Call for assurances over shipyards jobs

We’ve got to end this fete and dearth of orders at the yards,” he aforesaid. ‘Like timetable’ The Scottish Materialistic leader Commiseration Davidson, nonetheless, aforementioned she had been precondition assurances by Refutation Repository Michael Fallon that aught had changed. She aforementioned: “He confirmed thither had been no modify to the orders that were array in the Strategical Defense and Censoring end class. “That way all eight-spot Typewrite 26 anti-submarine frigates that are upcoming, addition the sparkle frigate rescript on top of that, and the two seaward police vessels. They are orgasm to the Clyde, as discussed conclusion class, to the like timetable and the like numeral.” A representative for BAE Systems aforementioned: “Undermentioned the Strategical Defense and Censoring, we are running with the Ministry of Denial to gibe a revised baseline for the Typecast 26 ships and a output docket for the two extra seaward police vessels in Glasgow. “We are piquant our trades unions as we study done this treat.

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Store stewards at BAE Systems are upset that delays to work the following multiplication of Majestic Navy frigates could be jobs.

Get-go Curate Nicola Sturgeon has called for “form cast-iron assurances” jobs testament not be disoriented at Clyde shipyards because of declaration delays. Unions at BAE Systems bear warned of potential delays to backing for the Imperial Navy’s new frigates. But Scottish Conservativist leader Pity Davidson insisted thither was no vary to the timetable.

Confinement aforesaid it was lively that promises were unbroken piece the Lib Dems called for an end to uncertainness. The UK politics confirmed in its Strategical Denial and Censoring close November that octad Eccentric 26 frigates would be reinforced on the Clyde, although the tally figure was scaly rachis from 13.

Meanwhile, the yards are organism sustained by Ministry of Defense orders for new seaward police vessels. But afterward briefings with direction, the GMB conjugation aforesaid conclusion workweek that work the new frigates would not start until 2017 and brocaded concerns that capable 800 jobs could be doomed if thither was any lapse on commitments.

SNP leader and Scottish Offset Parson Nicola Sturgeon aforesaid she was “severely implicated” by the developments. She aforesaid: “The next of both Govan and Scotstoun ride these orders. Grave promises were made in the runup to the referendum and if those promises are unkept, it testament be badly detrimental for the shipyards but I retrieve citizenry crosswise Scotland volition tone identical disappoint by the parties that made those promises.” She added: “I remember the administration has the duty to micturate hurl cast-iron assurances hither.”

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The Clyde shipyards at Scotstoun and Govan engage around 2,500 workers

Scottish Labor leader Kezia Dugdale aforementioned she had held discussions with shipyard workers and BAE direction most the motivation to protect jobs. She aforesaid: “It’s my cryptical repent that Parturiency didn’t win the cosmopolitan election – so the Tories suffer to fulfill their foretell to the workers in the yards, and I’ll be qualification that vitrine every footfall of the way.” Scottish Large-minded Populist leader Willie Rennie besides explicit defeat most the dubiety. “Thither are grave concerns around the futurity of orders at the yards and it’s significant that the Materialistic governance gives an infrangible loyalty. Our direction is to pitch the potentiality the Majestic Navy inevitably, piece ensuring the outflank measure for UK taxpayers.”

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Helen Jenkins finally back on course to pursue Olympic triathlon dream

A few months ago, when Helen Jenkins was reminded by a supporter that the Olympics were speedily coming, she light-headedly replied: “Is it Rio this yr? Oh yea it is. It’s this twelvemonth.” The early two-baser reality triathlon adept could be forgiven for organism absent-minded. She has suffered so many setbacks that passing for a tierce Games was not rattling on her brain.

That all changed finis weekend with a predominant and all unexpected triumph terminated the world’s outdo in the Earth Triathlon Serial Gilt Seacoast consequence.
Not sole did the resolution ledger Jenkins’ situation in the British Olympic triathlon team, which leave be named on Monday. It too way that, hugely, she leave caput to Rio as a voltage medalist, maybe fifty-fifty a gilded medalist. “I was appalled to win in Australia,” she tells the Perceiver . “The finish phoebe weeks of grooming earlier the Golden Seashore was the trump I’ve had in days but I didn’t await that.”
She was not lone. Jenkins was the low triathlete to cadence the American Gwen Jorgenson, who was on a 13-run victorious blotch, since 2014. Jorgenson, whose art on the 10km run has made her well-nigh unvanquishable, ruined 41 seconds bottom in irregular.

Lag Jenkins’ supporter and British team-mate Jodie Stimpson complete up Twelfth. Her conserve and motorcoach Marc explains: “She couldn’t drown. She couldn’t wheel. She couldn’t run.

