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Obama Invites Singapore Leader For Official Visit, Dinner

Kid President meets the President of the United States of America


FuzzyFuzzy871 write: If kid president ever ran for president in the future… I will certainly vote for him.

Memestreamer Inc. write: Still a better choice than Kanye

Endlesshapy write: just imagine if kid president became the president of the usa

TheManWhoWaited write: I want this kid as the next president.


Franklin Rogers (RebelghostGaming) write: i am crying,oh god the kid is so cute :D

Cory Hall write: His last year in office. :(

Ellie Sims write: Hands down, Obama is the coolest president you guys ever had!

Sapphirelia write: 1. Wow. Racists in HERE?

ѕкуDσge write: ‘International Incident’

Pug write: What if Kid President became President in the future?! :D

Ashley Brown write: This is awesome. I can’t think of a single other president who would do this. This, and many other reasons, is why I am a proud Obama supporter.

chelseababa write: He just casually high-fives the president of America.

Alex Zamora write: Mad respect to Obama for doing taking a little of his time off to be with this kid.

Ganta Igarashi write: Now do a Kid Putin meets Putin :D

Eli Nations (DaPotatoOfDoom) write: …This kid has got to become president. I mean, why fight when you can dance! God bless this kid…

pirategirl58 write: Which one is Obama?

HydroAmbience write: The thing is, I feel how much stress and pressure Obama would have being president. Trying to make over 300 million people happy is nearly impossible. We are all human and one guy can not make that many people happy. Also, having to deal with international problems all the time I would have to say that he has done an alright job being president. He could do better but it could also be worse.

Jimmy Nutrin write: Kid president was talking to the ghost of Osama Bin Laden on the phone

Rohan Sood write: I can’t help but feel Americans aren’t fully aware of how great a President they have. Nobody’s perfect. Not even ‘kid president’.

BlackMistxX write: i bet outside the door was like 30 guys in black suits… 

l write: Obama’s not even a bad leader, Hes trying his best to run a fucked up country, i really wanna see how american pussy’s will react to a 3rd world leader.

Kayleigh Sneddon write: This is so cute! President Obama seems so nice and seems like a really cool dude!

Guineagirl59210 write: Awww! Obama is such a nice guy 🙂 I really makes me happy to see how nice he is to Kid President. I think it’s really good how much he interacts with regular people and acts normal. I don’t agree with everything he says, but I haven’t ever met a person who I have agreed with every time. No matter what Obama does, he’ll never please everyone. Because of this, I think we need to respect the fact that he tries very hard, and if you think about it, there’s nothing too bad about things right now. People complain about him and draw Hitler mustaches on him, but I personally don’t think he’s ever done anything wrong. He’s just done things that not

Rebuild America write: If anyone deserved to meet the president, it would be this kid. Just to clarify, I disagree with Obama more often than not, but hes a good man. Conservatives like myself forget this sometimes. That doesnt mean Im going to defend his decisions, but I will defend the fact that he is a normal American man.

Drasafy write: 9 Yr. old kid small talked with the president. 

Marblez3 write: Instead of being an over-opinionated prick and argue about politics, I’ll just say this was heartwarming.

Jay Garcia write: Obama = Not a good President (just my opinion, chill homie)

Red Bird write: I think I’m starting to see the reason we have Kid President…

Wu Tang Fan write: nice speech for a president who is extending war in Middle East, bombing country to bring peace and democracy, spying on american citizen, hidding the truth, maintaining Guantanamo bay open (which contain a lot of innocent people) even if he said we would close it, etc. etc.

CutsickBrudaHD write: What did you do on the weekend nothing big just met the president

Fishing With Leinad write: I’ll be honest, I don’t like Obama, but I DO like it when he does things like this.

TheNotSoProGuy write: I hope he can be president one day 😉 

Alberto Tamez write: I dont believe people actually disliked this video but i believe something:

emotion lotion write: Obama is a very nice person, but not a great president, better than Romney would do.

MrCaptainKrispy write: I think he would be a better president than Obama…

Dfault write: For all we know, He’ll save the economy

CronossRa write: This is Awesome.

