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Bianchi’S Family Taking Legal Action Following His Death

Orcas Vs Shark: Killer Whales Take Down Tiger Shark


der amadillomon write: I WOULD definatly NOT stick my fingers into that water !

HappyPantsTime write: Go team mammal! Fuck you fish.

Tokyo Fatuesi write: but where that great white at? those orcs aint fucking with the great whites though

Thomario Moon write: isnt it stupid to dive with orcas?

3dmax911 write: In the sea nothing is safe from an orca

Jason Gafar write: Tremendously strategic in biting off its fins. Amazing.

Ash Rogers write: That Tiger got fucked up. Poor lil’ guy!

Hassan AlQarni write: Never felt so sad for a shark before.

Bryant Harris write: A shark swims around asking itself two questions.

Amaya Hudson write: their called orcas

SteelCity1981 write: goes to show you how smart killer whales are. they trap their prey by leading them up to the surface and then bite their fins off so they have no chance of escape.

Naomi Gu write: are they trying to save the humans from the shark or its a normal thing for them to eat sharks?

Divine Gaming write: When mammals strike back

robertoppenheimer write: What’s with the music! I thought I was watching The Omen.

ROFLcopter write: Team mammals!

JoZzZy write: Not so tough now sharki ha? now so tought :D

Jonathan Kieran write: Excellent (and rare) footage.

SheldonLudlow write: So, the two best parts (the initial attack and the ripping off of the limbs) were not captured… sorry, I’m morbid, I’m know

HappyLPS576 write: not very serprizing :/ there are orcas 10x the size of a tiger shark :/

rdcarbo1 write: Killer Whales or Orcas as many people know them are known no only for hunting seals, but for killing and eating Great White sharks livers.

blkcpdconure write: The first time Killer Whales have hunted a Tiger Shark from that boat?!!! How big is the boat that fitted all those fishes on it INCLUDING a shark???

butte hurter write: shark gets OWNED.

Freddy Villar write: Auto de carreras

Aaron Sanroe write: so there’s shark tanks. then there’s killer whale tanks…

Pippen Sands write: this is why the North American Indigenous People on the coast revere the Killer Whales – cause they KNOW!

Coolnicknameguy write: I wonder if they killed it to eat or killed it to kill it

jeffg24LT21 write: Orcas are dolphins??? What!!!!!

Aaron Bulong write: i wanna taste thier meat for some reason i think no need for seasoning becuase of the salt idk am thinking so much recipie heuheuehue

Jessica Smith write: Now I’m scared to go to the beach…

julosx write: It sucks to be a tiger shark !

Freddy Villar write: Auto de carreras

ccm ripzi write: And you didnt had the most important scene on camera,i would have really like to see the moment the orca attack bite the shark

Tgcz hypez X write: I like how these are wild predators hunting and don’t kill the human but trained in captive orcas like shamu have attacked there trainers

neptuneP2V7 write: whales protect the diver , that all !

jason H. Zeger write: Can a killer whale kill Saltwater Crocodile?

Tom Gladders write: Might be the first one filmed but it’s a horrible money shot!

Gamer Austin write: at

Red Rum write: Good fake photoshop. The implausible editing tells us that.

kal vinz write: Wow i didnt sea that coming!

youtmeme write: so basically, unless there’s some more intelligent, group hunting animal out in the seas, a pod of orcas are the top predators! O.o

rob robert write: cool but that was a small shark. nat geo has a 45 min documentary about a killer whale taking down a great white that was as big as the orca was.

Jack Hurlbut write: The shark should have gone to the shore where the water is shallow

Jason Chan write: badass! imagine training orcas for underwater military missions

Tom write: Why dont the Killer whales attack humans?

whapakwhapak write: bitch is you crazy, what you doin in our turf?

Ramses Kush write: that shark probably ate one of there off springs…the killer whale got the homies on him

John Smith write: Hello bigdoggie net !

Gideon “gaming and more” Ugo write: so basically they jumped the shark?

Vitya 126RUS write: best fih and animal on earth

Asia brown write: i didnt like they just sat there watch the poor shark suffer

Mia Kellner write: DUMB ASS PEOPLE couldn’t you just stay in the boat. Like seriously, orcas are not toys!

Ivan Short write: In need of another Narrator i think !!!

Fernando Di Carlo write: help the shark fuckers! they are 3 vs 1

SLAYER 79 write: How did I get here ? I was watching diys…. On the weird part of YouTube again

Matthew Donkersley write: that’s well tight

The gr8 Papyrus write: can orcas kill people?

lucara write: There have been reports of orcas killing a white shark. A tiger shark is absolutly no match for an orca whale

kati lily write: this is stressing

Steve w write: so sharkfinning is natural to mammals.

danny kim write: Everything becomes balanced in population. Shark eat human, whale eat shark, Japanese eat whale.

sean patterson write: fun fact: killer whales are not whales. they’re dolphins! google it.

Mike Foley write: The shark appeared to be sick and weak before the Orcas attacked it.

