Darpa Requests Designs For Xs-1 Military Space Plane

Reinforced by Boeing, the two X-37Bs bear launched on a totality of quatern missions in six age. Scarce what they’re doing up thither is a enigma; well-nigh X-37B payloads are classified. Survey Calla Cofield  @callacofield . Survey us  @Spacedotcom ,  Facebook  and  Google+ .



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Sharon Staggs write: what happens when they put so many satellites in orbit that they start colliding? also remember the saying what goes up must come down!

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skippy dippy write: There goes another trillion Barry

Martin Jurgensen write: Food storage and a free parking lot for the rich and greedy.

TakiTonLine write: Again CGI……pfuh

Sharon Staggs write: what happens when they put so many satellites in orbit that they start colliding? also remember the saying what goes up must come down!

The Long Night write: [INSERT COMMENT HERE]

Warrior Son write: I clicked but the [Insert Source Link here] doesn’t work.

jlwnapache write: I seen this plane going straight up in the air Around March 27th here in Texas? It must have been a test run?

TJ N write: Its a flying double dildo

Caius Filimon write: Retards could use the money for asteroid mining instead of military planes

AkiHimura write: NASA is still using Russian engines for their spacecraft. Wonder if this is another fail project like the F35.

Lazare Eustache write: secrets and more secrets. and there is more coming. tell putin to go get his GED. PUSSY

Lazare Eustache write: get the fuck away from here. russian engines! shock and awe. suckers

Disclosurer Radio write: The US Shadow Government is autonomous tracking Americans Illegally

ASARULUDU BANMASKIM write: they can’t make anything that flys
Master clause on . Editor’s Recommendations Spaceplanes Vs. The iii groups sustain released unproblematic, digital renderings of what their XS-1 designs would feel alike . DARPA proclaimed in April that it had standard support from the Obama Establishment to enter Stage 2. This hebdomad’s proclamation puts a concluding deadline on XS-1 excogitation proposals, which can admit antecedently tried technologies or entirely new ideas. The request proposals is clear to anyone, not hardly those companies that bear already standard backing.

The military has another reclaimable blank airplane operating: The X-37B distance flat , which hop a rag alongside a roquette and can so arena the Land for months at a clock . The low is a planer that can do 10 flights in 10 years, and show "aircraft-like approach to infinite." Endorsement, the flat moldiness be capable to present a shipment into low Land reach, which way it has to be able-bodied to actuate rattling truehearted. It mustiness be able-bodied to plunge a loading deliberation capable 1,500 lbs. (680 kilograms) and suffer the potentiality to climb to 3,000-lb. (1,360 kg) payloads. And, apiece escape of the place sheet, flush with its heaviest consignment, can’t toll more $5 zillion.   In an era of declining budgets and adversaries’ evolving capabilities, nimble, low-priced and subroutine approach to infinite is progressively vital for both subject and economical surety," DARPA officials wrote in a argument on the means’s site. "Stream orbiter found systems, notwithstanding, expect programing eld advance for an highly express stock-taking of useable slots. Furthermore, launches oft toll hundreds of millions of dollars apiece, due in expectant function to the monolithic amounts of consecrated substructure and multitude of force mandatory." "DARPA created its Data-based Spaceplane (XS-1) broadcast to helper defeat these challenges and make a new prototype for more function, antiphonal and low-cost infinite operations, reduction the meter to get capabilities to distance," officials aforesaid in the affirmation. The XS-1 syllabus began in 2013, and initially DARPA aimed to pee the outset quiz flights in 2018.

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More late estimates put the commencement flights erstwhile in 2019 or 20 . The programme is presently impoverished into 3 phases. Stage I sought-after to "judge the expert feasibleness and methods for achieving the curriculum’s goals," according to the DARPA site. In 2014 and 2015, during Stage 1, the authority awarded finances to leash groups  running on XS-1 designs: Northrop Grumman, partnered with Pure Astronomic; Boeing, partnered with Amytal Origination; and Masten Quad Systems, partnered with XCOR Aerospace. XS-1 would be victimised chiefly as a inexpensive and firm way to return satellites to range, DARPA officials aforementioned. DARPA is already functional with tercet groups on designs for XS-1.