101mahina write: I wonder what’ll happen when kid president will no longer be a kid…

GLICKTON write: Dear kids, this man made this video to make himself look good and to hide the monster he really is, sorry kids but this man is not really a nice person, he drops bombs on Men, Women and children in other countries for no good reason with his drones. he is acting nice in front of the camera because he needs enough people to believe he is good so he can stay powerful., if anyone has a problem with me telling the kids the truth here i don’t care, i have no problem telling the truth, just like Obama has no problem with lying. 

EmpyrealStudios write: It’s funny, Kid President actually acted more like the boss of the room than the president.

Matthew Harvey write: Im not an American, nor i live in United States, nor I have visited this nation. But i have the most Highest Respect to President Obama. Not only he’s done a fantastic job on the most difficult office.. but he also managed to be Cool!

CyberSloth write: I’m not sure I agree with Obama on his political standpoint but he is a great person and I have full respect for him 

Darcy Gray write: Is this kid old enough to know how awesome this is?

paul e isaacson write: which one was the kid?

Yamato vergil (Black ice) write: what an awesome president. powerful yet humble and down to earth.

ANONYMOUS466 ANONYMOUS466 write: Admittedly yes, Obama has made some bad decisions with his time being president. But he is genuinely a good guy in heart. I just don’t think being president was a good choice for him though. But honestly, he could be one of the coolest presidents ever.

Astrid write: aww this is so cute i’m crying <3 Mimkid82 write: This kid should become president.

Kally A. Foley write: Omg I realized he is the same age as me, in 2013 I was 9, now I am 11, its 2015, he is 11 now

ayanna brooks write: My dad doesn’t like Obama,but I’m trying to prove him wrong

Zanican Stewart write: Thats awesome people may say obama sucks (he really is awesome)

Gavination write: You know this made me change my mind about obama

MiningLedgends write: Only republicans(rednecks) disliked this video

Chan Shen write: well, i gonna tell you somethin….hey kid, you just earn yourself another subscriber !! :D

Dragon Yveltal X write: Anyone else notice the secret passage at

Connie Martinez write: He is adorable.

Andrew Howie write: Kid picks up the phone

i hat evretyhing write: In a couple years, we will have a corn-dog eating dancing awesome president.

flyingphoenix113 write: Can they trade places, like, until the end of 2016? ;)

The Mean Conservative write: I am not to sure of the legitimacy of Kid president. I think he is just a puppet used by his parents, I mean, what he says cannot always be that cute right? It must be engineered…

spidermanandsnape write: For once I wish that the comments of this wouldn’t turn into a political debate about how Obama is THE BEST PRESIDENT EVER or how He’s literally the devil. I find the message of this video adorable, with a kid who’s giving messages to love each other, respect each other, etc. Even more those people out there who really do think Obama is the Devil and doesn’t mean a word of what he says, the messages he give are sound. Respect other people, and that starts when we’re born. Respect, love, and work together. Politics is often about disagreeing, fighting, and name calling. It always has been in the US. I just hope sometimes we can all step back out of it.

Rachel aitken write: That kid must feel AMAZING, Pug i think your right.

Esteban Leon write: this kid is going places

Dan Fortune write: Though I disagree with a lot of what Obama does, this video made me like him a bit more!

zeNUKEify write: i bet P. Obama would be a cool youtuber if he didnt have all this political stuff all over his life

MusicNerd write: any one notice the secret door he has on the wall in 1.26 ..cough..cough..LOOMINATI CONFIRMED..cough..cough

Nate Green write: Just Awesome,  That kid my very well be President one day. 

John Dersion write: Leaving political views out of this comment (very hard to do given the circumstances lol) but I definitely think this kid would be a good president in the future ANNDDDD that’s where I leave my comment! SO HARD lol

ENZOMAN12 write: While Roosevelt had radio talks, Obama talked to you tubers and went out to get burgers. He may not be the greatest president, but we is certainly one of my favorites.

Kyle Palmer write: Glad Kid President got to visit the Oval Office. It’s gonna be his one of these days.

Ez Sull write: does anyone wonder wtf that secret door leads to?

Matthew Zuniga write: anyone see the secret door right next to abe Lincolns portrait and oboma is soo nice

Omsiese write: Is he………. FAMOUS HE MET OBARMA

Anae O’Neal write: One thing I can say about Pres. Obama, he may not be the best president but he does have a kind heart and I think he honestly tries his best. People forget that he’s one man with so much responsibility. He’s the leader of the free world and it’s impossible to make everyone happy. Especially with the odds against you. But I like him as a person and I’m glad I can at least say that.

