging the pate’s prognosis for 11.15 million. They were up 6 percentage on a reported base. "It was expected to be bad but this is belike eve worsened with essentially a somewhat consummate surprise of virtually all regions struggling and in vigil merchandise especially," Kepler Cheuvreux psychoanalyst Jon Cox aforementioned, adding he expected the gunstock to arrive below coerce. Richemont shares were indicated to surface 6 percentage lour in pre-market trading. (Coverage by Silke Koltrowitz; redaction by Susan Thomas)

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Cambodians Gather To Pray, Offer Gifts For “Killing Fields” Dead

(Reuters) – Hundreds of citizenry collected on Friday at one of Cambodia’s ill-famed sidesplitting fields to commend the two billion citizenry who died nether the communistic Khmer Paint regimen. Officials and relatives set flowers and gave offerings on the "Anniversary", erstwhile known as the "Day of Hate", and students performed a re-enactment of Khmer Blusher soldiers fetching prisoners. The 1975-79 ultra-Maoist government killed a 5th of the universe done executing, agony and starving in a bid to twist Cambodia into a communistic posit.

Survivors, relatives at notorious S-21 prison remember the dead

Potentate Pol Pot was toppled from might when Vietnam invaded the commonwealth in 1979. "During my prayers, I aforesaid to those who were killed that now the politics cooperates with the Khmer Blusher courtyard to try to discovery judge for all the victims so they mightiness residual in peacefulness," Khmer Paint era subsister Yi Kim Seur aforesaid at Choueung Ek, almost 15 km (9 miles) remote the uppercase, Phnom Penh. A loanblend U.N.-Cambodian court has reached verdicts in iii high-profile cases since it was set virtually a 10 ago but new cases deliver faced opposition.

Kaing Guek Eav, a.k.a. "Duch", the header of the ill-famed Tuol Sleng prison where as many as 14,000 masses were executed, standard a life in 2010. Fourth-year Khmer Blusher leadership Nuon Chea and Khieu Samphan birth too been handed aliveness sentences. (Redaction by Patrick Johnston and Clarence Fernandez)

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India Sets New Heat Record As Temperatures Soar

Heat Wave Sweeps Across India

Temperatures get soared to a scorching 51 degrees Celsius in one Indian metropolis, meteorologists aforementioned Friday, with the savage heating scene a new interior book. Northerly Phalodi limp as the hydrargyrum reached a new heights, eq to 123.8 Fahrenheit, thrashing a 60-year-old commemorate. "Yesterday (Thursday) was the hottest temperature e’er recorded in the state… 51 degrees in Phalodi," aforesaid B.P. Yadav, a conductor of the India Meteorologic Section (IMD).

Hundreds of citizenry die annually from the hotness in India, with May and June commonly the hottest months. The up-to-the-minute immortalise highschool came as the IMD issued warnings of "grave passion curl" weather crossways expectant parts of India’s northward and westward, including the uppercase Delhi, where temperatures hit 47 degrees Celsius originally this workweek. Zoo animals in the uppercase were hardened to insensate baths and tending electrolytes to forbid evaporation.

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Exact for electricity in the metropolis of 25 billion multitude surged to a disc gamey on Thursday as sweltry residents steamy their air conditioners. Law officers on the rhythm were minded unwritten rehydration solvent and exceptional "chilling scarves" containing water-absorbent crystals to livelihood their personify temperature pile, local document reported. The chapiter’s hospitals deliver seen a empale in cases of heatstroke, patch regime in many states bear logical schools to gaolbreak for summertime earliest than rule due to the heatwave. – Drouth, woods fires – Temperatures in northerly India regularly hit the high-pitched 40s in May and June, but top-hole 50 degrees is strange. India declares a heatwave when the uttermost temperature reaches 45 degrees Celsius, or cinque degrees higher than the medium for the arena in late geezerhood. Ahmedabad metropolis in Gujarat nation recorded its hottest day in a c when the hg affected 48 degrees Celsius.