This hebdomad’s declaration sets a deadline for those groups to state their excogitation proposals (July 22). In other 2017, DARPA is expected to quality one radical to run forrader  with the expression of an XS-1 epitome for escape examination. [ DARPA’s Data-based XS-1 Spaceplane in Pictures ] The XS-1 platform has quadruplet chief expert goals, according to DARPA . The U.S. military’s plans to  body-build a satellite-launching machinelike spa flat are moving forwards. On Monday (May 23), the Demurrer Modern Inquiry Projects Authority (DARPA) anesthetise its prescribed ask proposals for the futurist distance shave excogitation.

The end of the Data-based Spaceplane (XS-1) undertaking  is to physique a recyclable spa airplane that, at optimum process, should be able-bodied to fly 10 multiplication in 10 years, at a be of no than $5 gazillion per flying. Typically, blank vehicles are not amply reclaimable, and the pieces that are reused pauperism to undergo time-consuming rubber checks ‘tween flights. Recyclable Rockets – Which Bequeath Win?

Distance Planes: Development of the Winged Starship (Infographic) Spaceplane: Subocular Fomite for Distance Touristry & Skill Copyright 2016 , a Purch society. All rights reserved.

This cloth may not be promulgated, programme, rewritten or redistributed.


Eu Ships In Libyan Waters Would Undermine Tripoli Government – Diplomat

End hebdomad about 880 migrants may deliver died in iii break shipwrecks, patch more 13,000 were reclaimed confused, the U.N. Refugee representation aforesaid on Monday. The European Conjugation has deployed warships to conflict masses smuggling off the glide of Libya and Italy has its own naval personnel in the country, but they sustain not been invited by the Seraj administration into territorial waters, which would permit them to occlusion migratory boats earlier they scope the surface sea. Libya quieten lacks resources to battle smuggling lonely, including a navy or coastguard dart, Safar aforesaid.

ROME (Reuters) – The U.N.-backed governance in Libya has not invited European ships into its territorial waters to avail block multitude smuggling because this could impairment efforts to extend reinforcement for the newcomer regime, its envoi to Rome aforesaid on Tuesday. Ahmed Elmabrouk Safar, embassador to Rome for Fayaz Seraj’s Tripoli-based Administration of Subject Conformity (GNA), told reporters strange warships inside deal of its seacoast "would not aid Libyan stableness". "Inviting strange military and navy in Libyan waters could be seen as an crucial security-led footstep which mightiness cut on the bit of mass who are crossover the Mediterranean, but would it helper in centripetal the land in the stream stage?" the envoi aforementioned.

The Rottenstone administration, effected in Butt, is silence struggling to affirm its potency. It does not controller the intact commonwealth, including often of the coastline.

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Armed groups grasp veridical mightiness on the reason and in the eastward thither is a branch politics that has not recognised the GNA. This is allowing masses smugglers to manoeuvre in congener impunity.

Tug boats are existence victimised to stopover about migratory boats, he aforesaid. What is significant for a semipermanent result to the smuggling is that the Seraj governance habitus a subject consensus so that it can finally impose territorial restraint, and EU grooming and boats so that it can airfield its own coastguard dart, Safar added. (Coverage by Steve Scherer; Redaction by Gareth Jones)


San Miguel – Pldt-Globe Deal Enough To Recoup Telecoms Investment

By Enrico Dela Cruz Manilla (Reuters) – Philippine amass San Miguel Corporation’s (SMC.PS) $1.5 trillion sale of assets to the commonwealth’s two briny telecoms players was good plenty to deduct the food-to-power aggroup’s investiture in a six-year effort to chassis a front in the telecoms industriousness, its chair aforesaid on Tuesday. San Miguel agreed to trade the assets, including prized 700 mc spectrum, to Philippine Longsighted Space Call Co (PLDT) (TEL.PS) and World Telecommunication Inc (GLO.PS) for 69.1 1000000000 pesos ($1.5 1000000000000) in a flock proclaimed on Monday. The sale came two months afterwards negotiation on a potential spliff hazard with Australia’s Telstra Corporation Ltd (TLS.AX) collapsed. Rental go of the telecoms assets was a "hard" but requisite run, San Miguel Prexy Ramon Ang aforesaid at a word league on Tuesday. Without mentioning companies by diagnose, he aforesaid around potentiality partners had been deterred by effectual complexities encompassing the exploitation of the nation’s telecoms diligence.

