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Oddly Enough

Lock Of Hair From Thomas Jefferson Auctioned For $6,875

DALLAS (AP) — A ringlet of fuzz from Thomas Jefferson has sold at vendue in Texas for $6,875, well-nigh 190 age afterwards the early chairwoman died. Inheritance Auctions in Dallas aforementioned Saturday’s sale tortuous 14 strands that were snipped by Jefferson’s personal medico at the clock of the solon’s expiry on July 4, 1826.

A Inheritance Auctions affirmation says the pre-auction approximate for the tomentum was $3,000. Caller spokesman Eric Bradley says the vendee wished to stay anon.. The vender was aggregator William F. Northrop, who purchased the lock the former Eighties from an inscribe learner.

The corroboration includes a missive substantiating the whorl as function of a special issue of Jefferson’s hairsbreadth samples known to subsist.