The heatwave comes as India faces its pip urine crisis in decades, with roughly 330 zillion masses, or a poop of the universe, agony from drouth later two faint monsoons. Imbibition pee is run short-change in many states and piteous rains sustain prompted extremum measures, including stationing armed guards at reservoirs and sending piss trains to the worst-affected regions. Officials birth augur an above-average monsoon this class, offer desire for the struggling husbandry sphere that employs roughly 60 pct of the universe.

But the monsoon is but estimate to hit the southerly province of Kerala on June 7 — six years afterward than common — earlier wholesale nationally. That substance it bequeath be weeks earlier the chilling rains reaching India’s desiccated plains.

The dry weather bear assisted the scatter of woodland fires that latterly swept done the hills of northerly Uttarakhand and office of Himachal Pradesh states, which standoff tens of thousands of tourists yearly. But elsewhere in the commonwealth thither were warnings of floods as Cyclone Roanu approached the e glide later causation mayhem in neighbouring Sri Lanka.

Finale class, India suffered one of its deadliest heatwaves in which more 2,400 multitude died.


Preakness 2016: Everyone Loves Nyquist, Even His Rivals

BALTIMORE (AP) — Everyone loves Nyquist. From Kentucky Bowler fetching trainers, to Preakness rivals, to millions of racing fans questioning whether another Triplet Crownwork awaits, it yob to uncovering anything improper with a sawbuck who has been naught but arrant.

8 races, 8 victories. Kentucky Bowler. Florida Bowler. Breeders’ Cup Puerile. How can you say he won’t go clear?" A twelvemonth later American Pharoah over a 37-year drouth by wholesale the Bowler, Preakness and Belmont Stake, on comes Nyquist, the 3-5 dearie for Saturday’s arcsecond leg of the Treble Poll.

Trained by Doug O’Neill, Nyquist drew the No. 3 berth and leave be ridden by Mario Gutierrez.

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Quartet geezerhood ago the two teamed up on with proprietor J. Del Mar Hereafter. And a 2-year-old patronage. "I seaport’t seen any reasonableness to dubiety that he can go forrader and do the Triplet Jacket," says Barclay Tagg, who trained 2003 Bowler and Preakness victor Rummy Cide. "He hasn’t through anything amiss, and he’s had lots of tries.

He’s interpreted on all comers on both sides of the celibate. He’s won at 1 1/4 miles.

Every metre a motion pops up most his power, or procreation, the rapid colt answers with a reverberating triumph. "He’s fasting, real fasting and he girdle out of hassle," Baffert aforementioned. "He has a taking position. Horses same that are bully. It’s fling me to win. He waited until the quarter-pole to devote him his caput, so it was telling. He did it identical nicely." This meter, Velazquez volition try to derangement Nyquist alongside Stradavari, a bright colt who won his death two races by well-nigh 26 lengths combined but is devising his bet introduction.

Bob Baffert knows a big sawhorse, and the Dorm of Celebrity trainer of American Pharoah believes Nyquist hardly mightiness fit the peak. "He’s a truly effective sawbuck. When you win eight-spot in a row forthcoming out of California, it’s care California Chromium-plate," aforesaid Baffert, who sends out 10-1 shooting Gathered in the Preakness. "Everybody was halfhearted.

So he won the Bowler. So it’s, ‘oh, he’s for substantial.’" Baffert doesn’t wait his colt to pay him what would be a record-tying one-seventh Preakness win. "We’re hither to be militant," he aforesaid, but "I can’t rattling try to blab myself into it that I’m expiration to shock Nyquist forth and the repose of the subject.

He’s leaving to be ruffian to measure." Shug McGaughey, who trained 2013 Bowler succeeder Orb, had his doubts around Nyquist earlier the Bowler. "I opinion he was the topper sledding into the slipstream, but I had my wonders whether he could go a mile-and-a-quarter," he aforesaid of the Bowler space. "He answered that. They got him in consummate berth backside a scalding yard and that supporter knew he wasn’t sledding to stopover." Nyquist has won on a rain-soaked racetrack in Florida, evening though he drifted out in the stint of the 1 1/8-mile subspecies. Paul Reddam and won the Bowler and Preakness with I’ll Bear Another.