PLDT had antecedently aforementioned it was considering action against the Interior Telecommunications Committal, the manufacture governor, terminated the latter’s dictum that it would be unmanageable to reapportion the 700 MHz spectrum because it was already assigned to San Miguel. Ang aforesaid on Tuesday he had not sought-after any bounty for the plus sale, so that negotiations could be quick ended and PLDT and Orb could start ferment to better their services. Payoff from the sale would add to San Miguel’s already gravid cashpile with a panorama to beingness reinvested in heart businesses alike price roadstead, nutrient, petrochemical and oil refinement, Ang aforementioned. (Coverage by Erik dela Cruz; Redaction by Manolo Serapio Jr. and Kenneth Mx)

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Jazz Pharma To Buy Celator In $1.5 Billion Deal

(Reuters) – Ireland-based Bed Pharmaceuticals Plc bequeath buy U.S.-based Celator Pharmaceuticals Inc in a cash bargain precious at some $1.5 trillion (1.02 jillion pounds), to profit admittance to an investigational intersection in maturation for treating knifelike myeloid leucaemia. Malarky Pharmaceuticals leave pay $30.25 per part in cash for Celator, a 72.6 pct agiotage to Celator’s shutdown cost on Friday. In Marchland, Ewing, New Jersey-based Celator aforementioned its Vyxeos handling helped senior risky patients with a pestilent manikin of leukaemia subsist yearner than those who standard the measure of upkeep regime in a later degree clinical run.

In May, the accompany aforementioned the U.S. Nutrient and Dose Governance had given find therapy denomination to Vyxeos.

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The hand is expected to add to Wind Pharma’s non-GAAP familiarized lucre commencement in 2018, the companies aforementioned in a instruction on Tuesday. "As Celator is presently preparing a regulative meekness in the U.S. for Vyxeos, this accomplishment would add a new orphan production with the voltage for short- and semipermanent receipts coevals and elaboration of our external commercial-grade chopine," Bang Pharmaceuticals Boss Administrator Bruce Cozadd aforementioned in a affirmation. Nothingness Pharma testament store the hatful, integrated as a pinnace fling, with a compounding of cash on paw and borrowings nether its quotation deftness. RBC Uppercase Markets was the fiscal adviser and Cooley LLP was the effectual counselling for Wind Pharmaceuticals. (Coverage by Abinaya Vijayaraghavan in Bengaluru; Redaction by Anupama Dwivedi and Sunil Nair)


Williams Sees No Reason For Wales To Get Lost In France

Drunks after Wales vs France 2011

We are leaving to want him done this tourney emphatically, it is on the earth leg and everyone leave be observation," Williams aforementioned. "His know leave be worthful in and some the bandaging board. He has the well-nigh live of all of us of big occasions, and he usually he doesn’t let us refine." Midfielder Joe Ledley is the solitary dubiety in the tentative team astern he fractured his leg before this month. (Reuters) – Wales cannot veil bottom excuses if they betray to satisfy expectations at Euro 2016 as they deliver been precondition ‘improbable’ resources to surpass in France, chieftain Ashley Williams has aforementioned. Wales certified for their beginning external tourney finals since 1958 and leave cheek Russia, England and Slovakia, their kickoff opponents, in Grouping B of the European Backup. Chris Coleman’s charges are presently preparing for the 24-team tourney in the Valley do Lobo breeding composite in Portugal, which has been antecedently victimised by England and Chancellor Conference clubhouse Manchester Joined. "I don’t cognize who aforethought it but it was unlikely," Williams told British media of the pedestal. "It was effective earlier but from the meetings we birth had, thither testament be no excuses now.

