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The Latest: Sanders Avoids Mention Of Puerto Rico Outcome

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Modish on the presidential crusade, with Democrats Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders property events Sunday in California and Democrats in Puerto Rico vote in the company’s master (all multiplication Easterly Daytime Clip): 11:10 p.m. Bernie Sanders is fashioning no cite of the issue of Puerto Rico’s Popular elementary, but says the company’s leadership should observation the "vigour and grassroots activism" circumferent his drive.

Hillary Clinton won a critical triumph in Puerto Rico on Sunday, putt her inside hitting length of capturing her company’s nomination. Sanders is quest an overthrow in Tuesday’s California elemental. He aforesaid at a Sunday even bait in San Diego that Popular leadership should understand his effort has the push to win in the surrender, not Clinton. He pointed out that pro-Clinton a-one PACs birth standard millions from Bulwark Street, impressive supporters, "we have to assume Fence Street, not payoff their money." 10:30 p.m. Hillary Clinton is quickly upcoming the Popular nomination and pledging to proceeds the battle to Donald Outflank in a cosmopolitan election.

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Clinton has appeared at a rowdy razz in Sacramento Sunday nighttime, addressing more 1,200 supporters. She has made crystalize she expects to be the Popular candidate, though she did not keep her win in the Puerto Rico elementary.

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Rather, she focussed her ardor on presumptive Republican opposer Cornet. Clinton says: "We’re loss to deliver a rattling disputative crusade because I’m departure to notice at every individual bit that I can, why I consider the Republican campaigner should ne’er get good the Gabardine Theatre." The erstwhile secretaire of commonwealth drew vast clapping when she mentioned her late alien insurance address slamming Horn. Pure Islands and a critical win in the U.S. dominion, Clinton is now less than 30 delegates short-change of the 2,383 needful to win the nomination.

That’s according to an Associated Pressure tally. But the Popular airstream wasn’t on the minds many voters in Puerto Rico, who rather aforementioned they were focussed alternatively on the island’s slump and confrontation to a proposed federal board to manage the district’s $70 jillion in debt. ___ 9:01 p.m. Expected clerical issues and the give enumeration of ballots are retardation the promulgation of results of the Popular presidential master in Puerto Rico. Polls unsympathetic on the island at 3 p.m.

Easterly. Six hours after, lonesome a belittled divide of the ballot had been tallied. Popular favourite Hillary Clinton led Vermont Sen. She says Best was not "certified or temperamentally fit" to be chairman or generalissimo.

She’s prod voters to surface for Tuesday’s elementary. Clinton says she wants to "destination solid in California. It way the man to me." ___ 9:45 p.m. Hillary Clinton has overwhelmed Bernie Sanders in Puerto Rico’s Popular principal, putt her inside contact outdistance of having plenty delegates to catch the Popular presidential nomination.

Spell Puerto Ricans don’t casting ballots in the November election, their vocalization could be critical. Abaft a romp triumph Saturday in the U.S. Bernie Sanders by a 2-to-1 perimeter in those former returns.

Kenneth McClintock is Puerto Rico’s onetime Popular Subject Committeeman. He says election officials on the island are focussed outset on cathartic results in the island’s local races. Those results are existence counted electronically first, patch the presidential results are tallied by give. ___ 7:56 p.m.

No visits to hamburger joints or vibration manpower at the beach for Hillary Clinton in California. The quondam repository of province washed-out Sunday afternoon in a sober insurance conversation with community leadership in Vallejo, one of a turn of such negotiation she’s been keeping in California earlier the province’s Tuesday elementary.

Clinton discussed felonious justness regenerate, breeding and healthcare with a few twelve mass crowded into Vallejo’s Bye-bye Coffeehouse. She told the gang that she precious hearing as practically as talk, expression: "I do cerebrate it’s authoritative to see from masses immediately." Clinton distressed that it was authoritative to employment unitedly to better communities, expression "too many mass are retreating or are protesting. We’ve got to hit the dessert berth in the midsection where citizenry amass their sleeves." Scan More