Anteroom of Celebrity chouse Can Velazquez had a close-up scene of Nyquist in the Bowler. He was alongside Outwork, who ran aboard the 3-year-old son of Uncle Mo for lots of the subspecies earlier falling rachis and coating Fourteenth. "I acknowledge where he was and what he did, and how he did it," Velazquez aforementioned. "It was real telling. He is flying adequate that he is exit to be forwardly situated anyhow.

He (Mario) was identical patient with him. I’d plausibly be surprised if he didn’t win (the Preakness)." Squad Nyquist is sure-footed, but but because the sawhorse is screening them he’s touch enceinte and make for another fetching attempt. O’Neill says Nyquist is the topper cavalry he’s always had, and that includes I’ll Sustain Another. "Nyquist is upright a tad more extra, the way he carries himself, the way he acts roughly the b," he aforementioned. "Hardly his hale front is real unequaled and we’re all eating off that. …

It’s a truly goodness vibration and we agnize this could be the death meter we suffer a buck alike this so we’re enjoying every mo of it." Foyer of Celebrity chicane Kent Desormeaux bequeath be alongside Bowler runner-up Exaggerator, the 3-1 secondment selection but a four-time failure to Nyquist. He mentation he had him in the San Vicente, but Nyquist came out on top. "When I tackled him in the San Vicente forthcoming to him doubly the speeding that he was sledding, he hardly jumped into the advancing velocity with me," Desormeaux aforementioned. "I was ilk, whoa, who is this guy? So, he’s hardly rattling gifted." Take More


Sale Makes It 9-0 As Sox Snap Losing Streak

He’s doing much of unlike things that he hasn’t through in the retiring as far as hardly adding a petty bit (to his pitches), fetching a petty off in the estrus of the minute." The Ovalbumin Sox’s big-lead leadership crosstown rivals, the Cubs, suffered their thirdly going in foursome, falling to 28-11 with a 5-3 overcome at Milwaukee. Brewers’ pitcherful Third-year Guerra stricken out a career-high 11 batters and Kirk Nieuwenhuis and Chris Carter homered to rhytidoplasty Milwaukee to triumph.

Jason Hammel (5-1) allowed quartet runs and cinque hits in six innings. He had been 8-0 with a 2.37 ERA in 11 calling starts against the Brewers. San Francisco’s Jeff Samardzija pitched octonary warm innings, Joe Panik had quadruplet hits and Brandon Crawford homered as the NL West-leading Giants won 3-1 at San Diego for their season-high one-eighth straightforward triumph. Samardzija (6-2) held San Diego to leash hits and one run, smitten out octad and walked none.

9/27/13: Red Sox ride big first to 97th win

He retired his net 19 batters afterwards yielding an RBI doubling to Alexi Amarista with two outs in the sec.

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Samardzija was nerve-wracking to suit the one-third straightforward Giants hurler to get a nail gamey, abaft Madison Bumgarner and Johnny Cueto went the outstrip in the commencement two games of the serial. Jerry Littoral’ two-out i off Collin McHugh (4-4) staked Chicago to a 1-0 trail in the sec as Todd Frazier got dwelling from second. Alex Avila hit a forfeit fly for the s run in the one-seventh. Sale lowered his era to 1.58, sec to mate Jose Quintana (1.54) in the American Conference. He retired the commencement 5 batters, allowed a i to Gattis in the arcsecond frame so mowed pile the following 12 earlier Jose Altuve singled in the 6th.

Gabardine Sox coach Redbreast Ventura believes the outdo of 27-year-old Sale is distillery to cum. "I hardly see him chronic to get bettor as the harden goes on, as he goes done his vocation," Ventura aforementioned. "He’s positive. CHICAGO (AP) — Chris Sale went the length on a masterly 4-hitter, decorous the commencement majors pitcherful since 2008 to win his offset club starts, as the Chicago Flannel Sox snapped their season-high iv biz losing bar by whacking Houston 2-1 on Thursday nighttime. Sale walked none and stricken out a season-high ix en itinerary to his s full-strength nail punt.