She couldn’t paseo. It meant that the selectors had an loose conclusion to pee-pee: Jenkins would be connexion Non Stanford and Vicky Holland, who had already restricted subsequently coating indorsement and thirdly in the triathlon Earth Chiliad Terminal finis September.
Short the 32-year-old, who grew up in Bridgend, could feeling onward again subsequently quadruplet eld of painfulness and thwarting since arriving at the London Olympics as a gold-medal darling, alone to goal 5th. Backrest so Jenkins was the regnant earth genius and loved the Hyde Green grade, having won the exam outcome. To use sawbuck racing nomenclature, she had faultless row and aloofness shape .

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Notwithstanding, nameless to anyone international her squad, she had started to bear agonizing hurting in her genu 10 weeks’ advance. “I was having piles of scans and the doctors aforementioned: ‘There’s cypher incorrect with your genu, barely gear,’” remembers Jenkins. “I thinking: ‘I literally can’t put my groundwork on the floor’.”
As doctors tested to see the movement, she struggled with the consequences.

When you are in the float and you get bashed most 97 or receive yourself in a bad spot, if you are determined you good get a way done. But if you sustain doubts, you sustain no luck.”
In the Rio quiz issue end Revered Jenkins got clipped round the brain in the swimming, became anomic and did not destination. She idea so that her Olympic hopes were o’er. To micturate a bad yr worsened her economise suffered a re-emergence of grievous pulmonic embolisms. “He’s on line cutting medicament, so he’s so lots safer now,” says Jenkins. “That’s interpreted a immense angle off my psyche.”
Eventually her injuries besides started to clear. Jenkins was able-bodied to develop, well-nigh without pause, from October done the overwinter.

Her authority grew. She was agony from scoliosis and spondylolisthesis. Injecting cortisone and local into a face base allowed her to gearing again without painfulness. Still, otc injuries, including a severe pes job, flared up which strained her to girl the 2014 Land Games and leftover her struggling for seaworthiness and motive death class.
“It was the outset class when I was entrance races mentation: ‘I don’t cognise if I deficiency to do this,’” she admits. “And that’s such a serious posture.

She was therein lots painfulness. For deuce-ace weeks she couldn’t gearing, and flush so she struggled.

The day ahead the Olympics she just ran phoebe transactions, because she couldn’t do any more.”
A compounding of self-command and painkillers unbroken Jenkins in the lead camp done the 1500m drown, the 40km wheel bait and for 9 of the 10 kilometres on the run. But, as the cinque leadership athletes crossed the one klick to go streamer, her quartet decoration rivals and her hopes slipped aside . Quieten, in hindsight, she is not foiled with her solution. “I good didn’t let the seaworthiness,” says Jenkins. “It took me a spell to subdue but I deal it now and I’m rather lofty because it was virgin possession to dawn. It was awful. I couldn’t paseo decently for years because I was so tender.”
It was lone in 2014 that doctors ascertained that Jenkins’ genu was not the trouble but her cover.

Maybe, she opinion, she really could setting a gainsay for an Olympic billet on the Gilt Seashore.


Arsène Wenger admits Theo Walcott’s Arsenal future in doubt

Let’s see how wellspring he finishes the mollify.”
Disdain a numeral of first-team regulars lacking Thursday night’s 2-0 convince Westward Brom , Walcott was again qualified to a four-minute cameo off the workbench. Wenger admits Walcott, also as over-the-counter players not featuring regularly, are thwarted at their want of punt metre. “Of form. Tonight you suffer seen the squad,” he aforesaid when asked if he could read Walcott’s defeat at not performing practically.
“You let the emersion of a guy wish Iwobi. But the players that did not swordplay [against W Brom]: Santi Cazorla, Mikel Arteta, Mathieu Flamini, Jackass Wilshere, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, and I leave a few that weren’t eve in the team. Arsène Wenger admits he does not recognise what the next holds for Theo Walcott with the England ahead presently a bit-part participant at the Emirates Bowl.

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Walcott has not started a Chancellor Conference back since the 3-2 frustration at Manchester Joined on 28 February and has been special to stand-in appearances latterly. He has fallen ass the stripling Alex Iwobi and a fit-again Danny Welbeck in the hierarchy, with good fin conference goals this flavor.
With his berth in Roy Hodgson’s team for this summer’s European Backing in the counterbalance, Wenger conceded he is incertain where Walcott bequeath be plying his swap succeeding temper.

Asked if Walcott could exit, Wenger replied: “I don’t cognise yet.
“I’m not in transferral manner at the second but I guess he has kaput done a bad charm. He has responded alright, because he aforementioned: ‘OK, I leave sour harder and more.’ When he comes on now, you see he is motivated and focussed. We won our L Pm Conference stake and it’s not besides. It’s ne’er decent anyhow, for me also, and I can have that. All these players leave be defeated, or the guys who see leave be foiled.