Alban Hart write: he should be primeinister for england

DancingDude098 write: OMG did anyone else see that secret passage a

psych4life olaf write: so awesome Obama is so nice

LGunchained write: Barry O. didn’t seem so enthusiastic.

Vicktoria Radwin write: so cute ^.^

Malida Xiong write: I would love to meet kid president and president obama!

short-gaming-clips write: When Obama first got elected I thought they’d change White House to the black house

Scott Vineyard write: If you could not lie to the american people and stop being a pro-bankster and pro-drugging america guy that’d be great thanks…and end the fed.

Goldgymnast write: Every body thinks Obama is bad but he’s a great man

FreshMusic24 write: In 30 jears, he will sit on the president chair 🙂 

Slingermon Yay write: He should talk about obamcare

NTRSANDMAN write: That’s not a kid, it’s Gary Coleman

KappaCop write:

RollerJR write: Never knew that Barack Obama was white 😮

Emilie Ramirez write: 1.Watches this video

Lick My Syndra write: HES NOT EVEN SHY oH MY godnes

FuzzyFuzzy871 write: If kid president ever ran for president in the future… I will certainly vote for him.

Memestreamer Inc. write: Still a better choice than Kanye

Endlesshapy write: just imagine if kid president became the president of the usa

TheManWhoWaited write: I want this kid as the next president.


Franklin Rogers (RebelghostGaming) write: i am crying,oh god the kid is so cute :D

Cory Hall write: His last year in office. :(

Ellie Sims write: Hands down, Obama is the coolest president you guys ever had!

Sapphirelia write: 1. Wow. Racists in HERE?

WASHINGTON (AP) — Chairwoman Barack Obama volition crisscross 50 eld of diplomatical dealings with Singapore by hosting its leader at the Tweed Household. The Flannel Family says Obama testament receive Premier Lee Hsien Loong (LEE shee-EHN LOONG) for an functionary chit-chat and commonwealth dinner on Aug. 2. The Whiteness Menage says they bequeath detect the juncture by highlight a story of cooperation ‘tween their countries that has led more 3,500 U.S. companies to control in Singapore and has bad substantial ties ‘tween their militaries. The leadership are likewise expected to discourse a reach of external challenges. Singapore is among 12 nations that birth sign on to a trans-Pacific swap heap.

It is too supports the Paris Mood understanding and the U.S.-led alinement against the Islamic Nation grouping.

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Oddly Enough

Lock Of Hair From Thomas Jefferson Auctioned For $6,875

DALLAS (AP) — A ringlet of fuzz from Thomas Jefferson has sold at vendue in Texas for $6,875, well-nigh 190 age afterwards the early chairwoman died. Inheritance Auctions in Dallas aforementioned Saturday’s sale tortuous 14 strands that were snipped by Jefferson’s personal medico at the clock of the solon’s expiry on July 4, 1826.

A Inheritance Auctions affirmation says the pre-auction approximate for the tomentum was $3,000. Caller spokesman Eric Bradley says the vendee wished to stay anon.. The vender was aggregator William F. Northrop, who purchased the lock the former Eighties from an inscribe learner.

The corroboration includes a missive substantiating the whorl as function of a special issue of Jefferson’s hairsbreadth samples known to subsist.


Making Paper From Elephant Dung

Out of that measure roughly 50kg of droppings is produced, and 125 sheets of [A4] composition can be produced from apiece 50kg.” He says that both the toll and timbre is interchangeable to stock composition, but with the added welfare of reduction disforestation.

“It is preservation the endemic corner populations of nearby forests from beingness ruined,” says Mr Matano, who now has shops in Mombasa and uppercase Nairobi. “The patronage is selfsame honest, and has a hopeful hereafter. It is authoritative for poaching and illegal logging to decline to 0%.” The Kenya Wildlife Serve (KWS), a agency, says that the elephant droppings theme manufacture is so serving both Kenya’s leftover 7,000 elephants and to slenderize illegal logging. “Lashings of the composition products from elephant droppings let been provided to us hither at KWS,” says Paul Gathitu, spokesman for the arrangement. “It is a near travail, it helps man coexist with elephants.” ‘Doesn’t mephitis’ Another Kenyan clientele fashioning newspaper from elephant droppings is effected report maker Nairobi-based Transpaper Kenya.