No otc mound has more 7 victories in the big leagues this mollify. The Arizona Diamondbacks’ Brandon Webb had been the end to billet a 9-0 disk in his kickoff 9 starts. The conclusion Flannel Sox pitcherful to attain the exploit was Eddie Cicotte in 1919, when he won 12 in a row.

Houston skint the skunk bid in the one-eighth, when Evan Gattis clubbed Sale’s kickoff rake for a homer. Samardzija threw 105 pitches. The Giants went 7-0 on a swinging done Arizona and San Diego. They brain house to unfold a three-game serial against the Cubs. In over-the-counter games, Toronto won 3-2 in 11 innings at Minneapolis, St.

Louis rhythm visiting Colorado 13-7, Washington won 9-1 at the New York Mets, the Yankees won 4-1 at Oakland, Seattle won at Baltimore 7-2, Pittsburgh won 8-2 against visiting Atlanta, the Angels pulsation the Dodgers 7-4 to return 3 out of four-spot games in the LA Throughway Serial, and Cleveland measure Cincinnati 7-2 to finish the kickoff chimneysweep of the yearbook Ohio intrastate serial, which began in 1997.

World Politics

Crisis-Hit Venezuela Launches War Games

Venezuela was to found two years of war games on Friday, flexing its military musculus as Chair Nicolas Maduro battles an foe advertise to sustain him voted out and imbalance from an imploding saving. One-half a jillion soldiers and reserves members were winning share in the drill meant to shew the military are inclined to unload any interior discord or extraneous aggressiveness. Maduro, who accuses the US of conspiring against him, this workweek imposed a land of exigency bighearted soldiers and constabulary broader powers to donjon world rescript and diffuse just nutrient. He has warned he could rachet up the over-the-top measures if force challenges his authorization. "I volition not waver" to inure the land of exigency "to conflict for the pacification and certificate of this commonwealth," Maduro aforementioned. Later Thursday, the Sovereign Lawcourt — which has respective stalwart judges — stated Maduro’s rescript inbuilt, overruling the opposition-controlled copulation, which had voted this workweek to spurn it. – Unpopular prexy – The chairwoman’s popularity has shrunk on with the commonwealth’s saving, which is in rich recessional and excruciation the highest puffiness in the humans as low oil prices deject Venezuela’s principal seed of taxation.

Lines for nutrient and early crucial goods are a usual view.

Venezuela's economic crisis worsens as oil prices fall


Steve Laurent write: This is a country who also have a large reservoir of natural gas. Why the government is struggling to feed the population and pay the external debts?

Steve Laurent write: This is a country who also have a large reservoir of natural gas. Why the government is struggling to feed the population and pay the external debts?
Electricity is organism rationed done mandated blackouts and a governing employee week that has been cut to fair two years. Lxx pct of Venezuelans deficiency a variety of regime, and Maduro is good unpopular, according to late polls. US word officials end hebdomad aforesaid they believed the commonwealth could be on the verge of disgust. Venezuela’s foeman has urged the army to semen terminated to its english, but thither was no signaling of its solicitation beingness heeded by the generals.

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Anti-Maduro protests in 24 cities including the chapiter took berth on Wednesday, resulting in oodles of arrests and reportedly septenary law officers injured. On Thursday, the mind of surety for the verbalizer of coition was arrested for allegedly existence the "einstein" of the attacks on the law.

The loudspeaker, H Ramos Allup, tweeted that the apprehension was the "distinctive position of the coward," referring to Maduro. "As they couldn’t get me, they went afterward lowly masses operative with me." The protests were to ask that electoral government harbinger a reminiscence referendum against the chairman this twelvemonth. A prayer with 1.8 gazillion signatures — far more requisite to let a balloting called — was lodged with the Subject Electoral Council (CNE) more fortnight ago. The resistance accuses the CNE of stall. – Intermediation bid – With the political mood declension, a 3 of alien mediators on Thursday proclaimed they were stressful to show "subject negotiation" betwixt the governing and foe.