Kawaii Tomato write: See This Is Why I Hate Killer Whales I Won’t Even Like Go Near It One Bit It Splashes Me I Will Literally Run Out Of The Show Or Whatever I Won’t Go Near Them I HATE THEM!!!

youtmeme write: whoa! O.O

Steven Cox write: Yes always seems to be a juvenile or very young Shark that these Orcas are so bold with. As with the famous Great white Orca kill – it’s a tiny specimen. That Tiger shark still has it’s rounded dorsal and pronounced stripes.. it’s a baby folks! A lone Orca would NOT repeat NOT be bold enough or stupid enough to go for a full grown adult Great white. Until we see evidence of this it’s all pie in the sky.

Corey Soze write: Awesome Footage!!!!!

Banished From The Dwarf Planet write: That shark got fried, dyed, and laid to the side.

Matthew Donkersley write: y don’t they fight a great white they are a lot stronger

Marzipan Cuttlefish write: orcas are bullies lol, they’ll tip sharks over onto their backs for fun

KiLovely write: That was the worst footage ever!

Dane-Michael Starwood write: Orca is actually a dolphin.

gloopy Loopin write: レプンカムイ!

benjovi55 write: Awesome! We need to train orcas to hunt an kill ALL the sharks in the ocean. I want to pass on that legacy to my kids.

Tom Brooks write: My vote… kill every tiger shark and great white we can find. One less predator in the ecosystem. +1 for orcas

match attax cahalan write: i love sharks

xfire7 write: Could well be that the killer whales were protecting the humans.

Junior Play write: o perigo dos mares diz isso pra orca

White Power and Electric Co. write: Watch, liberal pussies are gonna start protesting Orcas for killing sharks. LOL

aeshuva write: The shark even has no teeth. And it still dangerous for divers?

Revenge YT write: thats not fare shark is one and the enemy was 3

bob down write: Didn’t attack the boat (drama queen)they

La Eme write: Killer whale love to kill sharks

lemonstrevosgien write: Sea Panda !

Janetta Rubeshkumar write: 12345678910 wow orca

InappropriateDirtyComments write: why don’t killer whales attack the divers

Prodigy Sage write: they wouldn’t be fuckin with a megalodan if it was still around >:)

black ops Crawford write: dumb ass cause orcas sence use in danger and helped yeas haha

???????????? ??????????? write: no bad not awsome

Ahmad Wahyu write: shark just one

Rahul Ramteke write: Whats that stupid diver doing in the water when there are killer whales inside , he could get eaten, I hate orcas

douglas1988 write: Hunt and kill smaller sharks is easy! If Megalodons were still exhisting the orcas would be no match for them!

Tyler Robinson write: Sick man

Lowly Sparrow write: You may think that you’re big and bad, but there will always be someone out there thats bigger and badder.

der amadillomon write: I WOULD definatly NOT stick my fingers into that water !

HappyPantsTime write: Go team mammal! Fuck you fish.

Tokyo Fatuesi write: but where that great white at? those orcs aint fucking with the great whites though

Thomario Moon write: isnt it stupid to dive with orcas?

3dmax911 write: In the sea nothing is safe from an orca

Jason Gafar write: Tremendously strategic in biting off its fins. Amazing.

Ash Rogers write: That Tiger got fucked up. Poor lil’ guy!

MONACO (AP) — The category of Jules Bianchi is fetching action against motorsport’s administration, the Marussia squad and Normal One Direction pursual the French driver’s dying from brain injuries. Conclusion July, Bianchi died from header injuries sustained at the Japanese K Prix in October 2014.

Bianchi’s fortuity at Suzuka occurred at the end of the subspecies in showery, gloomful weather, when his Marussia car slid off rail and hit a crane pick up the Sauber of German driver Adrian Sutil, who had crashed one lap earliest. Stewarts Law, a litigation-only law house, aforementioned in a command Thursday it has sent ball pre-action letters of take to FIA, Marussia and FOM, explaining why the "actions of one or more of those parties, amongst others, may birth contributed to Jules’ casualty."

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Youth Arrested After Teenagers Burned In ‘Acid’ Attack At Station

Acid Attack On Young Lady In Jaipur

A youthfulness has been arrested later a grouping of teenagers suffered severe injuries in a suspected dot onslaught at a railroad send. The pentad friends, elderly ‘tween 16 and 18, were sprayed with an obscure essence in the wanton onrush on a chopine at Ockendon post in Essex in the former hours of Sunday morn. Curtly abaft 12.40am, a manful travel with ix early citizenry remaining a string, approached the victims and squirted the limpid o’er them ahead rejoining the late-night avail towards Barking, patrol aforementioned. Two of the teenagers were burnt-out, with "potentially life-changing" injuries to their eyes, aspect and talk, constabulary aforementioned. A 17-year-old from Dagenham was arrested subsequently he contacted law pursual an charm for info.

All fin victims suffer since been dismissed from infirmary.

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