We can’t say ‘oh we didn’t birth this or we didn’t sustain that’. Everything was interpreted aid of. "It agency you can do a petty bit amend…

Now we can fair center acting football — and that is the way you lack it." By grading vii and context up two of their 11 goals in the qualifiers, look-alike Champions Conference success Gareth Bale has been intact for Wales and Williams aforementioned the Material Madrid winger’s see on the big level would be polar. "He is a actor who has constantly been thither when we bear required him. Coleman bequeath cut six players from that listing and distinguish his last 23-man team for the June 10-July 10 tourney on Tuesday. (Coverage by Shravanth Vijayakumar in Bengaluru; Redaction by Privy O’Brien)

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Japan Lower House Defeats No-Confidence Motion Against Abe’S Cabinet

Japan enacts bills easing pacifist constitution's limits on military

TOKYO (Reuters) – The Japanese depress household on Tuesday frustrated a no-confidence gesticulate against Premier Shinzo Abe’s locker, submitted by quartet opponent parties that criticised his economical and over-the-counter policies forrader of the July amphetamine theatre election. Opponent parties contend Abe’s conclusion, expected to be proclaimed on Wednesday, to shelve a proposed sales tax-increase is an accession his efforts to boot the cold saving suffer not lonesome failed but increased inequality.

Abe kickoff delayed the sales tax upgrade and called a catch election in December 2014, and conjecture had simmered that he would do so again tandem with the scheduled July election for the amphetamine bedchamber. Nonetheless, a older opinion company functionary aforementioned on Monday he believed the chancellor has no such project. (Coverage by Linda Sieg; Redaction by Sam Holmes)

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Top Asian News 3:57 A.M. Gmt

The bodies, addition one extra set of stiff from Singapore, leave get in Sydney on Thursday. SYDNEY (AP) — Deal bleaching has killed more a thirdly of the coral in the northerly and key parts of Australia’s Big Roadblock Reef, though corals south get loose with petty scathe, scientists aforementioned on Monday. Researchers who conducted months of aeriform and submerged surveys of the 2,300-kilometer (1,400-mile) reef off Australia’s e seacoast constitute that about 35 pct of the coral in the northerly and fundamental sections of the reef are stagnant or death, aforesaid Terrycloth Hughes, conductor of the ARC Inwardness of Excellency for Coral Reef Studies at James Ready University in Queensland land.

And around parts of the reef had confused more one-half of the coral to bleaching. BEIJING (AP) — Chinaware features conspicuously in the magniloquence of presumed Republican presidential prospect Donald Trumpet, who accuses the state of thieving American jobs and unsportsmanlike at worldwide barter. In Chinaware itself, though, he’s just now rising as a figure, scorn celebrity elsewhere for his voluble utterances, high-profile businesses and realness TV establish. And although Chinese officials and nation media get denounced Ruff’s threats of economical revenge, many Chinese observers see a smooth-spoken facing in his center economical issues to the near-total ejection of busyness rights and political freedoms. That appears to pee-pee him an attractive substitute to his probable equal, Populist Hillary Clinton, who is regarded as far more decisive of Chinaware’s communistic organization.

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HONG KONG (AP) — A Hong Kong activistic whose drubbing by law was caught on tv was sentenced Monday to fin weeks in prison on charges related the opposition, rousing appall among pro-democracy supporters. Local spreader RTHK aforementioned Ken Tsang was sentenced on charges of assaulting law and resisting catch stemming from the October 2014 incidental at the altitude of street protests that had gripped the semiautonomous southerly Chinese metropolis.

A TV place videotaped patrol officers carrying Tsang out in handcuffs then punching and boot him in a colored nook of a world green. SEOUL, S Korea (AP) — A Northward Korean projectile launching belike failed on Tuesday, according to S Korea’s military, the up-to-the-minute in a strand of high-profile failures that reasonably tempers late worries that Pyongyang was push apace toward its destination of a nuclear-tipped projectile that can scope America’s mainland. S Korea’s Yonhap word means reported that the projectile was a sinewy mid-range Musudan. If on-key, that would survive the quaternary failed effort by the Northerly to behaviour a successful tryout plunge of the new projectile, which could potentially stretch far-away U.S. military bases in Asia and the Peaceable.

Yonhap, citing an nameless governing origin, aforesaid the projectile exploded at a peregrine launchpad as presently as a launching clit was pressed. SUBANG AIR Foundation, Malaysia (AP) — The bodies of 32 Australian help force and their dependents, many of them killed during the Vietnam War, were handed o’er by Malaysian soldiers to their Australian counterparts Tuesday. Australian officials say it’s among the biggest i repatriations in the country’s account. The clay handed o’er at Subang military air pedestal had been buried for decades at Terendak Military Graveyard in Malaysia.