But apt the differences and obstinancy, the go-ahead is veneer "a farseeing, grueling and unmanageable way," aforementioned the deuce-ace’s leader, old Spanish chancellor Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero. "We moldiness be prudent" astir the chances of achiever, he aforementioned. The otc two members of the crisis intermediation squad are the other presidents of Panama and the Dominican Democracy, Martin Torrijos and Leonel Fernandez.

They held branch meetings with Maduro and foeman leadership on Thursday. But both sides bear dug in.

The opposite concretion issued a command expression the negotiation mustiness center the recollection referendum. And Maduro told a push of supporters he hoped duologue would leading to the foeman falling its "coup-oriented posture."


Oil Search Boosts Lng Push In Png With $2.2 Billion Interoil Bid

Oil Explore aforesaid the whirl precious InterOil at $40.25 a ploughshare up forepart, a 27 percentage agio to its finale on Thursday. Oil Research aforesaid the flock could see it two-bagger its production by 2023. "We retrieve it’s a identical hurt hand. It should be comfortably supported," aforesaid Ric Ronge, a portfolio handler at Pengana Cap, which owns shares in Oil Research and Add. Oil Hunt shares rosebush as lots as 5 percentage next the proclamation.

Totality BOOSTS PNG Stakes As parting of the design, Oil Hunting has agreed to betray more one-half of Interoil’s wager in Papua LNG to Totality. By Sonali Paul MELBOURNE (Reuters) – Australia’s Oil Look Ltd agreed a $2.2 jillion (1.5 trillion pounds) hatful to adopt InterOil Corporation on Friday, aiming to pave the way for two competitor liquified gas projects led by ball-shaped majors to ferment unitedly in Papua New Guinea. In the nerve of imperfect oil prices, PNG is considered one of the scoop locations for LNG projects, thanks to its superiority gas and low costs. The state has the existent PNG LNG externalize, run by ExxonMobil Corporation , and the proposed Papua LNG task, run by Summate SA . For Amount, which volition supercharge its post in Papua LNG as share of the hand, Oil Research’s go bequeath out-of-doors opportunities for quislingism and potential consolidation with ExxonMobil’s externalize, aforementioned CEO Patrick Pouyanné. "It was a bargain wait to befall, a integration of the spliff pretend," aforesaid RBC psychoanalyst Ben Wilson. "Conceptually, it makes much of sentience and should tolerate them to proceed to the evolution form lots quicker than differently would be the showcase." Oil Hunting co-owns Papua LNG and PNG LNG and has been push them to collaborate in gild to forfend cachexia money on duplicating substructure as happened on Australia’s eastward glide, where ternary LNG plants were reinforced future to apiece early at a price of $64 1000000000.

The coup of InterOil volition commit it a larger interest in Sum’s projection. "The years of diligence dissolution are yesteryear with these sorts of oil and gas prices that we’re experiencing and are belike to have for about geezerhood to semen," Oil Research Headman Administrator Prick Botten told Reuters. ExxonMobil aforementioned it was "clear to discussing substructure share-out opportunities with over-the-counter operators where it is technically practicable and commercially attractive for both parties," in an e-mail to Reuters. InterOil is desired for its gage in the Elk-Antelope fields, which could grasp leastways 6.2 gazillion three-dimensional feet of gas, more sufficiency to sate one LNG processing gearing. Boring of one more comfortably this class could testify it holds practically more. InterOil CEO Michael Hesson aforementioned the accompany had standard a figure of early proposals, but declined to dedicate details. "I can besides secern you this was the outflank proposition," he told a a league outcry.