Ikon legend

Jane Muihia says droppings composition – which she is property – is of the like caliber as measure wallpaper

Piece virtually of its products are made from unlike types of autochthonic corner species, 20% now semen from elephant droppings. “Newspaper from elephant droppings is peer in timber to veritable wallpaper.

Effigy subtitle

An grown African Elephant produces 50kg of muck from every 250kg of nutrient consumed

Patch elephant poachers are solitary concerned in the animals’ tusks, for Kenyan enterpriser Bathroom Matano it is all almost what comes out of the former doomsday’s largest demesne mammalian. This is because the 58-year-old collects elephant muck that he turns into superiority wallpaper.

And for a chronic append of droppings, he lots wants Kenya’s elephants to rest animated and comfortably. Spell approximately citizenry power be xcvii supercilious most the mentation of elephant muck existence off into theme, it is in fact a modest but development manufacture in the Eastward African state, with 17 firms now mired, according to prescribed administration figures. “If you ask me ‘is newspaper from elephant droppings of fairish timbre?’, the solution is a big yes,” says Mr Matano, whose line Nampath Report employs 42 multitude, and makes an yearbook gain of 2.3m Kenyan shillings ($23,000; ВЈ15,700). Elephant corridor Kenya’s elephant droppings theme manufacture is centred on the Mwaluganje Elephant Refuge, a community-owned 36 sq km (14 sq knot) preservation are for elephants, 28 miles (45km) southward westward of the coastal metropolis of Mombasa.


Simulacrum copyright
Getty Images

Picture subtitle

The muck contains lashings of impoverished pile flora fibres

Qualification the report started as a original projection in 1994, ahead commercialization began a x late when local farmers such as Mr Matano ready their own paper-making businesses. The refuge itself was constituted in 1993 both to assistant elephants, but besides to assistance 200 approximately local farmers. The farmers had for generations had to digest with elephants from the nearby government-owned Shimba Hills Interior Modesty walk-to into their farmlands and feeding or destroying crops.

This resulted in sober and sometimes pestilent conflicts ‘tween man and elephants. So the Mwaluganje Elephant Refuge was naturalized next to the internal reservation, with fiscal aid and accompaniment from the Joined States Representation for Outside Ontogenesis, and UK fauna charity Natural Dislodge Innovation.

Icon subtitle

A Nampath Theme notepad made from elephant droppings

The theme was that the circumferent farmers would incur a parcel of the touristry revenues from the bema to fabricate for any crops that are ruined by elephants. The farmers likewise ceded office of their lands to make a migrant elephant corridor betwixt the Shimba Hills Subject Substitute, and the Tsavo Westward and Tsavo Eastward interior parks roughly 100km to the westward.

In gain, the asylum aimed to promote farmers to search extra income strands, such as bee retention, and marketing elephant droppings for turn into report, or fashioning the report themselves. Rescue trees Mr Matano says that fashioning newspaper from elephant droppings “is not complicated at all, it is an promiscuous amour”.

The stool, which is wax of skunk and former imbed fiber that has been upset pile by the elephant’s digestive organization, is offset exhaustively water-washed.

Effigy subtitle

Bathroom Matano’s job is fashioning a healthy net

“Afterwards washables, scavenge fibres continue,” says Mr Matano. “So the character is stewed for quartet hours in a vat to soundly assure it is houseclean. “So abaft that, often of the outgrowth is alike thereto of fashioning unconstipated newspaper [from woodwind flesh].” Mr Matano adds: “An ordinary elephant grub 250kg of nutrient apiece day. In toll it is too about the like,” says Jane Muihia, of Transpaper Kenya. “It does not reek as it goes done all the habitue stages of fabricate.” She adds that her companionship produced 2,809 tonnes of theme from sensual muck death yr, and it expects that design to triplet by the end of this twelvemonth.

Dorsum at the Mwaluganje Elephant Bema its director, Kafe Mwarimo, says that the elephant muck wallpaper diligence has so helped more 500 local masses wrench themselves out of impoverishment. And with 600 elephants regularly exit done, the staple is not briefly append.

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