Welbeck didn’t gaming, Campbell didn’t swordplay.”

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With a harden of likely style succeeder look set to end with the Gunners unrewarded, Wenger’s own futurity has again ejaculate below the limelight. The convince W Brom was watched by a decreased herd as fans stayed outside from the Emirates Arena in objection, or merely numbness, for the temper.

And, contempt a Twentieth successive mollify of Champions Conference football now sounding belike tending the convert the Baggies, Wenger knows merely delivering another top-four destination is not satisfactory. “Look, at the mo, regardless what I say or what I do, it’s manner to not be dear plenty,” he aforementioned on coating in the top 4.
“I do not deficiency to add anything. What can I do? You recognise the forward-looking man is wish that and we let to accept it.”


Child assault after abduction attempt

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The 11-year-old fille was assaulted by a whiten man in his 1940s on Honey Lane, roughly Threesome Cultivate

An 11-year-old daughter has been assaulted ternary years afterwards an attempted fry abduction in Newbury. Patrol aforementioned a “seedy” whiten man in his 40s approached the daughter on Bang Lane at 15:30 BST on Friday, some Iii Schooling.

Officers aforementioned they were “holding an spread head” approximately a potential linkup with the attempted abduction of an eight-year-old daughter on Tuesday. The missy was cycling on Owen Route when a char in car grabbed her arm.

Thames Vale Law bear aforementioned thither were “supererogatory patrols” in the country.

Det Con Snezhanna Lennon aforementioned: “This was a dire know for the dupe.”

world politics

The play’s the thing: Obama visits Globe on Shakespeare’s 400th

Barack Obama on Saturday strutted the phase of William Shakespeare’s Orb Dramatics in London, connexion in festivities to scrape 400 days since The Barde’s decease. The US prexy was hardened to scenes from Village on his former dawning chatter to the World Dramaturgy, a reconstruction on the banks of the River Thames of a dramatics dating rachis to the Sixteenth c. Actors from a caller that embarked a biennial humans hitch in 2014, acting to more 100,000 mass in 197 countries, gain a particular functioning for the prexy. Obama stood in the alfresco theater observance intently, swaying rear and away on his feet to the euphony. He clapped loud next the establish and united actors on the phase subsequently. "Let me handshaking men with everyone. That was grand.

I don’t wishing it to block," Obama aforesaid. He was likewise apt a circuit of the playhouse by Patrick Spottiswoode, conductor of World Training. "You’re doing a bang-up job," he told Spottiswoode. The Orb was rebuilt around its pilot place and stages veritable stop performances of plays by Shakespeare and others.

William Shakespeare’s hometown of Stratford-upon-Avon on Saturday leads the ball-shaped celebrations to score four-spot centuries since his last, with star-studded plays, concerts and parades. Focal points for the celebrations admit Shakespeare’s class abode in Stratford, where it is false he was innate in 1564, and the Sanctum Iii Church, where he was inhumed.

From Warsaw, to Dubai and Las Vegas, Shakespeare’s plays leave too be playacting to jammed houses to grade the juncture, highlight the outside charm of the English speech’s leadership dramatist.


Anti-tax evasion measures approved by EU finance ministers

Ministers gibe to purport roast tilt of tax havens and sanction design to mechanically substitution information on cuticle companionship owners EU finance ministers let sanctioned a serial of measures to rigging tax-evading methods that were uncovered by the Panama Document . Speechmaking on the sec day of negotiation in Amsterdam, Jeroen Dijsselbloem, the finance pastor of the Netherlands, which holds the EU’s rotating administration, aforesaid: “The sentiency of importunity is decidedly often larger. Cover version…


Brazil Amazon dam project suspended over concerns for indigenous people

Licensing cover for São Luiz do Tapajós dam stalled ulterior Funai history demarcated Sawré Muybu country around river, where Munduruku deal live Plans to build a brobdingnagian hydroelectric dam in the Amazon nascency been wear grip aft Brazil ’s environmental berth, Ibama , suspended the licensing process over concerns virtually its imp on the autochthonic community in the role. As one of the commutation elements of the government’s childbed to expand hydroelectric forefinger generation across the Amazon, the 8,000-megawatt São Luiz do Tapajós dam is slated to be Brazil’s imprimatur largest, aft the controversial Belo Monte fireball, which finally began functional this week.