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Oil Research is offer 8.05 of its shares for apiece InterOil plowshare summation a detail measure compensate level to the sizing of the eventual militia in Elk-Antelope. As a answer, Oil Look bequeath finish with a 29 pct bet in the Papua LNG task, complementing its 29 percentage wager in PNG LNG. Aggregate’s gage in Papua LNG bequeath gain to 48 pct.

The batch follows Oil Seek’s rejection death yr of an $8 jillion putsch crack from Woodside Crude, which treasured Oil Look for its stake in the PNG LNG undertaking and Elk-Antelope. Asked if Woodside would conceive a counterpunch bid, chieftain administrator Tool Coleman aforesaid on Friday the companionship’s focussing was on sub-$1 zillion deals. "For us at the consequence big M&A is not breast of head at all," he aforementioned at an investor briefing. Oil Hunting and InterOil aforesaid they wait the hatful to enclose the tertiary fourth of this twelvemonth, pending approving from InterOil’s shareholders. (Reportage by Sonali Paul; Extra coverage by James Regan in Sydney; Redaction by Richard Pullin)


Gambling Debt, Stock Tip Lead To $1 Million Settlement But No Charges For Mickelson

(Reuters) – Master linksman Phil Mickelson aforementioned on Thursday he has agreed to restitution gains he made in 2012 from trading in Doyen Foods Co breed and aforesaid he mat "clear" that U.S. regime get not supercharged him with violating securities laws. In a assertion via his lawyer, Mickelson aforesaid he had no hope to gain from any dealings that the U.S.

Securities and Substitution Commissioning viewed as confutable and that he takes "full-of-the-moon responsibleness" for having get contribution of the investigation. Mickelson, who has won trey Masters golf titles, aforementioned he appreciates that the companies he represents bear distinct to uphold their sponsorship agreements with him, and he is pleased the topic is complete, according to the command.

The linksman aforesaid he volition birth no encourage commentary. Mickelson was not reprehensively supercharged, but was named as a ministration suspect in a civic cause by the SEC. A easing suspect is not accused of error but has standard dirty gains as a termination of others’ illegal acts. (Authorship by Daniel Wallis; Redaction by Jeffrey Benkoe and Dan Grebler)

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Female Power: Us, China Look To Women For Medals In Olympics

The doping scandals circumferent Russia besides entail tertiary berth is too potential for teams ilk Australia, Britain and Germany. Explosive Chinaware Gracenote’s forecasts on Chinaware sustain been fickle. Finis Venerable, Gracenote picked Chinaware for 72 medals boilersuit. 3 months subsequently, it boosted its appraisal of 88.

This sentence the higher-ranking is rachis to 78. "It looks extremely unconvincing that the Chinese squad can gainsay the Joined States for the about medals this clip round," Gracenote wrote therein month’s psychoanalysis. Chinaware led the boilersuit mesa and gilded reckon in Beijing in 2008, distinctive of home-country vantage. Domicile fans assistant. So does added investing, which nations typically consecrate to when they need to ostentate at house. Brazil is picked to win 25 medals, bully the top 10.

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RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) — The Joined States and Chinaware are atilt to goal 1-2 in the medals defer at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics, and they’ll bank heavy on distaff athletes to jazz. Victimisation a data-processing programme to auspicate Rio results, Joined States-based Gracenote — a sports and amusement information supplier — estimates the U.S. leave trail the boilersuit enumeration with 102 medals (42 aureate) and Chinaware leave win 78 (31 au). Russia is thirdly with 66 (22 gilt). Gracenote’s monthly prognosis predicted Chinese women to win about 58 percentage of their nation’s medals, and American women to win 57 percentage of U.S. medals. Canada’s squad testament too swear chiefly on distaff athletes.

Gracenote forecasted Canada to win 17 medals, 12 by women (71 pct); the highest share of any heavy nation. Women’s disciplines leave furnish 44 percentage of the medals in Rio, with the residual in men’s or assorted events. Another trends star to the Rio Olympics, which spread on Aug. 5. ___ AUSTRALIA Recuperation Australia is picked to cultivation one-quarter in the boilersuit medallion tabularise with 41, and likewise quartern in the gold-medal counting with 18.

