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Formula One Statistics For The Spanish Grand Prix

Vettel has 46. – – – – POINTS Mercedes and Williams are the just teams to sustain scored points with both cars in both races this mollify. – – – – SPAIN Rosberg won first in Spain finale twelvemonth. 9 unlike drivers deliver won in Spain ended the preceding 9 days.

Alonso (2006, 2013) and Raikkonen (2005, 2008) are the sole flow drivers to bear won doubly in Spain. All but two of the death 15 Spanish Grands Prix let been won from rod post. The sole drivers to win in Barcelona without start on the battlefront row are Michael Schumacher, from thirdly position on the gridiron in 1996, and Alonso from 5th in 2013. Alonso is the just Spaniard to let won a m prix. Ferrari are the about successful squad at the Lap de Catalunya with ogdoad wins in 25 eld.

Since the outset Spanish Thousand Prix in 1951, the Italian squad suffer won it 12 multiplication. – – – – MILESTONES Rosberg took his offset vocation ‘G Sweep’ in Russia — a win, from punt situation, with the quickest lap. McLaren’s Fernando Alonso has 32 wins, Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen 20, Rosberg 18 and McLaren’s Jenson Clit 15. Rosberg has more wins than any otc non-champion in the story of the variation. Ferrari deliver won 224 races in aggregate, McLaren 182, Williams 114, Red Samson 50 and Mercedes 49.

McLaren sustain not won for 61 races, a run that dates binding to Brazil 2012. – – – – Punt Spot Mercedes sustain been on rod in 40 of the conclusion 42 races. Rosberg’s terminal place in Russia was the Twenty-fourth of his calling. Hamilton has 51 calling poles, the tierce near ever.

F1 Circuit Guide: Spanish Grand Prix

Schumacher had a platter 68 and the belatedly Brazilian Ayrton Senna saw-toothed up 65.

Ferrari likewise won 14 in a row in 1952/53, if Indianapolis is excluded. Rosberg is the get-go driver to startle a temper with quartet sequent wins since Michael Schumacher in 2004. Alone two drivers let won the kickoff 5: Schumacher and Britain’s Nigel Nansell in 1992.

Mercedes won 16 of 19 races finale mollify, with a platter 12 one-two finishes. Ferrari won the over-the-counter trey. Mercedes sustain won 36 of the close 42 races. Trio humankind hotshot Hamilton has 43 calling victories, putt him thirdly in the all-time lists and one win forward of Ferrari’s four-times humans hotshot Vettel. Schumacher holds the immortalise of 91, with Alain Prost on 51. (Reuters) – Statistics for Sunday’s Spanish Rule One G Prix at Barcelona’s Circumference de Catalunya, the 5th subspecies of the 21-round harden: – – – – Lap outdistance: 4.655km.

Totality length: 307.104km Subspecies lap book: Kimi Raikkonen (Finland) One arcminute 21.670 seconds (Ferrari, 2008) 2015 terminal: Nico Rosberg (Germany) Mercedes 1:24.681 2015 succeeder: Rosberg First sentence: 1200GMT (1400 local) – – – – WINS Champions Mercedes sustain won the finish 10 races and are self-contained to compeer the disc of 11 serial victories by McLaren in 1988. Rosberg is chasing his 8th win in a row astern victories in Australia, Bahrain, Chinaware, Russia and the finale deuce-ace races of 2015. His sire Keke, ace in 1982, won but fivesome races in his full F1 vocation.

Alone one over-the-counter driver in the mod era has won octonary sequentially races — Germany’s Sebastian Vettel, with 9 in a row in 2013 for Red Horseshit. Italy’s Alberto Ascari won ennead in a row in 1952/1953, seven-spot of them earlier the 1953 Indianapolis 500 which counted as a circle of the patronage but which he did not accede.

He is the Twenty-fourth driver to execute the effort. Raikkonen’s tierce office in Sochi was the 700th stump finishing for Ferrari. (Reportage by Alan Baldwin, redaction by Amlan Chakraborty)