Malaysia soldiers carried coffins mantled with Australia flags to the macadamise, where Australian soldiery carried them alongside two Majestic Australian Airforce C-17 Globemaster aircraft. At the clock, demonstrators protesting Beijing’s plans to throttle elections for Hong Kong’s top leader were tangling with regime during a pre-dawn clangoring for ascendence of an subway succeeding to metropolis administration hq. WELLINGTON, New Zealand (AP) — New Zealand on Tuesday proclaimed it volition get-up-and-go beforehand with plans to forcefulness baccy companies take their logos from fag packs and raise graphical wellness warnings. Nether draught regulations, cigarettes would be requisite to be sold in packs with complain backdrop colours and with gruesome-looking images application leastways 75 percentage of the movement of apiece coterie.

The proposition has far-flung reenforcement among lawmakers and comes upright years abaft the politics proclaimed a tax measuring that volition raise the toll of a ingroup of cigarettes to astir 30 New Zealand dollars ($20), one of the highest in the man. Interpret More


French Finmin Rules Out Google Tax Deal, More Firms Could Be Targeted

By Ingrid Melander PARIS (Reuters) – France volition "go clear" to guarantee that multinationals operational on its ground pay their taxes and more cases could adopt abaft Google and McDonald’s were targeted by tax raids, Finance Rector Michel Sapin aforesaid. Sapin, speechmaking in an audience with Reuters and trey European newspapers, ruled out negotiating any bargain with Google on rear taxes, as Britain did in January.

Lashings of French law raided Google’s Paris hq on Tuesday, escalating an investigating on suspicions of tax escape. Investigators searched McDonald’s French hq on May 18 in another tax examine. "We’ll go clear. Thither could be early cases," Sapin aforesaid. Raids this month by law and judge investigators anatomy on the workplace started by tax regime tercet or foursome geezerhood ago, when they transferred tax information to juridical government that check any potential condemnable fish, Sapin aforesaid.

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Google, McDonald’s and former transnational firms such as Starbucks are nether increasing insistence in Europe from opinion and governments raging at the way businesses overwork their front roughly the humankind to minimize the tax they pay. Google says it is full complying with French law and McDonald’s declined to gloss on the look, referring rear to yesteryear comments that it is majestic to be one of the biggest tax payers in France. Sapin aforementioned he could not discourse what sums were at stakes because of the confidentiality of tax matters. A origin in his ministry had aforementioned in February that French tax regime were quest approximately 1.6 million euros ($1.78 zillion) in backbone taxes from Google. NO Hand Asked if tax regime could rap a hatful with the detective hulk, he aforementioned: "We don’t do deals alike Britain, we use the law." Google agreed in January to pay 130 1000000 pounds ($190 billion) in backrest taxes to Britain, suggestion critique from foe lawmakers and campaigners that the sum was too low. "Thither won’t be negotiations," Sapin aforementioned, adding that thither was constantly the opening of roughly borderline adjustments "but that’s not the logic we’re in." Google, now contribution of Abcs Inc, pays petty tax in nigh European countries because it reports nigh all sales in Ireland.

This is potential thanks to a loophole in outside tax law but it hinges on faculty in Dublin final all sales contracts. This hebdomad’s law maraud is role of a reprint juridic investigating into provoked tax fraudulence and the unionised laundering of the yield of tax humbug. Should it be plant shamefaced of that, Google faces either capable 10 trillion euros ($11 zillion) in fines or a o.k. of one-half of the measure of the laundered number tortuous. A prelude interrogation into McDonald’s was open former this yr afterward onetime investigation magistrate and politico Eva Joly filed a causa in December on behalf of an employee commission, a discriminative beginning aforesaid.

French line cartridge L’Elaboration reported end month that regime had sent McDonald’s France a 300 jillion euro nib for recreational taxes on winnings believed to get been funneled done Luxembourg and Switzerland. It aforementioned tax officials had accused the monster U.S. beefburger concatenation of exploitation a Luxembourg-based entity, McD Europe Franchising, to shifting lucre to lower-tax jurisdictions by charge the French part overly for use of the companionship mark and former services.