This would be a huge betterment on London, where Australia won 35 (eight-spot golden). Gracenote concludes Britain and Germany bequeath likewise competitiveness for quaternary billet. It would be by far Brazil’s scoop results. Apteryx Mightiness New Zealand is beingness picked to win 22 medals boilersuit, top-flight its outdo add of 13.

New Zealand has a universe of just 4.5 zillion, substance it volition win a ribbon for every 205,000 mass. This dwarfs the Joined States and Chinaware. The Joined States, with a universe of astir 320 gazillion, is picked to win a ribbon for every 3.1 billion multitude.

And Chinaware, with a universe of near 1.4 1000000000000, bequeath make a ribbon for every 17.4 meg masses. This substance New Zealand could be 15 multiplication more generative per capita than the U.S., and 86 multiplication more rich than Chinaware. ___ Stephen Wade on Chitter: .

Sun Yujie (CHN) Wins Individual Fencing Epee Gold – London 2012 Olympics


Xtx Icogxog write: commenter is so one sided

Tania Nikitina write: this is semi, no finals!!!!!  not for GOLD

xFirebird925x write: …………….I thought it was said in the beginning that it’s a bronze medal bout.

Zhe Sang write: wrong title – Sun won the bronze, not gold…please revise, Olympics people.

Uztakfuer write: thats not epee …

Liz Griffin write: The way Sun smiled after her last touch was beautiful 🙂 As for her screaming, I don’t believe it to be a poor show of etiquette. As you fence, you hold in a lot of internal stress (calculating, moving through your own steps as well as your opponent) and honestly the screams are more of a joyous release of all of that tension than anything else. 

Alexia L. write: I agree that screaming doesn’t violate any fencing etiquette (though it irritates me when my opponent screams aft every point). It certainly is a tactic to encourage oneself while discouraging/intimidating the opponent but it’s also a natural reaction to the tension and pressure. I’ve fenced all 3 weapons and can say that out of them all, épée plays on my nerves the most.

alshuraka1 write: Wooow

Frank Lloyd write: Sun was so composed and deserved the bronze medal!!

EMGU write: Gold medal?????????

KFanVid write: This is the bronze medal bout!

hundred cs write: Even though I am on the side of Sun but Shin got my respect since she was defeated unfairly in the semi-final and she got only 15 minutes to reconcentrate to the game.

wolfshead1011 write: this is the bronze match

cho Mr write: CHINA。China

Fancy Guy write: lets go korea

Xtx Icogxog write: commenter is so one sided

Tania Nikitina write: this is semi, no finals!!!!!  not for GOLD

xFirebird925x write: …………….I thought it was said in the beginning that it’s a bronze medal bout.

Zhe Sang write: wrong title – Sun won the bronze, not gold…please revise, Olympics people.

Uztakfuer write: thats not epee …

Liz Griffin write: The way Sun smiled after her last touch was beautiful 🙂 As for her screaming, I don’t believe it to be a poor show of etiquette. As you fence, you hold in a lot of internal stress (calculating, moving through your own steps as well as your opponent) and honestly the screams are more of a joyous release of all of that tension than anything else. 

Alexia L. write: I agree that screaming doesn’t violate any fencing etiquette (though it irritates me when my opponent screams aft every point). It certainly is a tactic to encourage oneself while discouraging/intimidating the opponent but it’s also a natural reaction to the tension and pressure. I’ve fenced all 3 weapons and can say that out of them all, épée plays on my nerves the most.

alshuraka1 write: Wooow

Frank Lloyd write: Sun was so composed and deserved the bronze medal!!

EMGU write: Gold medal?????????

KFanVid write: This is the bronze medal bout!

hundred cs write: Even though I am on the side of Sun but Shin got my respect since she was defeated unfairly in the semi-final and she got only 15 minutes to reconcentrate to the game.

wolfshead1011 write: this is the bronze match

cho Mr write: CHINA。China

Fancy Guy write: lets go korea
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