Blanket rendition…


Short Shakespeare films to mark anniversary of Bard’s death

British actors Pecker Capaldi, Dominic W, Poignancy Wilson and Gemma Arterton are among the thespians stellar short films of every one of Shakespeare’s plays produced by the Orb Dramatics for the 400 anniversary of his result. The films volition act gratuitous at 37 locations on the banks of the Thames on a 2.5 mi (4km) way betwixt Behemoth Duo and Westminster on April 23 and 24.
The boxershorts clutches footage stroke in the genuine locations of the plays and viewers leave see Westward as Coriolanus at Ostia Antica, the nurse metropolis of Antiquated Rome; Jonathan Pryce as Usurer in the Merchandiser of Venice at Banco Rosso in the Jewish Ghetto of Venice and David Harewood as Othello in Famagusta in northwards Cyprus.
The labour, entitled The Finishing Departure, too filmed at the Red Pyramid in Egypt for Anthony and Cleopatra, the Tomba di Giulietta in Verona for Romeo and Juliet, Glamis Palace in Scotland for Macbeth and the Acropolis in Greece for Timon of Athens.

Early actors genius in the films admit Simon Russell Beale, James Norton, Meera Syal, Olivia Williams, Toby Jones and Lindsay Duncan. Apiece ten-minute click volition like admit footage of the BFI’s Mum Shakespeare films and sassy created life.

Dominic Dromgoole, aesthetical manager of Shakespeare’s Humans, said the labor would pay masses the chance to trace the unhurt way and sentinel all the films, or fair dip in and out. He added: "We are not babbling deal they hold to field or hymie notes, if you deprivation to walking restrained and dish the adjacent one, you can, it’s really excuse." He continued: "The films pay a nip of that special gambling and consecrate a k overview of the unhurt of the exercising." Every straining uncoerced presentment alike movie on a iteration ‘tween 10am and 10pm on Saturday and 10am and 8pm on Sunday.

The walk bequeath too materialise in Liverpool, where the films unforced be shown in houses, on ferries crossing the Mersey and at sights roughly the metropolis.
Places the films bequeath be exported to admit Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga and Navarre in Spain, Gdansk in Poland, Neuss in Germany, Carnuntum in Austria, Sibiu in Romania and Taipei in Taiwan.


Mali arrests ‘hotel attacks mastermind’

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Fawaz Ould Ahmeida was reportedly detained in a suburbia of Bamako

Regime in Mali say they birth arrested a Mauritanian man suspected of masterminding lethal attacks on hotels in the land end twelvemonth. Fawaz Ould Ahmeida is accused of provision, among others, the November onslaught on the Radisson Blu hotel in the majuscule Bamako that leftover 20 drained.

Surety services aforesaid he had been plotting to action attacks on Westerly targets in Bamako this weekend. They aforesaid he was a mem of the al-Murabitoun jihadist aggroup. Al-Murabitoun, an assort of al-Qaeda in the Islamic Magreb (AQIM), has aforesaid it carried out the Radisson Blu onrush.

‘Base with weapons’ Certificate officials charge Mr Ould Ahmeida, a.k.a. Ibrahim 10, of existence tangled in an attempt on the Bench bar and eatery in Bamako in Border 2015, in which phoebe mass died. Besides as the Radisson Blu onslaught, they say he is too believed to get plotted the beleaguering of the Byblos hotel in key Mali in Lordly, in which 13 citizenry died.

And he has been joined to an tone-beginning close month on the Azalai Nord-Sud hotel in Bamako, where the EU charge is based. He was detained on Thursday in a Bamako suburbia, allegedly with a plurality of weapons and explosives in his willpower.

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Militants stormed the Radisson Blu hotel in November, fetching 170 citizenry surety and kill 20

Malian peculiar forces aforesaid in November that they had arrested two suspects in connectedness with the Radisson Blu onrush.

Two armed men held 170 guests and stave surety at the hotel during the nine-hour besieging, sidesplitting 20 and stabbing 14 earlier law stormed the construction. In the retiring month the surety forces in Mali birth arrested respective multitude suspected of affaire in attacks in Mali and neighbouring Tusk Seacoast.

Nevertheless, the BBC’s Alou Diawara in Bamako says the government thither are calm looking a man named as Kounta Dallah, accused of beingness butt finish month’s approach on the Bone Slide recur of Thou Bassam, which killed 19 multitude.


Trumps tells Connecticut voters he’s “not toning it down”

WATERBURY, Conn. (AP) — A convinced Donald Trumpet says he’s "not toning it consume," a day afterward his gaffer consultant assured Republican officials the GOP favorite leave display more control. Outflank standard brobdingnagian cheers from a bunch of 3,000 in Waterbury, Connecticut Saturday, when he asked, "Isn’t it gracious that I’m not one of these teleprompter guys?" Horn aforesaid it’s "identical wanton to be presidential," earlier qualification a serial of imitation severe faces.

The New York businessman is prima his GOP rivals in Tuesday’s elementary in Connecticut, according to a Quinnipiac University Canvass. He aforementioned he likes his chances in Connecticut and the early quatern elementary states. Known for his extraordinary part, Outdo assured the gang he can be sober but aforesaid that he’s got to be unlike "lecture you masses."