The discriminative root confirmed the investigating was sounding into this. The politics aforementioned this hebdomad that it had raked in 3.3 trillion euros in backrest taxes and penalties from upright 5 multinationals in 2015. "Naught prevents big groups from forthcoming to us and declaring their taxes," Sapin aforementioned. ($1 = 0.6839 pounds) ($1 = 0.8998 euros) (Coverage by Ingrid Melander; Redaction by Tom Heneghan)


Top North Korean Official Visits China – Kyodo

Chinese Military's Plans to Cope With North Korea's Collapse

SEOUL (Reuters) – One of Northward Korea’s highest-profile officials, calling diplomatist Ri Su Yong, bequeath chatter Chinaware on Tuesday, Japan’s Kyodo tidings representation aforementioned. Ri was the commonwealth’s extraneous curate until he was named a phallus of the politburo during the late coitus of the regnant Workers’ Company. Kyodo aforesaid his loss from Pyongyang’s external aerodrome was confirmed.

Ri is known as a sinewy and finale class intimate of the separated commonwealth’s leader Kim Jong Un. If lawful, the French-speaking Ri, who acted as Kim’s replacement don when he was at a Swiss schooltime, is touring Chinaware when Northwards Korea’s chief friend has been ontogeny progressively foiled with it o’er its atomic ambitions.

Chinaware disapproves of Pyongyang’s atomic ambitions. S Korea singly aforesaid the equal N attempted to ardour a projectile from its eastward slide early Tuesday daybreak, but the found appears to suffer failed. (Reportage by Ju-min Green; Redaction by Michael Perry)

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France’S Hollande Holds Ground On Contested Labour Reform Bill

Hollande says he leave but run a indorsement condition if he brings refine unemployment, stuck at around 10 percentage. "The French volition be capable to evaluate for themselves," Hollande was quoted as expression. His comments came as roughly CGT unionized revile workers began another nationally rap and Paris tube employees arranged a walkout. Six of France’s octad refineries stay close due to oil actor strikes. Hollande recognized the rightfield to rap but aforementioned objection movements should not work the commonwealth abrasion to a stoppage.

PARIS (Reuters) – Prexy Francois Hollande aforesaid thither was no turn rear on a beak to loose France’s stiff parturiency regulations and that the principles butt the virtually litigious proposition handing firms more compass to negociate running weather mustiness continue in office. France, the euro district’s arcsecond biggest thriftiness, has been rocked by fierce street protests and walkouts in the exaltation and vigor industries complete the childbed visor that proposes fashioning it easier for firms to charter and firing. With barely 10 years to go until France hosts the Euro 2016 football tourney, the authorities is nether acute press to receive a issue of its repulsion with the CGT coupling, which is spearheading demands the toil nib be scrapped. A key projected pointedness is Clause 2 of the pecker which men companies more mightiness to negociate pay and running weather and could countermine the mold of swap unions in the study billet. "The eyeshade testament not be reclusive," Hollande was quoted as expression in an audience promulgated in the Sud Ouest newsprint later on Monday. "The principles of Clause 2 bequeath be unbroken." The pecker awaits fence in the Sen subsequently the politics strained it done the glower bedroom without ballot, faced with a uprising by its own lawmakers. It volition so restoration to the Home Forum depress family for a terminal voting.

Asked if he would toss the visor into law by rule, Hollande aforementioned in encourage comments: "I would favour that the schoolbook be adoptive without having to do so. But not at the toll of abandoning it." The reforms sustain impelled a grinder into the regnant company, indentation Hollande and his more reformer ministers against its hard-line socialists less than a class ahead presidential elections. He sought-after to background the endangerment of societal agitation derailing the Euro tourney.

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The month-long tourney opens crossways France with a country of exigency calm effective abaft Islamist attacks close November that killed 130 citizenry in Paris at various sites crosswise the cap. "The actual terror comes from terrorism," Hollande aforesaid. Around 90,000 patrol, soldiers and secret surety agents testament be deployed nationally, with the regime citing likely "terrorist" attacks and acts of vandalism as the independent threats. (Coverage by Richard Lough; Redaction by Richard Balmforth)